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Every thing about ARK 2, the the waiting game

We've all heard of the ARK 2 game, but who knows how great it will be?

By ghadermPublished 10 months ago 4 min read

When the idea of survival in the world of games is mentioned, what immediately comes to my mind is the greatest game in this field, in my opinion, which is the Ark survival game, because of the great value it has added to the world of games.

As it is the best game for putting forward the idea of survival in the face of ancient dinosaurs, so the game begins on an island surrounded by water with a very large world that allows you to delve into all-natural areas from mountains to valleys, seas and rivers and even snow and volcanoes, all the atmospheres that a person can live here on planet Earth, which is included in the game, with full details.

And it becomes more fun and difficult when the game starts, it is stripped of everything that may make it easier for you to live, so you start from scratch, from collecting stones and wood to make basic tools that may help you resist the very many creatures that exist in the world or may help you collect resources more and easier, to Collecting the many herbs, which vary according to their usefulness, into edible herbs for humans to survive, herbs for feeding animals, herbs for taming creatures, as they contain narcotic substances that help you hypnotize the dinosaur, and herbs for making other potions.

The matter didn't end at this point, but also, after you survive for a while, you will have to develop your tools into a stronger metal, such as iron, for example, and bring diamonds from the mountain tops as well, and all these details have a special pleasure that you will only feel when you try them.

All this and I didn't even begin with the story that I originally came to talk about, which is that the date of the release of the second part of this game is closer than ever before, as Studio Wildcard, which is the manufacturer of the game, held the Game of the Year Awards ceremony for 2020 by issuing a motivational video about the number of terrible developments that they introduced to the game, and the first video was about the game and was an announcement about it, and the company was seeking to release it within the year 2022, but they were late as the epidemic prevented the game from being launched, but the biggest expectation is that it will be launched in 2024, so that it will be released with the ARK animated series, and it will be the biggest gift for fans of this game.

But the only thing that may cause a delay in the release date of the game is that the developers are already transferring the game to Unreal Engine 5. If this happens, the download of the game may be delayed for some time, which we hope will not be long.

And now, in talking about the platforms that will be available for the game ARK 2, based on the information available at present, it is likely that the game will be available on computers, on Xbox series x / s, and perhaps also on Xbox One.

It is currently unlikely that the game will be available on PlayStation because Microsoft and Studio Wildcard have a deal under which the sequel will be exclusive to Xbox for three years, starting from its launch date.

However, the launch of the game on Sony devices should never be ignored, as the first game was available on the platform, and the company shouldn't ignore its fans on that platform.

Despite the lack of leaks available about the game, it is clear that it is characterized by better graphics and imaginative accuracy, as it will be a visual pleasure for those who want to enjoy it.

No idea about any changes in the gameplay or survival style has been clarified, but new tools and shields have already been added, and they have made the game more realistic in terms of the possibility of taking advantage of the available resources. It is even possible to use the bones of dead animals to make shields and tools.

Also, after they published the advertisement for the game, which was co-starred by the great and great actor "Vin Diesel", it wasn't clear whether the game would have a new story related to the promotional video or a new style of play different from the old one.

But we are all really waiting with great anticipation to see what will create us in this game and if the developers will impress us to enjoy the best experience of survival in a world full of hostile creatures.

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