From Small Beginnings...

Story Recap of 'Stranger Games' D&D Adventures!

From Small Beginnings...

In a world where many feel forgotten and left to live mundane lives through their repetitive jobs that they have no love or passion for, we come across something not entirely new but increasingly rare. Something that has the power to change the lives of those around them. We come across a group of travellers who, unbeknownst to them, are about to go on a journey together that will break traditions as they meet new friends, face off against strange yet powerful foes, build a life of adventure and most importantly decide the fate of their world.However; that is a long way away and before that we need to take ourselves back to the small beginnings that our adventurers come from. Rather than give everyones long detailed history we will let you discover it as we go along like our adventurers did. The question is where the best place is to begin these chronicles, and I think the answer to that lies in iron willed fighter Jessica Windrivver.Standing tall, fresh from her travels across the western roads of Faûren, Jessica Windrivver returns to the city of Neverwinter in search of, lets say, a particular type of traveller. Surprisingly quick Jessica was able to rustle together a group of willing travellers to accompany her and some mining supplies to the frontier town of Phandalin. Even though at first the travellers didn't think much of Jessica's, now infamously, serious nature they could see the need for help in her piercing green eyes. Or if we are being totally honest, it was probably the 75 Gold Pieces she offered each of them with a promise of 150 more Gold Pieces each for successful delivery of the mining gear to a mine near Phandalin.Either way, it did the trick.

After meeting Jessica the travellers quickly packed up what ever supplies they needed for the journey ahead making sure they would be ready for the early morning start that lay before them. Once everyone had arrived they set off south following the High Road from Neverwinter, a path known all too well be Jessica.

Many of the travellers had there secrets to keep which Jessica understood was not in her place to disclose. However, they all kept there eye on one another. Theorl, a fighter wood elf, would steals glances whenever he could towards Davec who sits on top of the supplies while suspiciously hiding his face from everyone. Davec's head looked to have strange bumps that even with his hood covering them where clearly still present. Davec cannot help but over hear the loud mouthed Killock Kahn rambling on about how he grew up as an orphan with a thick accent, that in your world would most likely resemble welsh.

Neville, a human wizard who sat next to Killock, had grown unapologetically weary of the tale and just climbed off the cart leaving an illusion of himself there for Killock to talk to. As Neville disembarked from the front of the cart, he could see the human Druid Ragnar moo-ing into the oxen ear and it moo-ing back. It's unclear if they where talking about anything in particular, but my guess would be Demelisa's spectacular fail to climb onto the other cow. As a small half-ling it is still unclear why Demelisa thought she could jump onto the Ox and ride it from ground level. Either way it is fair to say she didn't succeed in her goal leaving her to walk along beside the carts.

Having witnessed her failed attempt Juan, the one armed Spanish bard, thought it best to play a tune to raise everyones spirits. While Juan blustered out "High Way to Hell!" the elven ranger, Ralnar, beside him has been known to say it made his watch out feel more epic. Ralnar took it upon himself to be look out to let the others know if anyone untrustworthy was to be approaching. Ralnar entrusted keeping a look out at the back to Mad Man Mark, a dragonborn fighter who wield his two axes ever ready for a fight. However Mad Man Mark (M.M. Mark) was pretty confused by the sorcerer Selina being a wood elf. He wasn't confused by the pinkish purple glow of her skin, no, he was confused because he thought as a wood elf she would be made of wood.Even if these travellers where secretive, rude or even a little naive Jessica didn't have much of a choice but to trust them. Everything she had was riding on them getting her back to Phandalin where all there lives would change forever, including Jessica's...Come back next week when the adventure truly begins!!

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