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Far Cry 6 Review

by Ferrari King 15 days ago in xbox

Noob reviews Far Cry 6

Unlike other iterations of Far Cry you do not have to learn skills since they are given to you at the beginning. Far Cry 6 is a bit different from the other Far Cry games but still a fun game to play. You can choose to make your character male or female and of course I chose female.

You play as Dani in Far Cry 6 who wants to escape Yara and go to Miami as all hell breaks loose on Yara as a brutal dictator decides to enslave the populace to make his cancer cure. Of course, in the real world a scientist must put his/her findings through peer-review and show how they collected their data and how they did their clinical trials among the few hurdles they will encounter. Just like every movie and TV show in Far Cry 6 a person just has to say they have a cure and people believe it. Sorry for the little rant but that is just my background in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry talking and I have had to do actual research. In Far Cry 6 they spray tobacco plants with a harmful chemical that is killing Yarans to produce their cancer cure.

Far Cry 6 is just as wild as the previous games, and I would like for once being able to side with the bad guy. Imagine choosing to side with the bad guy or topple him/her. The missions should be similar. Just like we usually take out enemy outposts we will be doing the same but taking out rebel outposts and hideouts. We will crush the rebels for the last time. We get the epic final boss fight with the rebel leader and the dictator realizes that your character is a threat, and he/she becomes the final true boss. After your victory you are now the dictator. Honestly, who has not dreamed of being a brutal dictator?

Far Cry 6 is a first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft, you know the one that puts our Assassin’s Creed every other year. Although I personally prefer third-person games, Far Cry 6 is still fun. Anton Castillo is the charismatic dictator who betrays his people to profit off them as he tries to sell his cancer cure and he only wants true Yarans.

You will get an assortment of weapons such as a rocket launcher on your back and an animal companion such as a lovable alligator. He is good at taking out enemies but will need to be revived from time to time but do not expect him to get to you in time if you should fall.

Far Cry games tend to be large sandbox games and Far Cry 6 is no different. Hurk, who is usually in the Far Cry games, will not be making an appearance in Far Cry 6. He will be on his own adventures. If you get the Far Cry 6 season pass, I did not, you can play as Vaas, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed. That is from what I have read.

You will notice many parallels between Yara and Cuba and Dani think she will have a nice life if she can get to Miami. Dani gets sidetracked when the boat she is on gets captured and must fight alongside the guerrillas to be safe and escape to Miami. Imagine if Far Cry 6 gave you the options to side with Castillo and you gt to hunt down the guerrilla instead of doing all their work for them.

You can watch me play this on my YouTube channel which I hope you will subscribe to as well as my Twitch channel (Ferrarking1955) once Twitch fixes their issue and I can export my videos to YouTube. I hope you enjoyed.


Ferrari King

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