Dark Souls Series & Bloodborne Review by a Noob

What makes these games so great

Before I even played Dark Souls or Bloodborne, I would hear that real gamers can beat these games and noobs like me had no chance. This type of rhetoric made me want to give Dark Souls a try. It was the first in the entry and I expected it to hand me my ass. I watched Fightincowboy’s YouTube channel and never really encountered too much difficulty. I then went on to play Bloodborne, hearing that is was very tough and I beat it in roughly 4 months. I did not rush through it and only 2 bosses gave me a major challenge: Father Gas Can (that is my name for him and you guys who played the game know who I am talking about) and that Wet Nurse. I then played and beat Dark Souls II and am currently on Dark Souls III which in my opinion is a bit tougher than all of them. Please note, I have not played Demon Souls.

In Dark Souls I, Dark Souls III and Bloodborne you can easily level up your character since enemies keep respawning forever when you rest. In Dark Souls II, levelling up is not tough but you can only kill the enemies 15 times and they are gone. With a Bonfire Ascetic you can bring the enemies back. All 4 of these games take place in a beautiful gothic setting where some mysterious force must be defeated. In Dark Souls, you must link the fire and the hallows rule. Being a noob, I am not 100% knowledgeable on the story because the combat and boss battles are what, in my opinion, make these games. All 4 of these games have that annoying poison area and annoying enemies. It’s like it’s mandatory.

I would have to say the combat is fair. If you don’t try to hack and slash your way through or just run to the next save point you can beat these games. you must take it easy and prepare to die. Eventually you will be so levelled up that even some of the bosses feel like regular enemies.

I recommend researching the lore behind these games. Once you play these games you will want to learn more. I also, love the fact these games have NG+. In Bloodborne NG+ is much harder, whereas in Dark Souls they just get a bit of a health boost and a little harder. in Dark Souls II, after you beat the final boss you can either start a NG+ or finish any areas you want to finish. These games have an incredibly high replay value. If the bosses in any of the Dark Souls are too difficult for you then you get the option of calling for help. Just remember that when you do, the bosses get more health and hit harder.

I have also played Nioh and Nioh II. I find Nioh II to be better, but neither game is noob friendly. I was stuck of that Sagon boss forever and decided to stop playing the game. I only had to hit him one more time but William, the character you play in Nioh, would not do anything, although he had full stamina. Don’t get me wrong, Nioh is a good game but levelling up is a chore. In the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, you can easily level up your character. As you level up you will notice the enemies in that area getting easier, but this does not seem to happen in Nioh. I am still against them making an easy mode for these games, though. What’s the point of playing these games if you are just going to play them on easy? Of course, I would not have a fit or complain if they created an easy mode for Nioh.

The bosses in Bloodborne and Dark Souls III as well as many of the enemies seem to move faster than they do in Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. Also, Nioh and Nioh II the enemies are even more aggressive.

I believe you will enjoy these games. They are challenging and if someone as bad at gaming like my can handle them then you can too. Also, please stop by and subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out my website.

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Ferrari King
Ferrari King
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