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Crushing Blow: Sonicfox

by Zac Chapepa 2 years ago in esports

The verge of greatness

Crushing Blow: Sonicfox

Well, it doesn't actually play out the way it sounds. Sonicfox is literally one of best players out there and he's broken tons of records, making tons of cash, and racked up a lot of awards, but he's not crushing everyone like I make it sound. His style is quite unique in his style, and it has earned him a living, through his large fanbase and elite sponsors.

One admiration I have of him is that when he plays it so easy that it's not hard to fall in love with the way he plays. He uses a combination of multiple styles and mixes in his combos and strings to the point where it seems inhuman when he does his play.

It's hard to beat. Imagine you're a player on the other side and the opponent you're playing is versed in a number of skills. His signature player is the one he plays the most and sometimes he does play your character which is hard to beat (your character would have to be yours to the last combo if you want to own him). It is an excruciating experience to watch because he doesn't make it any easy, but this is the heart of what gaming is all about. It is a competition and different odds and plays come into the mix. It makes it hard to challenge, but that is what it's about.

You get to enjoy these scenarios if you encounter a bunch of gamers and watch what they do and how they handle different scenarios. One such case was when Sonicfox was playing this other gamer. Well, an introduction to Scar would only be fitting as we describe his type of gaming as top-notch and he doesn't scare easily. What Scar does best is that he can play with as much strength as he can under pressure and excels quite beautifully in that as well. So, in this game he was playing Sonicfox and he was using a character which was, to say the least, the one he could use well.

So when he matched with Sonicfox, the expectation was that he would otherwise lose, although it's not apparent from the history of the two, but when he does it was what people—me included—were thinking.

Nevertheless he played to his ability and managed to compose himself and see through the first round. What surprised me was how airtight he was from start to finish. He managed to win the set and beat Sonicfox and proceeded to the next round.

Even though he managed to get beat in the next rounds, losing to some players, he managed to hold his ground against Fox, and got my respect. It was the next game that Fox played that let me know what was up.

Tweedy played Geras as the character he most used through the entirety of his play. Most people were even saying he was the most skilled Geras player in the series because he was that good when he played the character. It was a massacre when Sonicfox chose his character and played against him.

As you can see from the footage this was not the case for Tweedy when he met Sonicfox. He played with the same character and Sonic chose to mirror his character. It was an exchange of blows and combos, but for the most part this was showcase of who had the most combos and strings that would follow through, who knew when to block and who knew when to strike the most effective. Essentially what Fox was saying was, "you know this character, but do you know it enough to beat everyone?"

Sonic was the one to win the set and concluded with a bold saying after the match: "Pick another character."

Zac Chapepa
Zac Chapepa
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