'Fortnite: Season 9' Review

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The future is ours.

'Fortnite: Season 9' Review
The new Season 9 futuristic 'Skins' 

Season 9 is now finally upon us, bringing a new range of skins, emotes, and wraps, as well as a new futuristic theme. The new season has new things to explore, including a new weapon and two new locations, As usual it will have it pros and cons just like any other game. Lets get started...

The New Combat Shotgun

Say 'goodbye' to the pump and 'hello' the new combat shotgun.

The New Weapon

When fans saw that Epic a had vaulted the much loved Pump shotguns there was a considerable amount of outrange about this decision, the majority asking for revert of some sort. But many have said that the new shotgun is a good new addition.

It holds 10 rounds, has a long range, comes in Rare, Epic and Legendary rarity and has a similar firing speed as a regular Tac Shotgun. I do think that the new shotgun's damage could be increased and the range slightly reduced, I would rate it 7/10.

The much beloved pump shotgun will now have to get cosy in the vault along with the Tac SMG and the Clingers, But... lets not despair! A glimpse of the Heavy shotgun has been spotted in the main loading screen for Season 9, with the Tier 71 skin holding the gun... will it return?

The New Map Changes

The New Sci-fi Location

I think we were all shocked with the live volcanic event destroying Retail Row and Tilted Towers; leaving many fans in a pit of despair and others jumping over the moon. But this left a gateway for new ideas to come pouring in. When the dawn of a new day had risen, it revealed the brand new Neo-Tilted and Mega Mall!

The new areas themselves have so much to explore with new buildings, new hidden rooms, and more of a frantic and rapid battle gameplay. The design is well thought out, and the aesthetic of it is very pleasing and definitely fits with the new futuristic theme. Mega Mall is a nice new re-designed location with more to explore to ever before.

The new map has also introduced little futuristic changes as well. For example: trucks in certain areas are a lot more futuristic, many houses have be redecorated with the new theme and we even have our very own John Wick house near Paradise Palms.

Of course it wouldn't be Fortnite without the means to travel the map in a new modified way. The new Slip Streams have been introduced as well as the high flying Sky Platforms. These can be potentially problematic as many people now have an easy way to escape a fight leaving the fighters without their eliminations. But with cons there are always pros, these can be a way to travel faster around the map to avoid storm damage and get yourself higher ground in a fight, although this may be seen as a unfair advantage.

Overall I give the new locations a 8/10

The New Battle Pass

The Skins Available

Every new season brings a new battle pass for the gamers to buy. I do think this battle pass is an improvement from last season as the Skins match the theme of the season, although the theme is futuristic, the 'Bunkered Jonesy' skin is a little antique from the past Fortnite that we knew and loved.

This Battle pass has introduced a wider range of wraps and soundtracks for the lobby, as well as some fresh new moves with brand new emotes. Many of the new skins have variations that the players can unlock; by obtaining XP and eliminating a number of players. Again we see pros and cons to this, some pros I have already stated but the cons...

Some of the cons would be that some of the designs do look similar to other character designs from others games, as well as some looking like recycled previous skins. Fans have complained about the pass being boring and bad, while others are keeping an open mind, myself included.

This Battle pass gets a 7/10 from me.

Overall Opinion

We have no idea what the future holds for this season and we will have to wait and see. For first impressions; the battle pass holds good content and the gameplay has indeed changed, including a few new locations, but I do believe there is room for improvement with the map and new gun, but other then that I'm happy to keep playing this game and see what comes next.

Thumbs Up From Me

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