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Best Tips in 2022 to Get Dimensional Heroes in AFK Arena

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Acquire the premium Dimensional Heroes easily in the game

When it reaches AFK Arena, there are a lot of heroes that are power crept or even kept at bay, so they do not want to be impressed as they overcome and revise how the game goes. The anomaly for that is the Dimensional Heroes.

These are heroes that are only hard to get if players would miss their chance to grab their own. The game has an extended period for players to ensure they can get their own Dimensional Hero.

However, suppose ever they miss that opportunity. In that case, players still have a chance to get them, but with a cost that could change their minds about missing another Dimensional Hero event.

In the game, AFK Arena codes will help you to unlock the diamonds, soul stones, gold, hero scrolls, and more for free.

Here is a guide on how to get Dimensional Heroes and whether players would miss a Dimensional event or not.

What Is AFK Arena?

AFK Arena is a fantastic RPG game wherein you have to kill numerous enemies. You can make a personalized group and battle against an ancient evil.

AFK Arena is a mobile game created by Lilith Games that puts you in charge of a custom team of fighters to stop an ancient evil from destroying the kingdom of Esperia.

The way AFK Arena has been provided is unique and straightforward. The slideshows utilized in the game are of high grade. You will also notice that some small text boxes look very cool in some stages.

The artistic style and the western drawing techniques used in the game are a good variety. This is one of the most suggested games because of its design, simple yet marvelous look, and responsive user interface.

Tips to Get Dimensional Heroes in AFK Arena?

1 - Getting one for the Team

Lilith and AFK Arena would usually cast a partnership or crossover with some games or actual anime series that could permit them to put a main texture of the said game or anime into the game. Not to note that a few Dimensional Heroes are famous figures in stories and lore worldwide.

One specialty to note is that players should be conscious of the timeframe given by the game when it comes to Dimensional Hero circumstances.

With sixty days as the allocated time for players to farm up resources, the game would then initiate players that during the last seven days, they could trade those resources for a detailed Dimensional.

That would also mean players can still farm up more help until the last second of the previous day to get their own Dimensional Hero.

2 - Purchasing from the Store

AFK Arena has considered what the players liked and what was required to move past specific stages. They have since then executed a new part of the game wherein players could buy Arthur and Merlin hero stones from the store.

The difference is that players would maintain to reach up to sixty hero stones of each Dimensional Hero to unlock the hero for them to use.

Additionally, these Dimensional Heroes significantly increase any team as Arthur could be a good utility tank, while Merlin is a great sustain help hero.

And when it comes to the cost of those fifteen hero stones, it would cost participants sixty thousand Labyrinth Tokens for each asset. Providing two hundred and forty thousand Labyrinth Tokens would still be a fair enough cost to pay to bring players their own Arthur and Merlin.

3 - Renting from the Garrisons

A relatively newly added part is the Garrison. Players can Garrison other Dimensional Heroes from buddies or other participants worldwide. The Garrison functions as if renting the Dimensional Hero for a whole month.

And for players to avail themselves of the one-month Garrison, they must trade some of their resources for Dimensional Stones.

Similar to the first way of getting Dimensional Heroes, players would have to farm out and keep their resources if they need some Dimensional Heroes on their teams.

While using Garrison to obtain other Dimensional Heroes is excellent, it can be costly. Therefore players should retain to budget and plan out their resources for the long run.

The purpose of the Garrison part is for players who have not contacted the other Dimensional Heroes to get a case at having those Dimensional Heroes.

Not only that, but per month, players only have a maximum of two hundred Dimensional Stones in games to exchange. This may reset each month, but it would serve as a player limit.

Final Thoughts

Dimensional Heroes are quite the powerhouses for heroes and team building in AFK Arena. Some deliver exceptional utility, and some become the essential carries too many teams. Suppose players would miss out on a Dimensional Hero event.

Not to worry, many players can get some of the Dimensional Heroes right in the store but would also have to save up more resources. Still, getting a hero as strong and as versatile as any Dimensional Heroes is well worth the price.

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