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Forza Horizon 5

by Steven Moon 14 days ago in product review

My first outing from the 5th of November 2021.

What I think of this game, when I bought got the early access version of the game is mostly a great game. What I didn't like about the game, although the issues would be resolved would be how buggy the multiplayer mode currently is. If I was doing any of the Playground games, no one even moves apart from me. When I try and place one of the flags into the score zone, it gets nicked, despite from no one even moves. That is rather annoying. It was similar how when I was doing The Eliminator mode, for one of the rounds I was doing, they claimed I arrived at the last zone last, despite from the fact no one else was there at the time. I livestreamed 3 times on Twitch and exporting it to Youtube. Proof of this will be added later on in the week and please note this would be from time of writing. 

Now for the greatness of the game. The first thing I'm not going to lie, I was somewhat sceptical if it was a good idea doing Mexico, due to not knowing Mexican car culture. It turned out they did it beautifully. You have off roading, street racing scene, regular racing and the likes. You have a few different stories to do, ranging from a story about Mexico's craze for the 1963 VW Beetle, and that's no joke. You get to see some old ruins from the Aztec era, see vibrant locations and I swear down the environment alone almost looks like it changes the scene every minute. That's pretty good if you love ray tracing images and the likes. The cars you have close to 600 to collect and soon getting more cars added although I'm not a fan of how they present your cars in the garage, by using a card based style icon. The barn finds are wonderful, because you get a decent selection and no spoilers on that one. Now modifying to some extent is simplified for selecting mods and I learned the hard way that to modify my car, the gearbox choices is a bit bizarre. Whilst one of the cars annoyed me greatly because how ridiculously oversteered the car was set up, but lucky for me it was easy to sort. Don't worry you can still fine tune your car. 

Now the character design of your own driver. You can identify as male, female and non binary, although I would had added other personally if I made the game. You can even get prosthetic limbs if you so wished. As after all there is a famous racing driver called Billy Monger who used to race in formula 4 and 3 respectively. 

How many houses can you buy? The answer is seven and in comparison it is a lot less compared to the 4th. If I'm correct you could buy at least close to 14. The map in itself if you don't filter looks like a mess, but that's a problem with all of the maps, but again that is only a minor issue. At least most of the challenges are there, although drifting isn't one of them, at least what I haven't seen yet. Sadly you don't own any businesses in the game unlike the 4th one, so then it would be easier to purchase utterly expensive cars such as the Auto Union, and that has gone up by 5 million. As a whole it is a great experience to partake in and would highly recommend in playing the game, if you haven't already.

product review

Steven Moon

I write game and film reviews mostly. My other main thing(s) I want to do is talk about history and motorsport, but mostly Formula One.

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Steven Moon
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