Crimson's 'Fallout Shelter' Review

Good for a Mobile Game

Crimson's 'Fallout Shelter' Review

Most mobile games are just a grind fest of mindless gathering of resources and this game isn't really that much of an exception. Figuring out the strategy to keep the vault running is pretty fun, but once you do you may end up getting bored of it. If you want a more successful vault you don't want to really play it all the time, but rather come back to it once it a while to touch it up. You also need to balance the growth of the vault by how many resources you have available. If you have too many dwellers, you may find them going hungry and dying of radiation poisoning. If you have too many rooms you might find you don't have enough man power to run them all sufficiently. You go on missions and gather resources. It's a mobile game so yes, more mind numbing resource gathering. The survival mode adds a bit more challenge, but the game mechanics stay the same. It's good for a mobile game and I'd recommend it for anyone who likes the Fallout franchise and mobile gaming. Personally not my favorite of the franchise, but it is free, so giving it a try won't hurt your wallet.

They also made this available for the PC and Xbox One, but this is really designed just to be a mobile game. The controls on Xbox are just annoying as you can imagine. Mobile games just don't translate well onto consoles. I don't think there's anything canon in this game. The canon characters that are available seem to be from three and four. I don't think I've seen any New Vegas characters, so if it is canon it's most likely to be set on the east coast. The graphics are that of a classic campy cartoon.

Tips and Hints for a More Successful Play Through

  • Rush rooms sparingly because failing a rushed room can put you even more behind than what you are currently.
  • If you have dwellers to spare, put a few in the entrance hall where the door is and arm them to the teeth.
  • Don't build too many training rooms. You can just upgrade a few and send dwellers there a few at a time, that way production doesn't get interrupted.
  • If a certain job makes a dweller happy, but they're stats suck, train them to be have better stats where they need them.
  • Take advantage of every lunch box the game hands you.
  • Make sure you have enough power to run further rooms if you're going to build them.
  • Upgrade rooms before deciding to build more.
  • Only create the amount of dwellers your vault can sustain.
  • If you make more dwellers, you’ll need to build more rooms eventually so they’ll have a job, food and water.
  • Keep stocked up on medicine. That means you'll need higher intelligent dwellers who can run the Medbay and Science Labs.
  • Open the app just to gather the resources and then exit.
  • Put dwellers in rooms according to their strengths.
  • Don’t have more than 25% of female dwellers pregnant (They're not helpful if raiders, death claws or ghouls break into the vault).
  • It doesn’t really matter who makes the babies if you have training rooms built. You can build up any dweller’s stats to do any job.
  • Don’t have the app open all the time if you hate fighting raiders and death claws.
  • Train a well rounded group, with people of different strengths, that way you’re not running short on anything.
  • If you send your dweller outside to gather resources make sure to supply them with weapon, armor, stimpaks, radaway, and check on them frequently.

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