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Elden Rings: The Perfect Open World Souls Game

This game took my breath away

By Davlin KnightPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Top Story - March 2022

Elden Rings is Dark Souls but on steroids. Everything about this game is much smoother and visually stunning.

After seeing the release trailer of Elden Rings months ago, I instantly knew this game would be a hit. Not only did FromSoftware introduce a gorgeous new open-world, but they also added a new arsenal of abilities and skills.

FromSoftware has made Elden Rings an easy game to pick up as a beginner. Now that doesn't mean that this game is anywhere close to being simple. Just that if you skipped all the other souls game, then you won't have to worry- because Elden Rings gives every player an optional tutorial.

I recommend completing this tutorial. You don't want to miss out on extra runes and collectibles. Plus, it is a nice refresher for those who haven't touched a souls game in a couple of years.

A Whole New World


Elden Rings throws players into a huge open world with endless choices of exploration.

And I said it before, but I'll repeat it. It is gorgeous.

I find myself in awe when riding on my trusty steed through a grassy forest or a rain-beaten cliff. The bosses designs are nothing short of awesome. Each one moves with a scary and fluid grace. The attack animations are super badass and you will have to catch yourself before you get lost in each movement.

Huge applause to FromSoftware for creating such a masterpiece.

* * *

Your choices of exploration in Elden Rings are only limited to you. How willing are you to risk transversing into a cave knowing you could lose all 3,000 runes?

I often found myself hesitating at mist doorways. Afraid of the boss lurking on the other side.

Some of these bosses were ridiculously easy. Others left me dumbfounded by the sheer amount of damage dealt. A lot of these bosses were placed in the early game as well, which made me even more confused.

Why is there a knight that can one hit me, when I can only deal 50-100 damage max?

With that being said, Elden Rings makes it easy for players to travel across the map. Meaning that you can return to bosses later in the game if you aren't leveled enough.

The world of Elden Rings is unforgiving and if you get too greedy exploring or when fighting bosses then it will cost you. I feel bad for all these new players who have never touched a souls game a day in their life.

A Blast To Play

I have spent countless hours on Elden Rings so far. Every morning I wake excited to hop on my console. Anticipating the fun and rage to come with the game.

The other day, I defeated my first boss with a lucky crit hit while also being one HP.

It only took me about 50 tries, but I got it done feeling beyond accomplished.

I don't think any game has given me such a rush of adrenaline when encountering a boss. At least for a while. I played Mortal Shells recently but in all honesty, I felt the game had tried way too hard.

The concept was original and refreshing, but it felt forced.

With Elden Rings, everything feels effortless and rewarding.

If you have not purchased Elden Rings then you are missing out on one heck of a time. Dark souls lover or not. This game should be at least tried once. You will scream and cry over losing to the same enemy, but the feeling of finally defeating it, is unlike any other feeling.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review of Elden Rings

Good luck, tarnished.

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  • Jack Thompson11 months ago

    Great article and I agree with this article 100%. if anyone hasn't played this game yet, the price in this online store is great:

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