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Cyberpunk or Cyberjunk

Keep it or trash it

I pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 from Very and got it on release day for the pc. I was looking forward to playing it having seen loads of footage from the devs on Twitter and people doing videos about it on YouTube. The anticipation was building, the hype was huge for this game who's developers had worked on Witcher 3. Cyberpunk was announced about 10 years ago and now it's with us, but the big question is, has the game lived up to the hype?

The delays came and so did the virus which I'll try not to mention too much. With people working from home I'm not too surprised the game isn't exactly finished. And with their bosses pushing for a release despite the bugs and other issues what else did they expect to happen? CD Projekt Red's reputation has taken a huge hit from which they may not recover from. Cyberpunk was an ambition project, any open-world game with this level of detail and story is a huge task and you'd think CD Projekt would be up to the task and produce something mindblowing. They have created a game which is great in many ways but also bad in so many which is unfortunate.

Updates have been coming to the console versions and pc which has addressed some issues players have reported such as quests not launching when you go to the destination. I have experienced a fair few ok lots of bugs during my time on the game. Graphically it looks great if your pc can show the high/ ultra settings and if it has raytracing it enhances things even more.

With loads of missions and things to find around the map, Night City will keep you busy for a long time. The life path you choose at the start doesn't really change anything in the game, I'm a Street Kid which opens different dialogue options. Your gender is something that changes your love interest as does the pitch of your voice. If you pick a male V certain 'romanceable' characters will be more attracted to you and it's the same for a female V. As a female V, Judy is one of your possible love interests.

In Cyberpunk, you play as V a mercenary who after a job goes wrong, I won't say spoilers, ends up implanting a biochip into your own head. Subsequently, it contains the rocker/ terrorist Johnny Silverhand, well his digital ghost who will literally be the death of you if you don't get him removed in time. From here on he pops up talking about the past or insulting you. During your time in Night City, you can visit a cyber surgeon who will augment your body how you see fit. One ability fits you with mantis blades which hide away in your arms. You can jump higher, use special weapons, amongst other things. These will help you with the missions and side-quests you take and you can change them back if you'd like.

If you came looking for weapons or stealth or a mix, Cyberpunk allows you to choose how to handle situations. You can hack into the enemies so their weapons don't work or they can't target you and even burn them to death. There are loads of weapons to find and even a talking pistol which can be non-lethal or lethal. Enemies are bullet sponges throughout the game so it pays to go for critical shots and high powered weapons but even then it's the same story only over a bit faster.

The voice-acting overall in the game isn't amazing, there are some great performances but unfortunately, Keanu's doesn't feel fleshed out or believable. It feels wooden at best and while he was only a part of the project for a short time, I still think they could've spent more time on his performance and character to make him more believable.

Automatic Love is the mission where your journey of romancing Judy begins. One of the good things about Cyberpunk is the number of missions and side quests that are available. I spend a lot of time walking and driving around fighting crime and enjoying the sights when the game allows it. Below is a glimpse at some of the bugs in the game. There are many more to show, some are easy to ignore but most of them break the immersion or are game-breaking. Things not loading in seems to happen the most, another serious immersion breaker is when you walk or drive around and find yourself in the middle of the apocalypse. Zero cars and no NPC's around for some time then they all appear.

Cyberpunk is a good game really despite all the problems and I have a feeling it will go down the Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 76, Witcher 3 (to name a few) route where it's buggy as hell but in time gets fixed. I fear it won't recover like Witcher 3 did and will eventually fade away and be remembered as another failed game. I have enjoyed my time on the game but my return isn't certain yet. Is it worth getting? Sure. Should you wait until later in the year for more updates which address more bugs? Yes, yes you should. If the game is on sale, pick it up and try it out.

The console versions PS4, Xbox One are a joke from what I've seen, the next-gen consoles do breathe some life into the game but if you have a gaming pc that's the best option. You can't get it on the PS store now because it's so broken and they refuse to issue refunds. If you have a physical copy you can still play. That is something CD Projekt knew and didn't admit to was their game performed terribly or not at all on last-gen consoles.

So, Cyberpunk or Cyberjunk?

It's a tough one as the game is fun in many ways yet it falls short overall. For now... Cyberjunk until the game gets some fixes. Play at your own risk. 5/10

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Richard Le Tourneau
Richard Le Tourneau
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