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9 Games You Should Play On PS4

PS4 Games for beginners or people trying gaming out.

9 Games You Should Play On PS4
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Playing video games for the first time? Trying to get someone else into them? If you own a PlayStation, then this is a guide that breaks down some of my favorite games for beginners. Beginners may not like combat, so I include a section of non-combat games they can try. You may also not like playing kids games, so I include some games that are good for all ages. Some games are multiplayer in-person games, but others are only multiplayer online, or not multiplayer at all. This should help you get started, and I've linked each of these games to their trailers for you.

In Person Multiplayer

Minecraft: This is a classic game for adventuring and building just about anything. Creativity knows no bounds. Monsters are optional, and you can choose your style: Creative mode, or Survival. Build a massive re-enactment of your favorite castle with unlimited options, or pretend you are alone in the woods trying to get by.

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled: Here’s a racing game for you. Crash Bandicoot has been around since the Ps2 - yet is still very popular.

Rayman, Legends: Get slowly introduced to combat, clearing many levels and learning how to play video games with combat for the first time.

All Around Good Games

Hollow Knight: Love, love, love this game. You play a small knight, in an underground world. There are a variety of unique enemies that try to attack you, with little swords and shields of their own. You gradually learn how to earn money, make your map as you go, and meet interesting if not bizarre characters in this underground world. Child friendly, adult approved.

Ratchet and Clank: My boyfriend’s childhood was filled with some of the best video games. This is still at the top of his list to play with his bestie or just by himself. You solve puzzles, navigate enemies, and die a few times along the way.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Who hasn’t heard of this famous little dragon? You can buy the whole Trilogy for cheap these days, and it’s remastered. Save the world and enjoy the quirky baddies as you go. You can also progress in this game as a beginner, without having to complete all sections of it. That means beginners can reach the end and skip some of the hard parts.

Non-Violent, Non-Combat Games

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RiME: This deserves to be ranked very highly, out of each video game I have ever played. You play through stunning landscapes, meet friends, find collectibles, and eventually come to the end of the game. At the end, you learn something you never thought you would, making this a beautifully rendered game with great depth and profound beauty.

Fall Guys: The most popular obstacle course game around, get online with your friends. Steal a tail, make it past breakaway walls, roll your ball to the finish line with your team, and more. Although you have to be online with friends to try multiplayer, it is still fun to switch off with friends in person, too. You can’t miss this party.

Just Dance 2020: With new songs and more friends, you can’t live life without playing this game. If you like to dance and kind of suck at it, you can still have fun here. Bring out your goofy side and Just Dance! You will need to buy the motion controller for this.


Kid, adult, or somewhere in between? Enjoy the trailers for these games to see which ones you would like to invest in. These are my favorites but get online and shop for your own. To find games that are not listed here you can go to your Play Station store. Another good way to find the fun games is to ask your friends about what games work for them. For more articles, check out my blog!

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