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A New Fable Confirmed?

What we want to see from a new Fable game.

By Alexandria R L WeihrichPublished 4 years ago 7 min read
Teaser Trailer released by Xbox.

So, Xbox recently released a new teaser trailer for a possible new Fable game, but it did not really give any information. If you're an avid follower of the Fable series, you probably have high expectations after all these years.

Spoiler Alert!

As this has many pros and cons from the whole play-through of the game, there might be slight spoilers. I will attempt to censor some information, but the main idea of some things may be spoiled.

Most fans, myself included, were not as happy with Fable 3 as we were with Fable 2. However, some fans swear by 3 and hate on 2. Why? I asked some fans of the game and got more in depth examples.

Fable 2 Praise

There were so many unique weapons and players had the ability to put whatever augmentations on them that they wanted. With the introduction of the Knothole Island DLC, there were even more augments and unique weapons in this game. If you wanted to make money with every hit, there was an augment for that to attach to your weapon. If you wanted to add fire damage to your weapon, there was a different augment to that.

The boss battles in Fable 2 were also great. Not only did you have to use your brain and the different skills you obtained through experience point purchases, they were at a fair level of difficulty. Dodging a troll's attacks while running around to hit nodes on his back was a great way to involve complexity into a battle.

This game had a very dynamic world, as the Fable series is known for. Different areas changing depending on the decisions you make, but also seeing different seasons and very different towns and regions with differing vibes was a good way to show how dynamic this game is.

The story continues after you beat the final boss. Along with the See The Future DLC, there are a lot of other quests that can only be completed once you are king/queen of Albion. There's so much more exploring to do as well.

Fable 3 Praise

A good final boss that was built up through the story line. The end boss not only shows up before his final battle, but the dialogue is aimed to make the player (or at least the main character) emotional. Telling the player that they could have saved X amount of people, or that their life long friend was their father figure, really puts some emotion into the story.

Spell weaving was a great addition to the series that was added to this game. While for 2, your different levels can be different spells, 3 gives you the ability to cast two spells at once. Either charged up or quick cast spells can be a mixture of flames and an ice storm, or even push back and shock. There are 14 unique weavings you can have, or you can simply stick to one spell.

Some players also believe that the connections you have with other characters in this games was more developed than in Fable 2. The characters throughout this game really grow on you and you become attached to them. The possible deaths and story lines of the your allies might affect you more than that of the characters in Fable 2.

The story doesn't stop after becoming king/queen. Much like Fable 2, there is more you can do after being a monarch. While in this game, the main story line continues, there is also DLC that adds onto the experience. Some people really enjoyed the Traitor's Keep DLC as it brought on new aspects of the game and had some of that old fighting that you had to think about when you got the the Hollowmen.

Fable 2 Issues

Reduced spells. While there were far less spells to cast in Fable 3, there were quite a few spells cut from the first game going into the second. Although this was a big issue with the game some people had, we will not think too much on it, as many newer players have only played 2 and 3.

Some people thought the story was cliche. They think the story was too forced and gaining a few people to ultimately take down the evil bad guy is overplayed. Some even say there is no good (or even existent) story line for the second game in this series.

The Hero is just downright ugly in this game. This may seem like a very small issue, it is recurring discussion within the Fable community. The height changes with your Skill, your build changes with your Strength, and your veins glow with Will. There is no character creation, besides choosing male or female, and this causes for a very ugly character.

Fable 3 Issues

The first half was slow, but after the main climax, the game feels rushed to some players. Obviously there are side quests and just plain wandering you can do, but the main quest in the second half of the game is boring, as there are more "moral decisions" than actual fighting. People really enjoyed the ending of the game, but it was very forced and hurried.

There were way less spells to cast. While spell weaving was exciting, this game really lacked a variety of spells. Some of the spells from the prior game were turned into potions, and it felt less inclusive. Compared to prior games (especially the first), the Will aspect of this game felt dull.

The Sanctuary, however interesting it may be, gets old after a while. Not having the traditional inventory and options menu is hard to get used to, not to mention very annoying when whenever you need anything - even just to look at quests - you have to go into a whole new "room." The back and forth of "teleporting" to and from the Sanctuary doesn't make a lot of sense and just seems very obnoxious.

The bosses in this game are super easy! There's no real thinking in the fighting styles you have with this game. If you just continue to use your Will attack, and maybe wait through some dialogue, the boss fight is over with. This is why so much of the game feels rushed. Even in the DLC, the fights you have there are super easy to end with the excessive use of one button.

Differing Opinions

While you may not agree with everything on this list, these thoughts were taken from many different views from different types of players. As this is merely an overview, some praise may even overlap with the issues of the game, but everyone has the right to their own opinion on the game. Also, a lot of players have mixed feelings on a lot of the game play.

No Thoughts On The First Game?

While I did not put any praise or issues with the first Fable game, everyone also has their own opinion on that. This article more has to do with the debate between the second and third game, especially as some players have only played the past two games.

Personally, I enjoyed the first game, it was exactly what Peter Molyneux wanted with moral decisions and game-altering choices, but you would have to see for yourself. (I enjoy Fable 2 the best, however.)

What Do We Want In The New One?

Avid players of the Fable series can agree that some characters and the story line changing depending on the morality you play as really makes this game unique. Especially characters that make another appearance or are referred to (not matter how small the detail) is a nice familiar feeling of the game.

Yes, there are new developers, but this may be good. There was no real new things in Fable 3. There were so many unfinished thoughts (such as the Monorail) within that game. Players want to see a good level of difficulty and more story in a new game.

Now, there are rumors that it may become an MMO like Elder Scrolls Online was, which might take away from the game play. The whole point of the Fable series was that your actions affect the outcome of things, and you can't really have that in an open-world, online game. Players can already play co-op online with Fable 2 and 3, so we're not missing that aspect.

Plus, so many games nowadays don't give the option to just play solo, which is - in my opinion - the best way to play Fable. The changing of regions and the different characters will have little to no impact with a completely online format like an MMO.

Unfortunately there are new developers on the game, and Peter Molyneux is no longer part of the project, so we have no idea what to expect.


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