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Best games on the Sega Genesis Mini

A review of the best games on Sega Genesis Mini

By The Sinister PenPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Today I want to talk about the coolest games on the Sega Genesis Mini. I have had this system for a few months now I got a chance to play every game on the system. But now we are going to talk about my favorite hidden gems on this system and why I like them so much.

First off we have to talk about Space Harrier 2 this is the first time playing this game and I love it. At first I thought it was a little hard I kept dying. But once you get a hang of the controls it’s actually quite fun. One thing that stood about Space Harrier is how awesome the 3D worlds looked on my 4K TV. I had no idea it was going to look this epic. Also the enemies and levels are a lot of fun. The bosses are just such a joy to fight and defeat. I like how the look of the worlds change as you beat the levels. The game does get harder and to hard to beat after a while. But it’s a fun challenge. And a great game to play while drinking. I give Space Harrier on the Sega Genesis Mini a 5 out 5 rating.

Another great game I loved on the Sega Genesis Mini is LandStalker! I had never played this game until now. And let me tell you this game is just awesome. From the intro to the story line it’s just so epic. I also love the music. This game is like a mix of Zelda and something else not sure what but I like it. The levels are really nice looking. The enemies are very easy at the start, but they do get harder with time. I love the boss levels where you have to figure out puzzles as well as fight harder enemies and figure out where to go next. I really enjoyed the story line, and how characters talk in this game. I still have not beaten this game, but I got pretty far on it. I will for sure to back and finish. But overall I had a great time playing it and it gets a 5 out of 5 rating from me.

Yet another game I loved on the Sega Genesis Mini is Vectorman. Now I had played this game long ago but never really got into it. This time it just looked so great on my big screen that I had to try it out. Overall it’s a really fun game. I love the way you can shoot enemies float , drill, and get other power ups. It’s very fast paced and action packed. And the graphics looks amazing to me in 4k. The bosses are a lot of fun to fight. Each level offers new adventures and challenges which is pretty cool. I really enjoyed Vectorman and the story line was really ahead of It’s time. I Have to this game a 5 out of 5 rating.

Another games I really loved was Wonder Boy in Monster world. Now this game really is a sword game is I ever saw it. It has elements of Zelda in it. In fact the ocarina and fairy parts in the game. Kind of remember of ocarina of time. But this game was made before Ocarina of Time. Well it seems games always inspire other new games. Overall the worlds are really cool and cartoon looking. This game started off as kind of easy. But it got harder really quick. You have a solve puzzles to access new areas of the game. And at other times you need special items. Other times you just need to guess where to go next. I like how you can power up your magic and attacks in the game. The potions also get useful when going to hard levels or facing a boss. And the bosses? They are so much fun to go against. I like the animations used to the bosses. The game does start to get really hard t as you get deeper into it. But you can get walkthroughs online to help you. One of the best and most fun games I have played. It for sure gets a 5 out of 5 rating from me.

There are many great and hidden gems on the Sega Genesis Mini. But these were some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy your time playing Sega Genesis Mini and have fun exploring new games.

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