Apex Legends Characters pt1


Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game with thrilling characters. All of them of whom have different fighting techniques and characteristics. This is a game where players from all over and cross platform can come together and fight it out. However, there’s more to the game than just fighting one another. There is actually a back story to every Character. Here’s part one in honor of the drop of their 7th Season.


Bloodhound or Bloodhoundour is from an ancient tribe in which was destroyed by a creature when she was younger. While her father was still alive she went through training to become a tracker. The tribe she was from was a tribe of trackers who used heat seeking as their main source of tracking. Because they lived in the cold, Tundra. He taught her how to track animals by their tracks and their heat signatures.

When choosing her heirloom her father told her she had more potential than he knew. Her heirloom is a small handheld red and black axe. Which is shaped like a raven. She used that to kill the creature that slaughtered her family and village.

She then takes it upon herself to chase down Hammond. Because that company is at fault for her whole life being destroyed. In doing so she enters the Apex Legends Arena.

With Beast of the hunt everything turns black and white. She can see thermal radiation, seeing everyone from long distances. This enhances her speed, reload, and her killing. Making her deadly. Paired with her Eye of the All Father she is able to light up enemies red for her teammates to see. She can see through walls and follow tracks. No one can hide when the Bloodhound is on your trail.


This 6’4 254lb is hard to miss this massive presence. He is felt all over the arena in his might and personality. A gentle giant at heart he is all about search and rescue and being a shield for those in need. He is able to create a dome of protection to protect from outward fire and also not allow to shoot outwards while helping. When the dome is down Gibraltar has an orange shield in which protects him from taking fire. However it allows him to deal gunfire. He has the ability to call in an airstrike which hits immediately. Pouring down rain of missiles. No one is ever safe from his bombardment.

This easy going, happy go lucky Samoan is just all about the protection baby!


Ajay Che better known as Lifeline, has devoted her life to helping those in need. She is the ultimate support element to any squad. One of her abilities is combat medic. Her drone allows her to pick up people who are downed to heal them. Which is extremely useful during intense battles. She can also call down care packages. Even though she is small and looks non threatening, she is the one you should have concerns about. She is always ready for a fight and ready to heal whoever she can.

She is quick and unseeable and definitely a threat in the arena.


This created character is on the hunt to find his creator. Pathfinder is a scout specialist. He can use his grapple to easily get the drop on enemies. It can also help him get out of situations and go long distances. He can hack survey beacons to find the ring location. Meaning he will know where the next ring will close to.

His ultimate is his zipline gun which allows his teammates to make the ultimate escape. Now if he could just find his creator and make friends.


She comes to us brand new from season 5. She was a part of a rich construction family. Revenant, who we will get to shortly, crashes through a window during a family get together. He then kills every single one of her father’s bodyguards just to kill him. Shattering her world at such a young age. Revenant had succeeded in not only killing her Father but also her Mother. She went through the system, them trying to erase her history to change her future.

However, she realized deep down inside that she was a thief at heart. A very good thief to be exact. Her experience grew into opportunities. She was able to hone her skills and enhance her methods. Through her success, wealth, power, and friendship she became the best there was. Everyone knew it. However she felt a void. Something missing from her. Revenge!

She wanted to end the man who destroyed her life as a child. She was gunning for Revenant. Now she fights in Apex Legends Arena to get her revenge.


Villain of the hour, Revenant. This piece of work is brought to us in season 4. He’s originally human if you could believe that, who was a mercenary/assassin. He had received a bounty for Marcos Andrade, which is Loba’s father. Any Mercenary will jump at a 10 Mil bounty. However, he was warned that the target would be heavily guarded. Now you see him as a heavily armored killing machine.

Super strength and speed, this monster can go above and beyond. Even in death by using his Death Totum to enter the shadow realm. There he is completely black and on fire but is protected from Death itself. Talk about a man good in, with the grim reaper. He can also make an orb of fire and black souls that can silence his enemies from using their abilities.

Revenant is dangerous in the Apex Legends Arena. Considered a true killer and monster.


Mirage is the character that seriously just stands out. He is the CENTER of attention and will let you know when he needs it. Brought to us in season 3. He is most definitely the pretty boy of all the characters. He is the youngest out of four brothers who perfected the art of fooling around in order to get attention. Told you he has to be the CENTER. However, he did take one thing seriously! Holo Pilot Technology. Introduced to the tech by his engineer mother he poured himself into learning everything he could about them. He continued to perfect his work with his mother even when his brothers went missing during war and died. Leaving him an only child

He overheard about the Apex games from his patrons while working. All the wealth and fame they could bring. However he knew he couldn’t leave his mother childless even though he wanted to shoot his shot. How his mother had other plans for him and wanted him to take the opportunity. His mother gifted him a pair of customized Holo devices and told him to go follow his dream.

Mirage is now the life of Apex legends. Outwitting the opponents and charming the audiences across the outlands.


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