Dealing with Gamer Rage in 'League of Legends'

by Darcel Johnson 2 years ago in pc

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Dealing with Gamer Rage in 'League of Legends'

So, let's face it guys and gals. We all experience that intense, Hulk-like rage that just rises up from our gut! Now, I know there are times when you are online and are trying to have fun in a game of League, or any online MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), or even just any online game in general, and your team is...not up to standards compared to you. Let us say that you are a top main. You're doing your best to keep up with CS and provide proper harassment to your enemy laner. Let's say that bot lane, cause out of all lanes bot tends to have some bad experiences compared to others, is feeding the enemy team. You are doing your best to handle your lane while trying to figure out what is happening. Then you get ganked by the enemy jungle, but it doesn't happen once. He/she comes over and over and over again with your jungler never coming up. It has gotten to the point where even the enemy mid laner has come to gank you and you haven't received any help at all.

At this point, you are feeling hatred and rage because not only is some of your team feeding but you are receiving no help for the amount of ganks you have to deal with. Now usually when this kind of thing happens, the most popular response is to become toxic against the enemy or your teammates. Sometimes both because it seems like everyone is just trying to make you have a bad time. You begin typing out all of your hate in the chat and by the time the game ends, you end up with several people reporting you. What happens next? You get suspended for a few days so you can't really play or go back to having fun because YOU got the short end of the stick in the game while everyone else just gets mad at you.

Here is what you need to do. If you are feeling angry or mad in your game, don't cuss at your teammates, don't flame anyone, don't even cuss at the enemy for being major dicks to you. The best solution is to just let go by exiting the game and sit there for a good minute or so. Sit there and calm down before reconnecting to the game and mute everyone, even yourself (if that's possible). Continue to play the game and change anything you are doing to best fit what is happening. If this doesn't help and you are having a bad time still? Surrender. You aren't having fun and you most likely can't bring out a win from how the game is going. Surrender and when you get back to the client, just exit out of the game. If you still wanna play, then play ARAM. At least in ARAM, you can't deal with being treated unfairly since everything is random and everyone is always together.

If this doesn't help you, then do yourself a favor and get off League of Legends for a few days maybe even a week or two at best. It will give you time to give yourself a rest from having to deal with the annoyances of online players that don't match up to your skill level and give you time to find something else to vent all your frustrations at. Like Dark Souls!

......Okay, maybe that's a bad example. Go play Minecraft or Pokemon; anything else besides League to help you calm down and regain your mellow for when you make your return to the game.

And remember one important thing.


That is all. Thanks for reading!

Darcel Johnson
Darcel Johnson
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