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Are you a gamer? Then Earn Money by Playing Games Online.

Earn money by playing game

By InfomancePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

If you enjoy playing mobile and web games in your spare time, you'll be pleased to learn that you can earn money doing so! In today's article, we'll tell you a bit about PlaytestCloud, a legitimate firm that pays game testers every week for testing out games and then providing the feedback.

This chance is open to people worldwide, and all you need is a recent smartphone, tablet, or Mac/PC, as well as a pair of headphones and a PayPal account to join.

Why Are Game Testers Required?

As you may expect, game developers require your input. They want it so desperately that they're willing to pay for it.

Developers want to release good games, and there is no substitute for actual user feedback, no matter how much testing they do on their end before release.

Play Tests and How They Work

It's pretty straightforward. You sign up for a PlaytestCloud account and then wait for an invitation to test a game (these will come via email).

If you respond to a playtest invitation, you'll be chosen at random to try out a game for a fee. According to the FAQ on PlaytestCloud, most people are accepted to test games every other week on average.

If you're chosen to test a game, you'll be required to provide feedback while you play. PlaytestCloud will record your game screen and voice. No one will see you because your camera will not be recorded.

The length of each playtest and the amount of money paid vary, but you'll be told ahead of time so you'll know what to expect. The majority of game testing lasts 15 to 30 minutes.

How Does PlaytestCloud Make Money?

PlaytestCloud accepts PayPal payments, which are processed three times per week. This implies that, in most situations, your test money will arrive within a few days (or less) after the test is completed and submitted.

The average payment for a playtest is $9, but this varies based on the length of the test.

However, because of the pay scale for playtests and the fact that you never know how often you'll be chosen, this should be viewed as a bonus chance.

It would help if you didn't rely on PlaytestCloud to help you pay your bills. Instead, consider it a method to supplement your income while doing something you enjoy.

What is the potential profit from Playtestcloud (India)?

Players are compensated for taking part in playtests. The average pay per playtest is roughly $10.

If you're worried about how much money you will make, don't be.

The simple answer is that the reward payouts for each playtest can vary based on the activities, as the actual reward is determined by the length of time you must play.

You get paid using PayPal, and there are no limitations on how much money you can withdraw.

In their terms of service, there are a few critical considerations to keep in mind regarding payment details. Payments are due 15 days after the playtest has been finished.

How do I become a playtestcloud tester?

  • Go to Playtestcloud to register as a Playtestcloud eligible participant.
  • You won't be compensated for the qualification test, but don't worry! You can retake the eligibility test at any time if you fail it the first time. Once you've met the requirements, the company will send you an email encouraging you to join as a playtester and earn money.
  • Now, let me quickly go over every aspect. There is a signup button on the webpage. Select it by clicking on it.

Twenty minutes are required.

As part of the signup procedure, it includes a short form to complete.

1st Step

Fill in your email address, full name, the game you want to play, the game you like to play weekly, and the gaming device you'll use to test games. The country you live in, your gender, and your date of birth are all essential factors to consider.

2nd Step

Accept their privacy and terms of service. However, read their terms of service and privacy policies carefully before accepting. You must consent to proceed with the process.

3rd Step

After submitting the form, you will receive an email with information about the types of games you will be testing.

4th Step

You will receive instructions on playing and recording using their recording software in the mail.

5th Step

Finally, install and play the game that the company has provided for you (once you have completed this step successfully, you will get accepted as the playtester by the company).

The playtestcloud team will assess if you are eligible to take the qualification test after you have completed the form.

Is there any playtesting deadline?

There is no deadline for playtesting unless the playtestcloud team specifies one; however, keep in mind that playtests close once there are enough participants.

Put another way; you will only work if there is work to be done. It means you'll only get paid when you've completed a playtest.

Make sure your profile is up to date to improve your chances of receiving a playtest invitation. An invitation cannot be accepted at a specific time. Invites can arrive at the most inconvenient moments. According to their system, you may receive two invitations every month.

To sum it up

To summarise all that, we can say even if you are not a dedicated gamer, you can still profit from playtestcloud. It is, however, strictly for supplemental income. You can use their money to pay for your blog domain or server, or you can use it to cover your expenditures. It is all up to you. Playtesting is a terrific way to earn money while having a good time.

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