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Becoming a Champion in 'Apex Legends'

Champions are not born, they are made.

By GapialPublished 5 years ago 7 min read
The end screen when players get to be the champions.

Respawn Entertainment truly took the world aback with the release of Apex Legends in February 2019. Since then, the game grew in popularity, and surpassed its competitors who had been in the market for longer at the time Apex Legends became widely known.

It is no wonder why such battle royal game would attract the number of players it has in only four months. The game, simply put, delivers an exhilarating experience, and ever wanting desire to become “The Champion” of the arena.

It features nine legends players can choose from, and twenty weapons randomly spread throughout the map. Many of which players can upgrade using a “hop-up.” Not to mention the unique abilities each legend is equipped with, and the gear they can pick up during gameplay to make them even stronger.

However, it is not easy to be the last team standing in the game to claim victory. The game demands skills, and that players get familiar with its mechanisms. Once that is polished, it is all about the following:

1. Stay Close to your Teammates

A unique characteristic of the game is the dropping off in teams. Players do not get to land alone and face 59 other players by themselves. Instead, squads of three are deployed. Sometimes this is not the case as only a team of two, or yourself alone land, and not of three (but that is in other circumstances). The closer you get to stay with your teammates, the better the chances you are going to have at surviving the battles. If you get shot down, one of your teammates can help you out by healing your legend before it bleeds out, or by picking your legend’s banner, and getting you back into the game.

Staying close to your teammates increases the chances of making it out of a battle. For one thing, there are other two players helping you along the way. In addition, your teammates may pin objects of interest, and/or provide you with supplies when requested. Therefore, it is very important to stay close to your teammates. Besides, no one likes going from one end of the map to the other to rescue you if you get in trouble. It is a game that has its primary concern on teams; staying close to yours increases your chances of becoming the champion

2. Engage in Combat Wisely

A picture of Caustic hidden in the bushes.

Unless feeling like you can beat squads of three by yourself, it is a good strategy to remain out of sight. By seeking shelter in a bush, or on top of the many small elevations or buildings you can simply wait and engage when deemed appropriate. I have got to be champion numerous times by remaining inside the circle, but out of the enemy’s sight. Then, when round six (by this time the ring is so small, and the damage taken by stepping outside so high) hits I make my final moves.

Also, in Apex, players gain XP the most by remaining alive. The longer you are able to make it, the more XP you are going to gain, therefore the faster you get to level up. Although remaining hidden all of the time is not a good strategy, it could help you last longer in the game. Particularly if you are the only one alive in your team.

3. The Single Slot Rule

Two slots for heavy ammo, and two slots for energy ammo. One slot for shields, and one for syringes. Also e byquipped with each of the different grenades.

When the game begins, legends land with six inventory slots to make use of. If you need more, you need to find a backpack to increase that number to 8, 12, and 14.

When looking for supplies (shields, syringes, shield batteries, and med kits) I recommend only using one slot for each. The game allows players to pick up to six shields, six syringes, three med kits, and three shield batteries per slot. Others like the Phoenix Kit, and ultimate accelerant occupy a full slot in your inventory. carry these two if you have space to spare. The advantage of having an ultimate accelerant to spare is that players can speed up the process by which their legend recharges its special ability, and have one full slot available after use. Carrying a Phoenix kit is of great use. The downside, however, is that it takes ten seconds to use, and you likely need to use it amid a battle; chances are your legend will get killed before the kit finishes healing your legend. Unless you remain hidden. Otherwise, it has a great potential since it both replenishes your shield, and heals your legend.

The same can be said for ammo. When getting your weapons, consider that Legends can equip a different number of magazines in each inventory slot per ammo type.

There are four kinds of bullets in the game: Light, heavy, shotgun, and energy ammo. Legends are able to carry four magazines of light, and heavy ammo, but just three of energy ammo. On the contrary, players can carry eight magazines of shotgun ammo per inventory slot. I recommend having at most three slots of magazines per weapon, that way your legend is going to be able to spare space for other items of equal importance. Unless your game style is not defensive, you are much less likely to run out of ammo at any point, so having that extra ammo is not very useful. Instead, consider allocating that extra space for other critical supplies.

4. Constant Movement

Depicting Octane, one of the fastest in the game thanks to his abilities.

An essential skill when it comes to battling the enemy is speed and movement. In order to avoid getting shot, consider moving side by side, back and forth. Alternating between these two confuses your enemy, and allows for less number of bullets getting to you. Every legend moves at the same speed, except when prompted by a unique power; however, a way you can tweak this a bit is by increasing your sensitivity settings. Increase them to a comfortable level, if possible a bit higher than what you are used to. Simply practice, and in no time you are going to be dodging most of those bullets coming at you.

5. Inventory and Tactical Equipment

Frag grenade as illustrated by Respawn Entertainment.

Somewhere in your inventory it is essential to have at least two grenades. In Apex Legends, players are given three options when it comes to tactical equipment: arc stats, frag grenades, and termite grenades. It is truly advantageous to carry at least two of these as they can save you when least expected. Arc stars stick to your enemies. With precise aiming and timing you can lower your enemy’s health substantially with these. Not to mention, once sticked onto your rival, there is no escaping from it. Frag grenades can help you get out of trouble when being approached by more than two rivals. Throw one in front of you, and make your escape while your enemy is trying to run away from the grenade. Once you down an enemy, rather than wasting bullets, or waiting for it to bleed out, throw two grenades at it, and you are going to get the kill.

Tactical equipment also works as a distraction. If you see enemies in the distance, throw a grenade in their direction, but do not aim it at them, instead aim to the side or opposite direction. This way they will not know who threw it, and from where the grenade came from. All they know is to avoid that area. Which gives you and your team a chance to move through where you threw out the grenade, avoiding this conflict and making it out alive.

Nevertheless, if you have numerous grenades, and you see a squad in the distance, best thing to do is to throw them all at them as fast as possible. If you did not deal critical damage, chances are you are going to stun at least one, and move on to kill the others. If a member of the enemy team evaded the attack, he/she is going to be hurt. Unless you do not move fast and attack, you are going to get an easy kill.

These are the mere basics of becoming a champion. It takes much more than following these five tips. For some players, the aforementioned strategies may not be as helpful as it is for other players. Consider how far you have gotten into the game, and incorporate some of these techniques into your game style. In the end, you may not end up adopting all of them, yet eventually, you are going to notice a difference on how far you have gotten if you implement these techniques. You may very likely become champion of the arena.

Side note:

All of these tips were narrowed down from an extensive list made by long time experience, and they have been put into practice numerous times.


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