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'Fortnite' Is Dying for Me?

by THOT Slayer 3 years ago in product review
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Is this insanely popular game dead?

Fortnite, Battle Royale to be specific, is an insanely popular online multiplayer game. As of September of 2018, they had 78.3 million concurrent players. An insane number!

I personally have played since week one or two of Battle Royale. Keep in mind, I have never been an exceptionally great player, but I do okay. But every time I play, I keep wishing to go back to the original first three seasons. In my opinion, the first three seasons were the best. Seasons three and four is when the game became insanely popular, and it sort of became not as fun. Everyone knew about it, everyone played it. It sorta became a different game. Now going into its seventh season (three to four month periods) it is now becoming insanely difficult for me to actually want to play it. All of my friends play it, but I wonder if I am really liking it, or if I would rather go back to my old muse, Overwatch.

As the seasons have marched on, I feel like Epic Games, the creators of this massive game, have catered more to the new players, and not the OG players. For instance, they have re-released several rare skins, they have changed up some mechanics, and at one point threatened to reduce the ability to "build" the games most unique and enjoyable function.

Epic Games tells a really good story with their game, I will defiantly give them that. But as I have played the game for the past year, I have gotten tired of it. Maybe I'm burned out, but I really feel like it was the increase of players and Epic catering to them. Or maybe I'm just one of those bickering "original players" who wants to go back to the past. You can't tell me this wouldn't be a cool idea, they should have a game mode that is like the first couple weeks of the game. The original map, no skins, original weapons, original damage, everything original. Epic Games better do that.

Something else that has been really bothering me as well, is the amount that Epic Games sucks Ninja off. Yes, he has brought great exposure to the game, but he is a bit of a prick. I used to enjoy watching, NinjasHyper. But the new Ninja is not the same. He is all no swearing and he's family friendly. He can really be a buzzkill. Yes, he is good at the game. But his personality has faded. Now he just reports people for killing him and dancing on him. Because in my opinion, he thinks he is way better than them. I don't get how he can "guarantee" someone's ban. It is ridiculous.

He is sometimes so uneducated as well. He said once we should ban all VPNS, because of the little kid who said he beats off to Pokimane. Like, come on. He said we should have to register to use the internet, but I sorta think the anonymity of the internet is good. It lets some people be themselves. But people need to use common sense and not be toxic. But come on, over a little kid telling his favorite streamer that she is attractive? It was mostly a meme, but I sorta think she shouldn't have overreacted, and took it as a compliment? I mean, that is the logical way to do things.

Over time the community of Fortnite has become lots more toxic. I worry that as the game changes, and not for the good, Fortnite will start to lose players. And I can totally see another free to play game coming out and taking over Fortnite's spot. To finish this off I just want to say, respect the original supporters of the game. I was there talking up Fortnite in the beginning. Now I'm not sure. The community is pretty bad sometimes. I think I ought to take a break from the game, but, Epic needs to respect the original players better.

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