'Destiny 2': Overview

The best epic game ever

'Destiny 2': Overview

Original and immense "ENT" Destiny. Creating a unique universe, the scriptwriters went all out and prescribed a long, rich history of the local world. It seems that the fans of Homer worked on it - the events here are hardly inferior in epic to the Iliad and Odyssey.

However, you will not find experts on these events with fire. For, as in the case of the first part, it is unlikely that you will be able to pull out ordered information from the game itself - all those who are interested have to get acquainted with the "lore" on the Web.

Despite the stinginess of the general information, the plot turned out to be the first and most valuable gift of the developers to the fans. The earth was again enslaved by evil forces, again the last hope for the Sentinel, and again the good races will have to defend their place under the Wanderer in a single rush. Let the script be absolutely nothing of itself, now it is at least clearly presented.

Now we always understand which creatures lead the headquarters of the forces of good, why their faces are pulled together by alarming wrinkles, and why to save the world it is necessary to empty a billion clips. A joyful moment was the emergence of a distinct antagonist. The head of the Red Legion, Gole, gives pathos dialogues, scatters pathos looks and pathos gestures. Such a typical villain with exorbitant ambitions. But it’s nice to watch it thanks to sound clips.

Destiny 2 became the same epic tale of the great deeds of races, peoples and heroes, and individual characters with their motives and characters huddle in their shadow. The story stood out so linear, predictable and full of dull dialogues that by the middle you simply begin to ignore the context of what is happening.

Yes, Destiny does not need a subtle psychological game or dashing scenario approaches. But simple stories, drama, personalities could revive and improve the plot. There is war in the yard - but there is not a single scripted scene on the planets that conveys the tragedy of events. The portrait of each character is sketchy: Zavala is a noble warrior, Gole is an unprincipled evil, Cade is a merry fellow ... However, none of them are truly involved. So it turned out that there is a prescribed world, epicity and scale in Destiny 2, and from the perspective of a simple player there are only templates and flat characters around.

But it is our associates who act as the mechanism that gives the non-stop shooter at least some sense. They are buzzing incessantly on the walkie-talkie, trying to explain to the Guardian in which direction chaos should be wreaked. “You have to destroy three ancient plasma panel generators, having previously destroyed the psi-energy fields above them, feeding on power from the portal of the fallen,” - if such a briefing generates interest in you, then you're in luck. For 90% of all dialogues come down to something like this.

In the case of Destiny, this affects the perception of the gameplay weakly. After all, as a shooter she is incomparable. The feeling of a weapon is the same as in the first part - each “gun” has its own character. Enemies are smart, numerous and diverse. The dynamics and entertainment of battles at the height. The soundtrack also does not lag behind: both musical themes and effects from hits, such as mooing of wounded bondages, exactly fit into the process. Shooting is very nice, so the endless slaughter does not bother even without a decent narrative design.

There is more than enough reason to arrange a shooting range here: the storyline campaign is just a drop in the ocean of variegated entertainment in Destiny 2.

Public events are a kind of local three-minute missions in which all the nearby heroes can take part. Compared to the first part in Destiny 2, they are held more often, and the content has become more diverse.

"Adventures" - amazing additional tasks, which, in essence, are branches of the main plot. Passing them is strictly necessary, because these are dozens of hours of gameplay with unique locations and monsters. Each of them has its own script and dialogues. This is a great way not only to gain knowledge about the world, but also to improve the hero.

"Strikes" - cooperative tasks, each with its own small storyline and a powerful "boss" at the end. While there are only six of them - in a couple of days, repeated passes will become boring. But since “strikes” are one of the main sources of useful gizmos, diversity here is of primary importance. Hopefully, the upcoming DLCs will correct the situation.

At first, you will always have a reason to shoot in the name of some good goal. When you reach higher levels, the doors to “adult” entertainment will open before you. In general, the user gets access to new activities gradually, as the character develops. But you can visit https://placetoboost.com/ to pump skills a little. And it’s very cool to support the gameplay rhythm: after completing the campaign and reaching the two hundredth level, you will find out that adventures are just beginning. Ahead are the complex “Shadow raids” (who could have come up with the idea of ​​introducing a timer in them?), And “Meditations”, and ordinary trials, and “raids” ... By the way, the first of them, “Leviathan,” turned out to be very worthy.

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