Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck review

Fun DLC?

I enjoyed Borderlands 3 very much and I hope we get a Borderlands 4. I also enjoyed the last 3 DLC’s to Borderlands 3. I will admit I liked this DLC and I never played as Psycho Krieg in Borderlands 3 but this DLC was fun. My main problem, being a noob, is some of the bosses were too hard and the final boss was a bit much. With the final boss, even Moze’s Iron Bear barely takes any of his health and the fight is in 2 phases. I would not have a complaint about this boss fight if it has save points so if you die in the second phase, then you must restart the second phase. That’s not what happens. After fighting the boss for roughly 15 minutes or more and then get into the second phase which is basically a shot and your dead battle you get to start all over if you die. I ended the game at that point but the DLC is still worth playing.

In this DLC you travel through Krieg’s memory and you will have to deal with the doctor that made Krieg. Make sure to listen to the dialog that follows so you know what really happened in that scene. In this DLC you meet Sane Krieg and Psycho Kreig. Psycho Krieg has a different perspective on the event in Borderlands 2 and how Lilith and the gang felt about him than Sane Krieg which leads to some intense but fun boss fights, poor Lilith. When you fight Lilith make sure you shoot the portals if you are in fight for your life or she will beat your ass.

I enjoyed the story, and it stays true to Borderlands. It has a decent amount of side missions, but the story is short for what you expect for a final mission and the fact that you are playing in Krieg’s mind. You will learn Krieg is different from all the other psychos and you will learn how the psychos were made. Let’s just say it was not pleasant.

Gearbox never disappoints with Borderlands and I hope the next installment will be just as good as better. Perhaps we finally get to play as Tiny TIna.

Vaulthalla is where our journey in this DLC will lead and it is an amazing. I had to use Iron Bear most of the time since I am a noob and I enjoy playing as Moze, so I hope they bring her back. She is such a wonderful character. Also, from what I have seen we saw nothing of Axton or Salvador, which I never played as but wanted to see. I was hoping for some type of frenemy thing with Brick were the 2 make snide comments about each other’s physique. As far as I know there are some easter eggs in the DLCs about the 2 though.

The Bosses in this DLC are much tougher than the bosses in the 3rd DLC so be prepared. The final boss has a huge amount of health and can kill you faster than you can say Dark Souls. I did have a Dark Souls moment when I fell from the battlefield and to my death so be careful of your surroundings. When he electrifies the floor get on top of something but don’t stay there too long or he will shoot homing missiles at you. During the first phase you can just run around and wait until you can use your action skill, but during the second phase that is not an option and he can kill you with one or two hits and you start all over. Still fun and worth playing.

Overall, I say this is a fun DLC but not the best of the four. I can’t wait until Borderlands 4, if we get it.

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