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Ellenoir - Section One

by Lawrence Finlayson 9 months ago in vr
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"Notebook Filter 0001"


"Between the perception by an increasing number of people, the experiential complaints of trespassing and reduction coinciding with "backtalk", and his continuing research and entertainment left Asterick wondering what had happened to the Charter?" 

Ellenoir - Section 1.1 – [Canadian Security Intelligence Service - Prairie Region]

The foster system in “maple leaf” country often came through descendants that had an objective view of what had occurred during that last international re-circulation of prayer known modernly as “time of renewal”. That they had told her they had 'done her a favor' had been a very sore spot that had lasted right up to and after the latest 'time of renewal'.

That her son had died of leukemia over the years had all but hardened her and while professional and governmental, there were obvious times when she had taken a wrecking ball approach and seemed ever insistent that a religious and cultural-minded approach should be primary and government and governance secondary.

As coincidence would happen, Blasar Incorporated's website updater, the site while still being formulated had Ellenoir as a supervisor for two summer terms. The first year was very productive, though by the second year she had her voting privilages removed from all portfolios and her power struggle had been more focused on Asterick and while this was not a favorable situation, it was still an opportunity to utilize his knowledge base in a practical manner, when he was attempting to contact various agencies to try coordinate research for a conference delegate, he had been trying to review a essay he had utilized in university classes to fill-in for the lack of communication with most people who were on holidays.

As another coincidence would have it his mother Becka had been this delegates speechwriter, though when it came time to present research, it had already been taken up by one of the portfolios and he was deemed not able to complete the task, that Ellenoir had 'done him a favor' and requested the portfolio would do it for him.

Years later, she must have been a diversity coordinator or had access to the hiring information of Asterick due to the frequency of destructive testing research at a policy level, the unfortunate thing about both Ellenoir and Asterick having applied for the international officer position was that she had in one way or another utilized her position for national use of “forms of pulling into ones sight” through the sweatlodge shaking tent which had reintroduced the nation, the continent, or perhaps even the international community back into governance by “forms of pulling into ones sight”, the one thing that had been integral to holocaust reichiarchy, the one overriding exploit over religious, cultural, policy and policy exploit, that it had, “post-time of renewal” had been dissolved into law enforcement blessing international was a mere hypothetical analysis due to the “maple-leaf country” having over the year having replaced “maple-leaf country's intelligence agency as an intelligence agency as an extention of the law enforcement and recirculating stress and pressure directly back into the various departments without primary censorship of family, religion, institution and all nouns being replaced by variables; if they had known this perhaps they would have been able to detect the misuse of emergency services and public record, ie as the berlin book-burning composite rather than the numerical categorization of the United States which had worked for the past 50 to 100 years.

The protocol, policy, and procedures were all wrong, even with no communication back from them, the increases of stress and pressure of the international re-circulation of 'blessings' and their processes of exploit of previous religious compelling and institutional reduction stemming from psychological de-evolution of communication.

The fact that the UHF frequency had been dissolved in “maple-leaf country” along with the emergency broadcast system and had not been detected by QuetzalCorp under the guise of DAF satellite system, aka delayed audio frequency satellite system revealed the emergency broadcast system as the primary monitoring device of “forms of pulling into ones sight”, and if independent review by QuetzalCorp was accurate, that would mean the centralization of the nation's knowledge by the previous prime minister and the current prime minister overseen by this international officer, and if it was Ellenoir, she would no doubt be destructive testing with intent of acquiring QuetzalCorp's already internationally distributed material, use of it would reveal, then, intent and expectation of any and all, therefore the guilty would be the won't for primary benefit.

That there was no communication with QuetzalCorp for permissions, memorandums of understanding and/or other, and the inability to stratify the country and inability to detect responsibility and therefore fallacious at best for placing blame.

That those three primaries had been indirectly detected seemed almost obsolete during the time of renewal, but it was done... the realistic approach was that there were people making money off a scheme with barristers documents and more than likely, as the holocaust, they were using the cognitively affected, ignorant or misinformed with barristers documents as acquisition tools, more specifically as 'backtalk shields'... it would get worse, in fact, accordingly it would repeat the 'rule of thumb stick” to curb chastisement, 'residential schools' for observant 'breath-takers' and 'stoney mountain penitentiary type' "military class parasite removal” of coordinators which had extended far beyond 50 native leaders.

Whether or not standard demon-possession had been defined by QuetzalCorp as “heightened righteous gratuity through cognitively affected, less judgmental, barristers document holding jury-of-ones-peers; it was still treason against crown and insult to any perceived Godly blessing.

Where principle and honor meet, perhaps solution might still solve, though where it did not, the actions of the “maple-leaf country” had still dragged the “power delegation” and the states into the same situation, something not detectable under current leadership... and November US elections were still over a month away.  

Ellenoir – Section 1.2


November 07, 2016 22:00hrs


It was dark by the time the officer's got to the international officers' residence, that she was a well respected and well-networked professional native he had known for years when he had worked with her for two years.


He wondered why the police officers walked into the back doors of the house and opened fire. The officer opened his cell phone and got further orders as the husband was shot in the background.

“Next place is the Ramada, a secondment, Kathy, under the name Ellenoir.”

The cruise there was nearly without brakes as the officers left the car running and demanded the specific hotel room of Ellnoire – Kathy – CSIS.


The five floors up and halfway down the hall to the front of the building, the first officer kicked in the door, trained on her on the other side of the bed in her nightgown. The other, right behind him, turned right and trained instantly on the unseen woman based on the down nod, one unarmed female, of the first officer and him to take down simultaneously – two bullets to the head.


Several things were off with this scenario, most if not all police officers or RCMP have radios on their arm, the other on the belt, depending on rank. The guns were not standard issue, the tactics at the front desk and the tactics themselves were more, SWAT-Team; at the previous location, the back door was unlocked, the husband did not run or intervene with his wife though a few feet away, and the backward glance was to ensure the children or teens were not out of their rooms, but calling from their personal lines.


“CSIS Regina, hello bonjour.”


“Stress and Pressure levels still increasing on all people, places, institutions, government departments and similar.”




“This will allow a bypass and is an addition to standard Miranda Rights, everything the same, though this is the Hyperion Rights, Assistive Special Tactics. Send it to the SWAT-Team.


Asterick was in New York this evening, he knew because when he heard him on the stairs “Catch them and kill them all.” It was the Old Man of the house, Reverend Ketchem. His old sentiment of any male who dared to enter the third floor of the female residences.


“Now what? Asterick asked.”




Having Asterick's form while he was in limbo was Mothman's time to shine, and where ever he went over the world, it was calculated and necessary. The cell had CSIS on rapid-dial, but this was not working and there was only “2 days left!”... it was however 1 day including the while the ghosts, entities, spirits, specters or, poltergeists had him, twice as long if the shadows had him.   





This time though, there were over two weeks to work with, if these sets of calculations worked out, the DAF satellite system and Emergency Broadcast Bandwidth were utilized for the diaspora, it might actually work.  The MMAW page, the Principle and Power Delegates, and all QuetzalCorp permissions signed to the USA... the tricky part would be suggesting two things to the Supreme Court of Canada:

-Supreme Court vs The Court of Property Rights and Laws

-Supreme Court vs Those Responsible for the Reinforcement of Property Rights and Laws

Ellenoir - 1.3

A Low-Frequency Transmitter needed to be cold, very cold, as for audibility, high pascals.

A ghost perhaps.... then Asterick remembered that Ellenoir had a deceased son:

"I was happy, then I was dying. I didn't know why.

'Then my mom told me. I empowered you and other people paid the price.  Don't tell anyone but you should know. You should know mommy loves you., mommy loves you, mommy loves you so much...'

That is what she said, then she went away, then I died.  I died that day. I died that day. I died that day. I died that day.

I was very angry and no one understands, that no one understands. But you understand."


About the author

Lawrence Finlayson

I started writing at 11. Finished Highschool at 20, still an undergrad at 40, Major Indigenous Studies, Minor Indian Art History; spent much time in the Mining Trade Sector and Community Recreation Sector.

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