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Fortnite Season 3 Leak

by Vaughn Johnson 2 years ago in fact or fiction

Fortnite New Leaks

Fortnite Season 3

A leaker noticed that the PlayStation Store changed Fortnite's icon, providing further evidence that Chapter 2 Season 3 will focus on underwater gameplay.

Over the past few weeks, a number of posts from prominent Fortnite leakers have suggested that the upcoming Chapter 2 Season 3 will have players dive underwater to battle it out. Now, the most compelling evidence yet has emerged, further suggesting what's to come following the upcoming Doomsday event. Get your swimsuit and flippers ready, because it looks like the game will be heading underwater--at least a little.

A Twitter user recently noticed that the PlayStation Store had mistakenly changed Fortnite's icon on the storefront ahead of time, and it depicts the familiar battle bus slipping beneath the sea. It wouldn't be the first underwater foray for the game, as players were plunged beneath the surface as part of the recent Travis Scott event.

The start date for Fortnite's Season 3 has just been changed again and will begin on June 17. This follows multiple previous delays, with this latest one attributed to the ongoing protests in response to the murder of George Floyd.

RIP George Floyd

Based on hints and leaks, it appears that a large event called Doomsday will mark the end of Fortnite's Season 2. That is, after the latest delay, now set for Monday, June 15. Some fans have speculated that this event could rip a watery hole in the map, which would reshape the map similar to other events in the game's past. If you're looking for the Spy Bases to open the locked chests, or eliminating henchmen for the Storm the Agency challenges, we've got those covered.

The point is, we already essentially knew that there were some underwater changes coming to the game's map, but the game's latest leak all but confirms this. This week, PlayStation leaked some Season 3 icons, in other words, the icon the game will have on the PS4 dashboard for Season 3. And what is this Season 3 icon feature? The battle bus flying above what looks the game's map covered in water.

Leak Map

Are the Doomsday Event and Fortnite Season 3 map tied together?

Leakers have been scavenging the in-game files for any shred of evidence relating to the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 map. However, due to recent measures in place to prevent Fortnite leaks; Epic Games have started encrypting the game files, making them much harder to decipher.

However, data leakers have discovered in-game files which sheds light on The Agency's fate after the Doomsday Event in Fortnite.

New locations will reveal themselves as Fortnite Seasaon 3 progresses

More Fortnite leaks have originated from Tabor Hill, who, to his credit has been right on numerous occasions.

Most of us already know that the Season 3 theme includes an inevitable flood that is headed towards the Battle Royale island. However many players are left wondering how exactly an underwater island might be a good fit for Fortnite

This argument holds credence since the underwater POIs in the current Fortnite map are among the worst places to fight. Players have reported being unable to build, aim or at times, even move swiftly. However, the Fortnite leak that originated from Tabor clarifies that the water levels will drop eventually revealing new terrains and POIs for players to explore.

Why is Ninja miffed at Epic Games?

One of those players is Jordan Fisher, who played with Ninja on March 27. The former Halo pro tried to show the singer the ropes of the new season. The two were repeatedly respawned at The Agency and both grew frustrated as they got overwhelmed several times.

As a result, Ninja explained that he feels bad for people like Fisher. The latter returned to the game, only to be greeted by the major changes.

“You know what’s crazy, this is actually making me kind of feel bad for players who are trying to return, like how difficult it is to actually learn the complicated areas,” he said. Ninja noted that his duo partner is a “good gamer,” but still struggles with getting to grips with season two.

Fisher himself even admitted that Epic “make it tough for people to come back” to the game, though that wouldn’t deter him from playing a session of games alongside the Mixer streaming star.

Whether or not other Fortnite players share the same sentiments as the pair remains to be seen. However, the challenges that season two has presented has prompted fans to try out alternatives. One of these is Call of Duty: Warzone – which Ninja himself has enjoyed playing.

fact or fiction

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