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Best Gaming Gear Accessories To Enjoy Gaming Like A Pro Streamer

Popular streamers like Ninja, Bugha, Mongraal and others add small gaming accessories to their gaming gear and remain on the top.

By Clarence BurkePublished 3 years ago 6 min read
Best Gaming Gear Accessories To Enjoy Gaming Like A Pro Streamer
Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash

Once you have set up your gaming PC, laptop or console to enjoy VR gaming or streaming in 2021, you would still need certain gaming accessories apart from that to make the long gaming and streaming hours fun become a top player. Today the more money you put into buying gaming gear and equipment the better you get. It mostly depends on the amount but also your choice of gear.

The truth is even if you have best gaming gear like Bugha or Shroud, you would still need would need gaming accessories that they do have as well to enjoy streaming and VR gaming in 2021. The basic gaming gear you need in 2021 includes:

1- A Console, Laptop or PC for gaming

2- Gaming Controllers

3- A High quality projector or monitor

4- Gaming Controllers

5- Headset or a speaker and mic

6- Other gaming accessories

There are many things we need for gaming without which we cannot enjoy gaming. If our setup lacks few basic things we might not even be able to play games. To stream or game we need the gaming gear. It depends on the budget we can shell out to get it, the quality and brands totally depend on it. Here we will discuss gaming gear we need for gaming in 2021 and onwards.

Spacious Gaming Room

By Florian Olivo on Unsplash

This one is a primary thing especially when you are into VR gaming and have to make movements with your hands and legs. You need to have room for it. Almost every VR headset and simulators require having space to move and look around so having space for it is primary or you’d end up hitting gaming gear around you.

External Hard Drives

Having an external HDD is very important especially if you buy games digitally or stream. You need to keep a backup of your gaming history. You can use the backup later on or try to create videos from it or just for the record. The consoles these days don’t come with much storage space or if you are going to load everything on your main gaming PC/Laptop it’s going to blast and become extremely slow or overheat.

Cooling Pads For Gaming Laptops

Cooling pads for gaming laptops may sound a small inclusion to your gaming setup but remember they make a big impact. They not only cool down the laptops but also enhance its performance. We highly recommend using a gaming cooling pad for your gaming laptop. If you are on Mac it’s even more important. As they heat up quickly.

Soothing or RGB Lighting

By 🇻🇪 Jose G. Ortega Castro 🇲🇽 on Unsplash

You would not realize the comfort of good lighting in your gaming room unless you install one. There are few things you should look out for while choosing lighting for your gaming room. Make sure the lighting does not caste any shade or glare on your monitor, hamper video quality or rather become a nuisance than comfort.

So make sure to choose a lighting set up that improves your gaming experience and enhance video quality if you have a channel for streaming. The best way to add beauty to your setup is adding LED strips. They look dope on videos and come cheap to buy. The best way to put lighting in your room is putting them behind your screen to produce great glow. However, you can choose the place you want them on.

Organizing Wires And Cables Of Gaming Setup

By John Barkiple on Unsplash

We start our gaming rooms with a few things but with the passage of time we keep adding more hardware and equipment to it. As a result the cables and wires grow without our noticing them.

So cable management is very important for our gaming room, we can use cable holders, cable sleeves and cable boxes to separately organize them. You can even use duct tapes for that.

Small Brushes For Cleaning Keyboards etc.

If you game or stream on a regular basis, computer brushes are primary equipment to have. You need to keep your setup cleaned and tidy because regular use of a PC can pretty much make things untidy. You need to keep cleaning keyboards, woofers and speakers with those brushes. This small inclusion to your gaming setup can make a big difference.

A Comfy Gaming Chair

Imagine you have to stream for many hours or just enjoy VR gaming with friends on weekends, but cannot play for long due to back pain or fatigue. Having a comfortable gaming chair can totally take care of that because they come with arm support, elbow rest and back support. Today, you would see almost every other streamer uses a proper gaming chair that takes care of not only the back but the entire body. It will keep you relaxed, comfortable and tireless. So buying a gaming chair typically made for gaming is worth your shot.

Wall Mounts For Gaming Accessories

By Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

Wall Mounts help us keep everything organized. If you’d use a wall mount for managing your gaming hardware, we are pretty sure you would not have to worry about less space for your new equipment.

Today wall mounts come in ergonomic designs that suit small gaming rooms. Do a little research and buy one. You would not lament your decision.

Beautifying gaming room

There are few things which are not necessary to play properly but further beautify your gaming setup. Have a look at these below. These gaming accessories would double the fun of gaming:

Popular Posters- If you love Call of Duty, PUBG or CS:GO etc. you should put their posters on your setup walls. Hanging art posters from your favorite games, shows or DVDs will enhance the beauty of your set up.

Gaming Figurines - Many streamers show us their gaming set up where they use figurines that we love. Tiny figurines from Fortnite, CS:GO, The Avengers will definitely lift your gaming setup and boost your confidence.

Hammocks - You can use a hammock under your desk to rest your feet or legs on it. It will never make you feel fatigued. This is rather a luxury that comes with a practical use.

Small Stands - Using stands for small things can be an essential that you can use. For example you can hang your headsets or other accessories on them.

There are many other things that can increase your comfort while gaming for long hours.


Many popular streamers like Bugha, Ninja, Benjyfishy etc include all these accessories to their regular streaming gear on their gaming setup that we have mentioned here. These small gaming accessories can make a big impact on your gaming career in 2021. Without which you may become a better gamer but not the best like the streamers we mentioned above who are at top of their game.


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