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Agario - the official Agar in the mobile segment

by John Grehhem 23 days ago in arcade

One of the acclaimed games of the outgoing year and its interface

Agario - the official Agar in the mobile segment

The game "" is browser-based, that is, you can play it through an Internet browser, you do not need to install it on your computer and no registration is required. You start the game as a small bacterium, and as you absorb crumbs and other bacteria, you grow.

It is free to play, the only thing you have to pay for is electricity and internet. There are no in-game purchases in the game and your success depends only on your skills and luck. Over time, of course, something like paid skins or some other add-ons for money may appear, because renting servers costs a lot of money, and even more so the game is played all over the world and for Russia you need servers in Russia, and for example, players from the USA need servers located on their territory, otherwise the speed will be very low and it will be inconvenient to play. The game was attractive to players due to the simple gameplay and bonuses - for example, a set of multi-colored "skins" for snakes could be obtained for free by sharing a link to the game on the social network.

Relatively recently, a new disease called Agario appeared on these "Internet" of ours - a simple, but truly viral browser game, the key aspect of which was an interesting and extremely dynamic gameplay based on multiplayer. In less than a month, the game has gained several million fans, and you don't need to be prophet to guess the immediate prospects: the game developer is porting the product to mobile devices, and a hundred other developers will do the same, and they will rush to show the people their vision of the game. On the App StoreHundreds of similar products began to appear with very different variations of names, but all of them, to put it mildly, did not reach the quality: lack of multiplayer, crooked controls, cut gameplay, and so on. Officials tightened up only by July 7, providing a full-fledged port of the game.

For those who are not familiar with the game, the following should be said: in fact, we have a classic representative of a bacteria simulator, in which each of the players takes control of one of these bacteria and begins to develop by eating nutrients and their fellows, but with a smaller mass ... But, as you know, not every virus simulator manages to gain such a number of fans that no server can withstand. Agar.oi has become popular due to its simplicity, ease, and some aspects of the game mechanics, thanks to which the game has room for tactics, team play and all kinds of strategies.

Agario game

So, we appear in an agar medium, a small dot that seems to be a molecule in comparison with fatty and gobbled up brothers. In this state, we need to avoid other neighbors, whose mass is about twice ours, as they will try to eat us. We can eat small molecules of different colors. Now about the most important thing: the more your mass, the slower you are in movement, but this does not mean that you cannot keep up with rivals with less mass - they can be driven into a corner or eaten by quickly dividing into two equal parts - something turns out like a sharp throw with its own mass.

It should also be mentioned that bacteria with a smaller mass cannot harm the huge representatives of the local fauna: the game has special green thorns, if their size is larger than your bacteria, you can safely hide under it or shoot your mass through it, thus dividing huge counterparts into many small parts, not allowing it to gather for a while. These are, in principle, all the rules of the game. Once you've been eaten, you can start over on the same server and try again to prove your worth. is a very popular game that, despite its simplicity, has managed to take top positions on the most famous streaming services. Therefore, think a few times before downloading it.

John Grehhem
John Grehhem
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