Conquering Minecraft-Boredom

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10 things to do when inspiration runs dry

Conquering Minecraft-Boredom

Boredom - the destination you arrive at when you have done it all or simply don't know where to go next. This grey area of no inspiration or entertainment is quite horrible, to be honest. When I hit this point I, usually, move on. But in this case, I am not that bored, and I find myself just waiting for that next update to hit the game.

So what to do in anticipation for what is coming? Well, here's a list of things that might help you too.

1. Become a treasure hunter!

It is crazy fun and very rewarding! I've found loads of iron, lapis lazuli, gold, emerald and occationally diamonds. Of course also Heart of the Sea. Afterwards I put my finished maps up as decoration!

Finished treasure maps

2. Improve your residence

If you don't know how to improve your living area, start by typing in "Minecraft" on Pinterest and click search. I now have a well-decorated home that feels cosy and well planned.

The kitchen
Decorated with shelves and lamps
Dining room, inspired by the Woodland Mansion

3. Organize everything you own

When you have played for a while, you'll notice that your chests get full. If you have nothing else to do, might as well sort that stuff out. No inspiration for a storage room? Search the web!

The storage room

4. Explore your world

Have you visited all the different types of biomes? Have you met all the monsters or animals? Found a desert temple yet? Searched for igloos? Met the witch in the swamp hut? Get on out there!

Almost half of the map covered, lots left!
I decorate with my maps so I can grab the ones I need.

5. Hunt for achievements

I love checking off goals, and when I found the Advancements in the menu, I immediately started chasing those goals. My favourite one is probably the one that wants you to tame all variants of cats. Still working on that!

Nearly completed my collection of furbabies

6. Search for a Woodland Mansion

This one is a doozy of a mission. I spent the better part of three days completing this with a friend. I recommend having a steady hand, lots of cobblestone, torches, and whatever you need to venture into the Nether. It is by far the fastest way to travel if you do not have a mansion close to home. I also recommend having Fire Protection enchants all over, since, you know, you'll be in danger of falling into the lava when building these endless tunnels. It'll be tricky, but it is going to be worth the experience!

Our tunnels and our searching got us to other destinations as well

7. Upgrade your base

In the world I share with my friends, we like to upgrade our living standards. Whenever we seemed to have nothing left to do, we took a good look at our surroundings. It usually ended with us landscaping to build something huge; like a new stable, different types of farms, or some other sort of machinery. If you're like me and you adore turtles, you'll enjoy the turtle farm. Youtube is your most reliable friend here!

My turtle scute farm is thought out by Avomance

8. Travel to a Nether Fortress

This one, of course, requires you to venture into the Nether and actually finding the Fortress first. If you haven't already encountered one, that's your central mission. Enter the portal, gear up and be on the lookout for the dark bricks that make the Fortress. It is usually massive, so I bet you won't miss it. Look out for wither skeletons and fire balls!

Keep track of where you go in these dark halls

9. Embrace the seasons and holidays

One of my best tips is probably to build stuff. The hard thing is often to know what to build! I say: embrace whatever season you have outside your window. I am currently working on a winter wonderland with my friend. It's complete with a lodge, outside bubble bath, fireplace and even Santa's Workshop.

Inside of Santa's workshop

10. Become a redstone master

Go to YouTube, search for redstone tutorials, get your head into the learning mindset and dig in. As I mentioned before, I have built different types of farms, machines and other clever gadgets in the game. Most of them have some sort of redstone element that makes them work. It is so fulfilling when you make it, and it ends up working!

My fast-growing Micro Farm, built this with the help of MumboJumbo.

Hope this helps you out too, and good luck finding even more inspiration out there!

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