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Fortnite: Chapter 3

New Chapter - New Everything

By DogPaw GamesPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Image from Fortnite

On December 4th the Fortnite community united to defeat the Cube Queen and her Cube Monsters. As the live event was in full swing we saw the aliens make a return, Belvin get destroyed and the one and only DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON! The man himself plays 'The Foundation' who works alongside 'The Scientist' and Jonesy. We saw the Cube Queen rip the island apart and the Final Reality eliminating players, leaving 'The Foundation' with only one choice...Flip the island! Yep...ya' heard me right, flip the island. This major decision has led to a new map, new battle pass and new mechanics. Let's begin.

New Map

The New Fortnite island

The flipping of the island revealed a brand new one on the other side. As you can see it has different biomes: green, snowy and desert as well as plenty of water to swim in. The new map consists of brand new locations and some OG ones that date back to Chapter 1 Season 1, these include: 'Shifty Shafts' and 'Greasy Grove'. Snow covers a large portion of the map due to it becoming winter but Fortnite have hinted that as the snow melts, secrets will be revealed. New locations hold secrets and each has its own unique personality, for example: 'Sanctuary' located East on the map is home to 'The Seven' Fortnite's protagonist group. 'The Joneses' located South of 'Sanctuary' is obviously home to Jonesy and his many...many forms. 'Camp Cuddle' located West of the map is home to Cuddle Team Leader, a fan favourite skin.

Altogether the map is fresh, exciting, highly detailed and leaves room for exploration as the season progresses. Overall I give it a 9.5/10

Battle pass

image by Epic

We all know that a new season means BRAND NEW BATTLE PASS! This new battle pass has a lot of new skins and emotes, soundtracks and variations. The new skins consist of: Shanta a lotus lover, Ronin a dark and mysterious dude, Lt John Llama ...The rock as a llama, Haven a fiery redhead, Gumbo one colourful man thing, Harlowe our little pink friend and finally Spiderman! Yep, Fortnite have once again done ANOTHER Marvel collaboration. Spiderman comes with different variations of his skin and his very own POI on the map, that's right we have 'The Daily Bugle'. 'The Foundation' skin played by 'The Rock' will be available later on in the season for players to unlock and use.

This new battle pass in fresh faced, creative and has different variations to all of it's skins....the downside being that it lacks emotes! holding only five emotes, it lacks excitement and only seems to focus on the aesthetics of the skins.

I am giving this battle pass an overall 5/10

New Weapons

Image Via Sportskeeda

Its out with old and in with the new with this chapter of Fortnite. We have had to say goodbye to the Pump Shotgun, Rapid Fire SMG and the much loved SCAR. To cheer us up, Epic have thrown in a new bunch of weapons for us to love and hate.


MK-SEVEN Assault Rifle - This little beauty is already my favourite, with its 1ST PERSON aim down sights it allows pin point accuracy and high damage at mid range.

Ranger Assault Rifle - This rifle resembles closely to the AK-47 with its slow fire rate and lack of accuracy but it still packs a punch.


Striker Pump Shotgun - This beast of a weapon is the new Pump shotgun - high damage at close range and a nasty bang to go with it. It will sure as hell cause some damage when in the right hands. Albeit beautiful, its slow reloading speed puts it at a slight disadvantage.

Auto Shotgun - This little pea shooter is basically the TAC shotgun but better looking, it lacks damage and excitement but it has a better reload speed and will be there for you...even if you don't want it.

SMGs and Pistols

Stinger SMG - Now this is a gun, high fire rate, high damage and loads of happiness at the pull of the trigger. This little fighter can destroy builds in a matter of seconds and make your day a hell of a lot better.

Sidearm Pistol - Sweet and simple. This gun is good as a starter weapon. Not too strong, not too weak...Just right. This weapon can also be bought from NPCs

Sniper Rifles

Hunter Bolt- Action Sniper Rifle - Ol' reliable is back and better, with not one or two, but three chances to eliminate your target before needing to reload, it packs a punch and has the most glorious firing sound to go with it.

I rank these weapons an overall 8/10


Other little things have been added as well that i thought deserved a mention

1. Sliding- A player can slide across the floor while shooting, building and making themselves a smaller target, instead of jumping to avoid being shot a player can now slip 'n' slide in any direction (except up hills...duh).

2. Victory Crown- The victory crown is given to the highest placed player in the match and carried by them until they are eliminated. It provides you with extra XP and if you manage to win the game while carrying the crown, it will carry over to the next game, if you win enough games with the crown you get an exclusive emote which showcases how many wins you have accumulated this season. But be careful, wearing the crown makes you a bigger target.

3. Vaults - Yep the Vaults that we saw in Chapter 2 have returned and they are under the ownership of 'The Seven', defeat the boss and you get the key card to unlock it and get yourself some sweet loot! There are seven vaults altogether.

4. Quad Crashers - The much loved Quad Crasher vehicle is back and will no doubt have players zipping and zooming all over the map! but just be warned, they provide you with no cover what so ever.

5. New Health Items- Along with new weapons, new health items have been introduced. 'Med Mist' provides the player with health on the go, the player can move while using this health item, providing the player with 5HP per second, it can also be used on teammates. 'Guzzle Juice' is similar to slurp juice that we saw early Chapter 1, it slowly regenerates the player's health at 1HP a second all the way up to 100, but if the player takes damage at any time while the juice is healing you, it will stop!

I give these little additions a 7/10

Image by


This new chapter has opened with a strong and exciting opening and gets us ready for the future! new map, new weapons and new metas in which players will fight. No doubt, as the season progresses will see new items and more of 'The Seven'. Epic have already hinted at new weather effects such as tornados and lightning strikes. As well as a Spiderman mythic, new POIs and new secrets to be revealed.

I give this season an outstanding 9/10

If would like to read more, check out this link to the Epic website down below.

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