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Friday 13th the Game: Flawed Game or Fan Favourite?

by Mark woods 5 years ago in product review
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One fan gives his verdict.

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Since it's release a few months ago, Friday 13th is a game that has received a lot of mixed reviews amidst reports of flaws, bugs, glitches and crashed games, but is it worth shelling out for?

This reviewer says yes.

You don't have to be a fan of the movies, but it helps - with several different Jason's available from all the various films, and all with their own unique advantages and abilities.

Basically the game is an adult version of hide-and-seek, but with the added element of risking being killed in even more grisly and gruesome ways. From the start, you get to play either as a camp counsellor or as Jason - though obviously the latter is randomly selected as everyone secretly wants to play as Jason and be the hunter rather than the hunted. From there, your task is either to run and hide - or try to escape using either one of two cars or on some maps, a boat, all three of which you need to find parts to fix - or if you are playing as Jason, hunt down the other players. You get twenty minutes on the clock and if you're playing as a counsellor, all you have to do is survive to win and if you're Jason, your mission is to kill them all before the time runs out.

Even if you die as a counsellor, you can still sometimes come back. One of the options of trying to survive is to call the cops if you can fix the phone, but you can also call Tommy Jarvis - and when he enters the scene carrying a rifle, one dead or escaped player is randomly selected to play him.

It's lots of fun, but the game has been marred by several issues including the game servers sometimes crashing mid-game and by struggling to find others to play with as, at the moment, the game is only multi-player though single player is reportedly coming.

The thing to remember though is that this game was created by a small indie game manufacturer through a kick starter campaign, so it was always inevitable there were going to be issues. That's not an excuse, but the guys responsible are trying to sort any issues and gameplay has got better since they started releasing patches, so to my mind it is worth every penny as this game is lots of fun.

Struggling to find a game? All I do is go into the group message board on the main Xbox Hub and search for people looking for a game - of which there are always many. Add those people in your lobby as friends and job done; now whenever you need a game, you can see when those people are online.

As far as the game crashing? Well, I have had Gears of War games crash on me and that's a big game, so it is no surprise then that Friday 13th also has some issues - to be fair though, it crashes now a lot less than it did, hardly ever in fact.

For my mind, there is no greater thrill than hearing the Friday 13th theme music and knowing Jason is in your vicinity. Killing Jason is possible but is purposefully hard and rightfully so, and requires you working as a team.

In fact, that's the name of the game here - work as a team and your chances of escape or survival are much higher. Play it alone, and you risk being killed very early on.

Yes, the games not perfect, but with updates due any day now and a dedicated fan base, this is the kind of game I've been waiting for all my life.

I love it - and if the thought of being hunted in the woods by a relentless killer appeals to you, then I think you will too.

For me, it's one of my favourite games I have ever played - and well worth the money I spent on it. I look forward to seeing whatever the developers have planned for this game next and if you are about some nights, maybe we can even share a game...

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Mark woods

U.K horror author, chef and doting dad who loves to write and share his thoughts and opinions

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