'Fortnite': Season 7 Review

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My Thoughts on the Subject

'Fortnite': Season 7 Review

On December 6, the seventh season of the worldwide famous game of Fortnite was released and this is my review on it. Being a regular player of this game I have got positives and negatives of the current season.

The New Map Changes

The snowy storm from the West brought a fresh sheet snow which covered a large portion of the map, changing the way we move, battle, and observe. The tundra that spreads across the South-West part of the map has allowed us to explore brand new areas such as: Polar peak (home to the late Infinity Blade), Happy Hamlet, Frosty Flights, and an unknown frozen lake which was Greasy Grove. I loved the new map update because in season 6 there wasn't much left to explore as the map hadn't changed and it made the game boring.

The facelift has changed the way we move around the map as zip lines have been brought in so we can cross the map in a faster way... but it comes with a price. Being on a zip line you are completely vulnerable. Even though you can use your weapons, you are an easier target as you are travelling in one direction, so snipers and those with high accuracy can easily pick you off.

I was extremely excited to explore this new map as it was fresh, new, and a mystery. I can easily say that this map change is the best yet.

The Stromwing

I'm in the middle with the planes as they have both positives and negatives. Many people like them and think they are a great addition but others want them out of the game. And I can see both sides of the story.


  1. Faster Mobility, allowing us to move from end of the map to the other much faster as well as letting us get out of the storm if we are caught in it.
  2. Powerful. The Plane itself can be used as weapon as you can boost the plane into buildings and destroy them within seconds as well as push other players off high platforms.
  3. Can fit the whole squad on board. The plane can seat all squad members with one being the driver and the others being the passengers. Not only can they travel but they can also fight at the same time by providing extra air support.


  1. Glitchy. The planes can be very glitchy and broken, I have had moments where I have collided in the air with another plane and I was kicked out of the plane only to fall to my death. Another time is when I was taking out a building and hit a tree with 20 health left and the plane stopped working. It seems that the littlest thing can cause the plane to freak out.
  2. Easy Target. Being in a plane will alert other players as they can be very loud so it can alert others to your position. Also, being in a big and wide plane can make it easy for people to shoot you down as the flexibility of the plane is heavy, making it hard to dodge other players on the ground who can easily shoot you down. Dodging other planes on the other hand... easy.


Even though the wraps provide camo for your weapons and vehicles to make them eye candy, they are basically useless and give no upgrade, which in ways is good but instead they make you stick out more. Yes, of course the goofy and weird skins that you unlock make you stick out like a sore thumb, but some skins allowed you to blend into the environment while the wraps are quite bright and eye catching so when you are trying to heal in a bush or simply walking around, the skin may blend but your weapon doesn't. Having a bright red gun in the middle of a snowy map isn't the greatest idea. I admit I would keep the wraps in the game as they allow me to get creative with my weapons and give me a target to unlock in the battle pass. But overall I'm not happy with this addition.


I think this season's theme is one of the top ones alongside season 2 and season 4. So far it's pretty obvious that the current theme is Christmas which fits with the current time of year. Of course, every Season has a story that progresses as the season carries on. We've had superheroes, portals to another dimension, and who can forget that awesome floating cube that created the garden of Eden? It's hard to tell if those these stories are connected—only time will tell.

As far as I'm concerned this theme is one of the best because it has changed the face of the map, brings a whole story, and also has amazing Christmas skins and a new soundtrack. I can only think of one negative for this theme and that is how they are gonna incorporate the snowy mountains ranges into next year and future seasons. The whole theme is Christmas but that only comes round once a year so unless the snow melts to reveal something, that's about it. So this whole theme is amazing and interesting but I can't see it carrying on into future season like the others have.


Caption from the Season 7 Trailer

Overall my review on this season is a positive one. As I said before, this season has brought many new things to do and explore. It has brought a new mode called Creative mode where players can have up 12 friends with them and build their own custom map and hold their own modes and races with Karts and Planes. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to try this mode out yet due to me being a lonely person and having nobody to play with. The previous season we had got tedious quite fast with a boring battle pass and no new areas on the map to explore. Epic Games have really outdone themselves here and made up for the dismal season 6. Of course, it has its cons, one of which being the Infinity Blade (thank God it's gone) but there are more pros than cons in this situation. There will be people here who think this season needs to be improved but then again many games are like that.

We are still in the early stages of this season so who knows what Epic have up their sleeves? Maybe the snow will melt gradually to reveal something, so I'm keeping an open mind. I will probably do another review at the end of the season to see how the season changed over time.

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