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Are Game Developers And Online Casinos Paying Live Streamers?

by Martin Sevon 2 years ago in pc
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Learn why providers and casinos pay their own customers

Online casinos are blowing up and becoming popular more each day. Lot of newcomers discover online gambling through live streaming or Youtube. This of course raises questions on how regular people gamble for a living and just risk money all day long without losing money.

What Is Twitch And Casino Streaming?

Live streaming has been dominated by one platform over the last decade and that is Twitch. The site is primarily dominated by video games. These games are mostly console titles or PC releases.

However, Twitch has been opening new doors and trying all kinds of new things. The platform switched from its video game exclusive content and wants to reach a broader audience. Thanks to the open-mindedness of Amazon who bought Twitch in 2014 for approx. €970 million, casino streaming has been widely promoted and gaining popularity at an alarming rate.

Casino streaming is a simple concept of streaming your favorite casino game or watching someone else play it. These kinds of channels attract thousands of viewers with the slot category being the most popular one and even setting new records.

So 👀 Are Game Studios Paying Live Streamers?

Yes, casinos and game developers are most definitely paying their live streamers. This shouldn’t come up as a surprise since that's how the majority of influencers make money.

Whether a YouTuber, Instagram model, or a regular live streamer these types of jobs generate money through ads or some kind of promotion.

For example, an Instagram influencer might get approached by a makeup company and asked to promote their product on their page via post or tweet. The company gets promotion and exposure and the influencer gets money in return.

This works exactly the same for casino streamers on Twitch or Youtube. Streamers get approached by a game provider or a casino website for the hope of exposure. And well you can imagine how well that works for both sides! The streamer gets to do what he was planning on doing anyway -- gamble, just within a different game or casino.

Past Gambling Controversies On Live Streaming Platforms

The majority of skeptical viewers have valid reasons to question ‘scammy’ behavior from streamers since we’ve seen that in the past.

During the 2016 craze of loot boxes and more specifically Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins, few influencers pulled an extreme illegal stunt. An in-game item gambling site called CSGO Lotto was started and founded by a group of popular YouTubers/live streamers who took advantage of the ongoing trend.

They promoted their own website without disclosing affiliation and ‘tweaked’ their chances of winning. Posted youtube videos of supposedly ‘random’ and ‘lucky’ wins, where they won tens of thousands of dollars worth of in-game items went viral and many impressionable players fell victim to their scam due to their mass promotion.

Are Slot Machines Rigged For Live Streamers?

The partnership of companies and influencers seems too good to be true since all sides get what they want. Businesses get exposure, influencers money, and viewers free entertainment. The whole exchange seems fishy and for a good reason since previous gambling scandals looked so similar.

The whole topic comes back to the age-old question, which is; Are casinos rigged? The simple answer to that question is simply no, or at least not in the way you think.

Unless the streamer is playing on a literally already illegal casino and promoting a completely unknown game from an unknown provider the chances are that the gameplay is genuine. The whole gambling Counter-Strike scandal happened because loot boxes and in-game item gambling wasn’t regulated or recognized as gambling at all.

Online casinos and its behind-the-scenes legal world, have an extremely deep and intertwined system that's hard to bypass.

Regulations and even whole countries watch gambling activities closer than the majority might think. For something like “tweaking the odds” to happen, a lot would be required to cheat the system. The game itself would have to be manipulated which the casinos themselves cannot do.

Casinos have no power over released slots or other gambling games since they come from the developers. And even if they did, they wouldn't risk their reputation or license since casinos are mathematically set to win and make money in a game of chance for the long run anyway.


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