Dissidia Opera Omnia Act 2, Chapter 3 Released

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It's 'Final Fantasy IX' season in Opera Omnia.

Dissidia Opera Omnia Act 2, Chapter 3 Released

Opera Omnia's throwing us back to the year 2000 this season with the arrival of some serious fan-service in the form of new story content and event draws. The latest update introduces a fan favourite character and a new EX weapon that’ll get the veterans screaming like groupies at a KISS concert.

Act Two of Opera Omnia’s story continues with a misty third instalment, introducing fan favourite fat dragoon Freya Crescent, as well as Vivi’s brand new EX weapon. Chapter Three, “The Time We Have,” closed July with a "soul-ful" insight into Kuja’s human side, as he, once again, struggles to accept his own mortality.

Opera Omnia has always had a very respectful approach to its story content and does a pretty solid job of preserving the source material of other Final Fantasy games. This time around, Final Fantasy IX is the template as the scenario literally brings the Iifa Tree into the world of Dissidia, complete with a very familiar big bad.

Here's a browse of the games latest goodies:

Freya Crescent

My favourite angry rat lady drops at last!

The featured story draw includes the implementation of Freya, the tragic dragon knight of Burmecia. Freya plays as one of the most well-balanced characters next to the likes of Cloud and Locke; Reis’s Wind is a support move that generates party BRV & HP and grants a party-boosting buff, whilst Dragon Breath is an AoE HP attack that bestows a unique stackable, further sharpening everyone’s teeth each time it’s used.

Freya is a ranged-type character with good synergy as part of pretty much any party combination. My personal favourite is the Final Fantasy IX fanboy’s party of choice: Zidane, Vivi, and Freya. With Zidane’s Gale of the Thief passive ability and Freya's Reis's Wind buff, each character gets a generous boost to their max BRV and ATK, leaving Vivi free to wreak utter havok with his overwhelming attacks. Even Freya herself can utilise the high damage output of Dragon Breath to keep multiple enemies' health equally shaved as a quest progresses. The Beasts of the Ice Cave COSMOS quest is an especially swift win using this kitted-out FFIX trio since each character is boosted.

Vivi's 'Octagon Rod' EX Weapon

Vivi redefining the term 'firepower'.

The next little surprise for this month’s new chapter is Vivi’s quite devastating new EX weapon, which makes the little dude the newest addition to the ever-expanding "Meteor Crew." The attack itself is a colossal AoE display of fire and rock as Vivi summons a massive comet to flatten all targets, overflowing his max BRV up to 150%. But the destruction doesn’t stop there; in fact, the EX move itself is only the first part of Vivi’s grand EX-hibition—casting Meteor (IX) turns Vivi’s HP attack into Double Fire, which is a 'roided Fire cast twice with another 150% overflow limit, dealing 50% damage to non-targets. With each of his weapon passives equipped, Vivi’s been turned into a fiery little walking bulldozer—just in time for Shiva’s new Ultimate Trial. Under the right circumstances, Vivi can deliver a mind-blowing dual attack sequence that cumulatively deals up to 140K HP damage in a single turn.In addition to Vivi's EX, he's also had a hefty overhaul to his base moves. Fire is now a permanent HP attack with a much more potent bite, as well as extra uses. Focus now grants Black Mages' Torch, which raises Vivi's max BRV & ATK and turns Fire into Fire+, a three hit BRV + HP attack with a 120% overflow limit.

Zidane's Passive Reworks

Stealin' your heart and your turns.

The third and final major character addition from this week's update is Zidane's rework, which has whipped him into an even cheekier little addition to a party. Both of Zidane's base moves now inflict a unique debuff referred to as "Thievery," which essentially marks a target to become weak to all of Zidane's moves. Stellar Circle 5 and Free Energy also received + variants, which add additional BRV hits before the HP delivery.

Following the rework, Zidane's become a nimble little tool of BRV battery, constantly skipping ahead in the turn queue and trimming a target's health with deceptively heavy-hitting bug bites.All three of these characters are featured now in Chapter Three's story draw, including both Zidane and Vivi's EX weapons. Zidane's alternative outfit has also made a reappearance, available for purchase now from the in-game store.

'Beasts of the Ice Cave' Story Event

Just like last time, Chapter Three released with an accompanying co-op event series featuring Zidane, Vivi, and Freya as boosted characters. The featured boss is the Ice Giant enemy from Chapter Three's content. The event tokens can be traded for the usual trove of rewards including gems, tickets, crystals, and orbs for the right price.

The event also features a new difficulty, "COSMOS," which is even more challenging than your standard EX quest. Fortunately for many, the mission rewards offered for reaching score targets are still awarded by the event's EX quest rather than the COSMOS quest, so these rewards can still be claimed even if clearing the latter proves to be too tall an order.

The more millennial players are getting plenty of love from Opera Omnia lately, with Lost Chapters for classic all-stars like Cid and Sephiroth arriving this month, followed now by Chapter Three's epic new additions. Next week is yet more service with the reappearance of Final Fantasy VII's Zack Fair in his Lost Chapter next week, featuring his own long-awaited EX weapon.

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