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Check Out This Potentially Superior Steam Deck and Quest Competitor

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By Inspiring YouTuber and GamerPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Image by Rodger Shija from Pixabay

In a few of my previous posts, I have talked a lot about the Steam Deck and various Quest devices, such as the Quest 2 and the Quest Pro. But today, I'll be talking about an upcoming device that is being made to combine the strengths of both these products into one versatile gaming device.

This upcoming device is called the Pimax Portal. Primax is a high-end VR brand who are known for its headsets with a massive field of view.

During their recent Frontier 2022 event, Pimax announced their new upcoming device titled the Primax Portal. The Portal is essentially a combination of a Steam Deck and a Quest 2 all-in-one product.

It is apparently the "world's first metaverse entertainment system." It will be capable of portable gaming, as well as AR and VR capabilities.

The main body of the device is similar to the shape of a Steam deck or a Nintendo Switch, with a 5.5-inch HDR display sandwiched by controllers on either side, which attach magnetically.

When you want to use it for VR, the screen can be slotted into a VR headset, similar to various smartphone VR experiences such as the Samsung Gear VR or the Google Cardboard. Although in this case, the device will have 27 PPD resolution as well as a 100-degrees field of view.

The same controllers can be used with the VR experience by slotting them into their ergonomic sleeves. These will function very similarly to other VR controllers in the market right now.

As for the technical specifications of the device, we know it will include an unnamed powerful ARM-based chip. Unfortunately, other than that, we don't currently know much else about the internals of this device.

The Portal will reportedly also be available with various specialized options for different experiences. For example, one of the options will be a socially oriented experience that will include face tracking for use in the metaverse.

I assume different options will have different price points depending on the capability of the device.

In addition to all this, the Portal can have the following additions.

  • The Pimax Mini Station is a sleeve providing more portable screen options.
  • A specialized dock intended for living room entertainment, similar to the Nintendo Switch docking station.
  • Swappable modules such as battery packs and 5G cellular links.
  • Compatibility with game streaming apps.

Pimax's Kickstarter presale will debut on the 15th of November, starting at $299 USD for the base model, with the top-tier model at $599 USD.

If this device can actually deliver all the features it is advertised with, I believe it will be a seriously tough competitor to devices like the Steam Deck and the Quest headsets. I'm eager to see the final product when it eventually releases.

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With that being said, have a good one, and thank you for reading.

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  • Dr Mehmet Yildizabout a year ago

    Excellent story, Aiden! Thank you for sharing valuable gaming news. I enjoy your updates.

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