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A Conversation With Aaron and Omar, Creators of Last Couple Standing Card Game

National Card Playing Day Spotlight

By Tammy ReesePublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read

December 28th 2021 is National Card Playing Day and here’s a black-owned company bringing couples together with their new card game “Last Couple Standing.”

"A couple that plays together - STAYS TOGETHER!" That's the light bulb thought that inspired the creation of "Last Couple Standing." It's a bit of a long story, but the gist of it is: the men behind the brand, Omar & Aaron are jokesters and realized having fun and being goofy with their partners is what keeps the spark ignited in their relationships. So, they (along with their partners Adelle & Sheryl) set out to create a game for couples. A game to help folks bond with each other and their friends, while making unforgettable moments in the process.

They worked on every little detail for over a year, and finally, it was ready to launch. In July of 2020, they hit the go button and raised over $10,000 in one day on Kickstarter. From there everything has been on an upward climb. Now Last Couple Standing is a hit with over sixteen thousand games sold.

Vocal readers, please enjoy our interview!

Tammy: Please tell us about the couples games Last Couple Standing and how it came about?

Aaron: Omar and I were working on a different project with a friend of ours who is a therapist. We were trying to help couples from a male perspective. Through doing that, the idea came to me about having a card game to help couples with therapy and getting closer together.

That's how the game Last Couple Standing game was formed. Omar and I went to work on developing the game for about a year and a half. We constructed the game several different ways and took it to market. 

Omar: In July of 2020, we grossed over 12,000 on Kickstarter. The game is a couple vs couple party game where couples team up with each other and ask their opponent's crazy questions about their relationships. Some of the questions are wild, some of them are sexual in nature. You really don't want to answer any of them. It's a tap-out game and a game of submission. The couple that divulges the least loses the game by the way of what we call stump cards. If you get three stump cards then you are eliminated and the couple that is left wins the game. 

Tammy: How has the game made your relationships better?

Omar: One of our slogans early on was that "a couple that plays together stays together." That's just a philosophy that held my marriage together. Me and my wife play all the time. We got closer and learned how to deal with just about anything, and not take each other that seriously in day-to-day occurrences.

The game concept and content were born out of that. It's not really that the game made us better, but we were able to make a great game because of how our relationship is.

Aaron: I can agree with that as well. I think it made my relationship better in terms of being able to communicate better. These questions have allowed couples to take the veil off of certain things in a relationship that you may not want to talk about. Since it's in a game format, it kind of takes the sting or the barrier of intrigue off of certain conversations when playing the game.

Tammy: What do you want couples to take from the game?

Aaron: We notice couples are nervous about playing the game at first, but then they warm up they then sit closer and laugh harder. It's ok to have fun with your mate and be in a safe space with other couples. The game is therapy in a box but it's not so serious. We want the couples that play to take away the fun aspect.

Omar: It's all about fun and getting to know about the friends you hang out with, go on couple trips and holiday events with. You can approach these questions in a light-hearted way and have tons of fun.

Tammy: Any pointers for couples that want to play?

Omar: Take the stump card. Some folks feel they need to tell the truth but may not need to speak it. It may get you closer to losing but you don't have to say what you don't want to say. 

Aaron: Some may cringe without knowing what the game is about. Come into the game with an open mind and be lighthearted about it.

Tammy: How and where can the game be purchased?

Omar: The Last Couple Standing game can be purchased on our website only at



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