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Elden Ring has sold more than 20 million copies

Bandai Namco predicts a gradual decline in sales for FromSoftware's latest title, indicating a potential slowdown ahead.

By Indra ShambahamphePublished 7 months ago 3 min read
Elden Ring

In a remarkable feat, FromSoftware's highly anticipated action RPG, Elden Ring, has achieved a stunning milestone, selling over 20.5 million copies in just a little over a year. This impressive achievement was revealed in an investor report, as shared by a vigilant member of the ResetEra forum and reported by Eurogamer. Bandai Namco, the publisher of the game, disclosed in the document that Elden Ring's sales exhibited remarkable strength, particularly in international markets, culminating in a global tally of 20.5 million copies sold.

The publisher further acknowledges the inevitability of a gradual decline in repeat sales for Elden Ring. However, if the game manages to secure a few million more purchases, it will secure a place among the illustrious list of best-selling games of all time, rubbing shoulders with gaming titans such as God of War (2018) and Grand Theft Auto V.

This milestone comes as no surprise, given Elden Ring's incredible performance right from its launch. In a mere 18 days, Bandai Namco surpassed all expectations by selling over 12 million copies of the game, setting a new record for the best-ever opening of a FromSoftware title. This achievement is especially impressive considering that Elden Ring was initially projected to sell approximately 4 million copies within the first five days. The sustained success and enduring popularity of Elden Ring bode well for FromSoftware's forthcoming title, Armored Core VI, which is slated for release this August. The game marks the return of the long-awaited Armored Core series after a hiatus of nearly a decade.

Elden Ring's sales triumph not only speaks to the exceptional quality and allure of the game, but also showcases the unwavering dedication of its fanbase. The collaborative effort between FromSoftware and renowned author George R.R. Martin has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in capturing the imagination of gamers worldwide. The seamless fusion of FromSoftware's renowned gameplay mechanics and Martin's captivating storytelling has created an experience that resonates deeply with players.

The success of Elden Ring also highlights the significance of international markets in driving sales and popularity. The game's remarkable performance across different regions demonstrates the global appeal of its immersive world, intricate gameplay mechanics, and gripping narrative. By transcending cultural boundaries and captivating gamers worldwide, Elden Ring has solidified its status as a cultural phenomenon within the gaming industry.

As the Elden Ring saga continues to unfold, fans eagerly anticipate the future developments and expansions that FromSoftware has in store. The game's success serves as a testament to the enduring popularity of the action RPG genre and the boundless creativity of its developers.

In conclusion, Elden Ring's achievement of surpassing 20 million copies sold is a testament to the game's exceptional quality, captivating storytelling, and the dedication of its fanbase. With its soaring success and the anticipation surrounding FromSoftware's future endeavors, the impact of Elden Ring extends far beyond its immediate accomplishments. As gamers around the world continue to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring world of Elden Ring, its legacy as a groundbreaking title in the action RPG genre is firmly established.


Is Elden Ring free to play?

No, Elden Ring is not a free-to-play game. It is a premium title that requires a purchase to access and play.

How many GB is Elden Ring on PC?

The exact storage space required for Elden Ring on PC may vary depending on the platform and any future updates or expansions. It is recommended to check the system requirements or official documentation for the most accurate information regarding storage size.

Why is Elden Ring so popular?

Elden Ring has garnered immense popularity due to its unique blend of challenging gameplay, captivating storytelling, and the collaborative efforts of FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin. The game's expansive open world, intricate level design, and rich lore have resonated with players, contributing to its widespread acclaim.

Is Elden Ring easy?

Elden Ring is known for its challenging gameplay, which rewards patience, strategy, and skill. While the difficulty level can be demanding, it also offers a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction upon overcoming obstacles. Players seeking a challenging experience will find Elden Ring rewarding, but it may not be suitable for those looking for an easy gameplay experience.

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  • Christian Smith 6 months ago

    The game is just brilliant. It's great to play and I can highly recommend the game mainly because of the well-written story with great graphics. I recommend this store because the price is very good:

  • Darryl Hardin7 months ago

    Looks like Elden Ring is on its way to becoming the One Ring to rule them all! Woof... Anyway, what a great game and well-deserved. While people have beat the game in minutes I've got probably 70 hours and nowhere near the end. I do tend to restart all the time though, so there is that.

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