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Blightbound Review

by Fernanda Reyes 3 days ago in product review

Publisher Devolver Digital has been publishing some great titles lately

Publisher Devolver Digital has been publishing some great titles lately. Blightbound, a title by Ronimo Games from the Netherlands, is available for early access on PC. The online co-op side scrolling hack & slash hack and slash game is now available on PC. I was excited about it but ended up disappointed by the final product.

Blightbound is a multiplayer dungeon crawler game that I am familiar with. I have played many of them over the years, including Gauntlet (and Diablo). Although Blightbound could have been great, I found it lacking in important areas. Dark as long-forgotten heroes defeated an evil known only as the Shadow Titan, the story of Blightbound is dark. They didn't know that the Shadow Titan's corpse would be transformed into a Blight, which would corrupt all living creatures it came in contact with. It's now up to you, the player, to explore the dungeons and defeat the Blight. While the story is helpful in setting up things, you won't be paying too much attention while you play.

Blightbound's co-op aspect is one of its problems. Online play is possible for three players, but you won't be able to play together if you don’t have any friends. The AI bots are not great at times and it's unfair to say they're bad. It was often difficult for them to do things or move to the places I required. This caused a lot of frustration. Matchmaking is available so that you can make new friends if you aren't able to find them. It was fun to play with two people, and it did make the game more enjoyable.

There are over 20 characters you can choose from, divided into three different categories. There are three classes: a wizard, a tank, and assassin. Although 20 characters sounds great, the reality is that they all feel the same. Parties must include at least one class to ensure that you and your friends can play together as assassins. You won't be able to play as a wizard if another player chooses it first.

The Refuge is your central area where you will start the game. Here you can purchase new equipment, quests, craft items and more. Once you are ready to go, you can choose from a variety of levels before you set off. You can complete each level in less than 20 minutes. You will be moving from one room to the next fighting enemies. There may also be puzzles or traps that you need to avoid. Sometimes, you will have to face a boss enemy when you reach the end a dungeon. Playing with friends can make combat fun, especially if you work together to improve each class's skills. It's satisfying to be able to get up close and attack the warrior with melee attacks while your wizard friend fires off bullets from the back. You'll keep your loot, XP and any heroes that you saved when you complete a dungeon. You'll lose all the loot and XP you earned in the dungeon, and must start again if you die.

The game is just too frustrating. While the gameplay can be fun, it feels unfinished and you don't want to continue playing. The menus can be difficult to navigate and AI issues can make it impossible to play solo. You may also have to restart dungeons if you are having trouble with the loot. Overall, the dungeon layout doesn't feel very appealing. The game also had issues with frame rates dropping and crashes, which made it difficult to enjoy. These problems will be fixed in the future, but they are annoying for now. The game looks great visually, with its hand-drawn art style and dark, gritty atmosphere. This game nails it and has some great monster design.

Blightbound is a fun game with flashes of humor, but it could have used more early access time before fully launching. I had a great time playing with two other players online. I enjoyed defeating the bosses and enemies in these dungeons. Although the game looks great, there are many things that can be done to make it even better. There are many things that could be improved on the game: better bot AI, better loot to encourage you to play more, more engaging dungeons and better optimization. It is not a great dungeon crawler, so I wouldn't recommend it right now.

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