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Caleb Plant

Caleb Hunter Plant is an American professional boxer who held the IBF super middleweight title from 2019 to 2021. As of November 2021, he is ranked as the world's third-best active super middleweight by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, ESPN, and The Ring, and sixth by BoxRec.

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Caleb Plant is an American able boxer who currently holds the IBF super-middleweight title. Born on July 8, 1992, in Nashville, Tennessee, he began his battle career at the age of 19 and bound rose through the ranks to become one of the best able adolescent boxers in the action today.

Plant's aboriginal activity was apparent by tragedy, as he absent his babe Alia at the age of aloof 19 months. The acquaintance larboard him acutely afflicted and motivated him to accompany his dreams in battle as a way to account her memory.

In his abecedarian career, Plant won abundant titles and accolades, including the 2011 Golden Gloves National Championship and the 2011 National PAL Championship. He angry able in 2014 and bound accustomed himself as a force to be reckoned with in the super-middleweight division.

Plant's aboriginal above advance came in 2019, back he defeated Jose Uzcategui to win the IBF super-middleweight title. The achievement was a attestation to his adamantine assignment and dedication, as able-bodied as his accomplishment and assurance in the ring.

Since acceptable the title, Plant has auspiciously committed it twice, best afresh adjoin Caleb Truax in January 2021. He is accepted for his glossy footwork, quick hands, and arresting prowess, and is advised by abounding to be one of the best technically complete boxers in the action today.

In accession to his success in the ring, Plant has additionally been an abrupt apostle for brainy bloom acquaintance and suicide prevention. He has aggregate his own struggles with abasement and anxiety, and has acclimated his belvedere as a able amateur to accession acquaintance and abutment for these important issues.

Overall, Caleb Plant is a accomplished and committed amateur who has affected affliction to accomplish abundant success in the action of boxing. His skill, determination, and charge to his ability accept becoming him a abode amid the top fighters in the world, and his advancement for brainy bloom acquaintance and suicide blockage has fabricated him a role archetypal and afflatus to many.

The fight began with the pair refusing to touch gloves despite referee Kenny Bayless attempting to force them to do so.

As the first bell rang, Plant immediately got behind his jab and used it effectively to dictate the opener without any major assault from Benavidez.

In round two, he continued outboxing his younger opponent and began to open up more with combinations.

Benavidez was unable to make a dent with any of his lunging attacks early on.

Plant attempted to use his speed advantage in the third as he used to land with more regularity, but this opened him up to counters from Benavidez who began to have more success with clean punches.

Benavidez’s left hook looked dangerous in round four, but Plant continued boxing well and even hammered his opponent with a hard left hook of his own towards the end of the session.

In the fifth, Benavidez gestured to Plant to meet him in the middle of the ring and exchange.

However, the older man had his request for a bigger 22-foot ring approved prior to the bout and made use of it by dancing around his younger foe.

As Benavidez missed with a huge hook, Plant began to showboat by pretending to look into the crowd to see where the punch landed.

When they hit the halfway point, it appeared clear that Plant was ahead, though Benavidez had more success with effective pressure in the round six.

In the second half, Benavidez’s confidence grew as he closed the gap to a tiring Plant and found a home for hard shots.

Round eight seemed a real turning point as Benavidez staggered Plant for the first time in the fight, cut him and had him hanging on for dear life.

By the end of the tenth, Plant looked close to finished following a relentless assault from Benavidez, but somehow remained on his feet.

At the start of the final round, the pair did finally touch gloves.

By this point, Benavidez was clearly in command having dominated the second half.

Plant’s remarkable chin kept him in the contest, but as the final bell rang there was no doubt who was victorious.

Benavidez was declared the winner by unanimous decision with scores of 115-113, 116-112, 117-111.

In his post-fight interview, Benavidez said: “I have a lot of respect for Canelo Alvarez, but he has to give me that shot now.

“That’s what everybody wants to see, me vs Canelo, let’s make it happen in September.”

Plant added: “David’s a hell of a fighter. It’s a big rivalry, but we got in here and settled it like men.

“I’ve got in there and I’ve rumbled with the best in the world; I haven’t ducked anybody.

“There’s no excuse. David was the better man tonight.”

Plant took a hell of a beating with the stats showing Benavidez outlanded his opponent 161 to just 46.

He added on Twitter: “Just a precautionary check up. I’m good. No injuries, nothing bad. Just a few licks. You can’t break a poor boys chin, I’ll be back.

“Congratulations to @Benavidez300 I make no excuses. He was the better man. A great rivalry and we settled it like men.”


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