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Akash Madhwal: MI's New Hope Reinforcing the Weaker Side

A Promising Addition to the Mumbai Indian's Lineup for a Stronger Playoff Run

By Fast Live LinePublished 11 months ago 4 min read

Rohit Sharma, the captain of Mumbai Indians, had complete confidence in the talent of Akash Madhwal, despite the lack of recognition. Sharma's belief in the abilities of the player from Uttarakhand led him to be certain that Madhwal would perform effectively for the team if given consistent opportunities.

On Wednesday, Madhwal, an engineer hailing from Uttarakhand, displayed an outstanding performance with impressive figures of 5 wickets in just 3.3 overs. This remarkable contribution propelled the Mumbai Indians towards the summit clash, as they secured a convincing 81-run victory over the Lucknow Super Giants in the IPL Eliminator.

Rohit expressed his satisfaction at the post-match presentation ceremony, stating that their accomplishments over the years have exceeded people's expectations, but they have successfully achieved them.The captain of MI commented on Madhwal, stating that he had been closely observing Madhwal's development within the team for the past two years.

Rohit expressed that Akash had been a member of the team in the previous year, serving as a bowler providing support. When Jofra Archer became unavailable, Rohit recognized Akash's abilities and believed that he possessed both the skills and the necessary character to fulfill the role for the team.

Rohit, being a highly accomplished captain in the IPL, possesses superior skills in the area of handling and motivating his team members, surpassing the abilities of many other captains in his generation.

The India captain expressed that throughout the years, they have witnessed numerous individuals transitioning from Mumbai Indians to represent the national team. Emphasizing the significance of treating these young players as exceptional and integrating them into the team, the captain's role primarily revolves around ensuring their comfort on the field.

Youngsters like Madhwal demonstrate a clear understanding of their roles within the team and execute their tasks effectively, which is highly desirable. In the LSG run chase, three run-outs occurred, with the captain himself being involved in two of them, including a remarkable direct hit to dismiss Krishanppa Gowtham.

We found great pleasure as a team in our fielding performance. It was satisfying to witness each member making valuable contributions on the field. When we arrived in Chennai, we were well aware that the entire team had to step up and perform together. Unlike at Wankhede, where one or two exceptional performances could suffice, the dynamics of the game here are entirely distinct.

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Bumrah has own place, I am trying to play my role: Madhwal

Akash Madhwal, a modest individual, expressed that his engineering background has endowed him with a propensity for quick learning. Despite his passion for cricket, Madhwal, who will reach the age of 30 in November, did not engage in competitive leather ball cricket until he turned 23, as he dedicated his focus to obtaining his BE degree. Prior to this, he had primarily played tennis ball cricket. When Uttarakhand gained BCCI affiliation and he reached the age of 24, Madhwal seized the opportunity to enter the realm of competitive cricket.

So where have you been? he was asked.

With a sheepish grin, he explained that he had been practising and eagerly anticipating this opportunity. Alongside completing his engineering degree, he indulged in playing tennis-ball cricket as it fueled his passion. He added that engineers possess a natural inclination for swift learning.

In the previous match of the league, he successfully executed a yorker that dismissed both Glenn Phillips and Heinrich Klaasen. Moreover, on Wednesday, he delivered an exceptionally difficult ball to Nicholas Pooran, leaving him with no chance to play it.

"I just practise, and that is what we execute. I'm proud of myself, but I'll try to be better."

He has been serving as Jasprit Bumrah's substitute for the season, but he felt uncomfortable when questioned about stepping into the role of India's leading fast bowler.

I acknowledge that Bumrah bhai holds a unique position, while I am focused on fulfilling my own role. Nicholas Pooran proved to be an exceptional wicket. My family has unwavering faith in my diligent efforts.

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