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Cheer up! The most waited 'Rocket League' game is now available for mobile devices.

by Avijit Dey 7 months ago in mobile

If you are a gamer, you must know about the 'Rocket league' game. Now, this game is available for mobile devices named'Rocket League Sideswipe'.

If you are a gamer, you must know about the 'Rocket league' game. The game is played by some famous Youtubers too. Or, if you don't agree with both of these things then, you must have listened about the game at least once in your life. So, basically, my point is to prove that, this game is really very popular in the gaming community. Streamers get thousands of views by streaming this game. Now, this game is available for mobile devices. I mean, this game is now only available for Android devices. Don't worry, it will be soon available for iOS devices too. I think, most people know about this game. For those who don't know about this game and want to know some basic information before playing and enjoying this game on the mobile device, here I will describe some details about the game later. In my opinion, before investing your time in this game just check some details about this game here. And if you do that, it will be also helpful for me. Just joking, if you already know/played the pc version of 'Rocket League' you can scroll down and click on the link below to download and play on your android device. Now, I am going to try my hands on it. This is completely my opinion I have played this game and now I am going to share my personal experience with you.

First of all, the game name is a bit changed. The game 'Rocket League' for pc/controller version is now become 'Rocket League Sideswipe' for mobile devices. Do you think, The name could be much better than this? I was just thinking about it. But, someone said, what's in a name! So, for now we leave the name and focus on the game. Yes, we should focus on the game rather than its name. So, as I said before, I have downloaded the game and played it for some time. The graphics of this game is not that much great. But, it is good. Surely, the mobile version's graphic is not like the pc version of this game. Nobody expect this too. But, my point is, it is still improbable. As a newly launched game, it is good for now. Now, let's talk about the gameplay. Here, I am sure that, you will get the same fun just like the pc version. Also, the developers added three modes to play in the mobile version of this game. You can enjoy either '1 vs 1' or '2 vs 2' matches with your friends or random teammates. The game size is almost 300-400 mb. It includes the apk and obb of this mobile game. Now, let's talk about the gameplay walkthrough of this game.

The game logic is so simple. Just pick up the ball from your opponent, score a goal, and win. You can play competitive rank matches or you can also challenge your friend to play a match with you. In the Rocket League game, you will enjoy a classic soccer match by your customised car. Yes, you will have to play with your car. As I mentioned before, You can customize your cars by your own and change their looks. You can boost up or speed up your car on your air to save goals and also, score a goal to win. There are many possibilities are available to explore in this game. Just download and enjoy the game now. The game 'Rocket League Sideswipe' is available for free to play for android devices...

Are you really exited for this! If you want to get more information about the game 'Rocket League Sideswipe' and to download it now, Just check out the main article from the link below >>> 


Avijit Dey


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Avijit Dey
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