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5 New Things I Learned About 'Kingdom Hearts 3'

The 5 Coolest Things I Learned About 'kingdom Hearts 3!'

By Michael ReynosoPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Welcome, Kingdom Hearts fans!!

The anticipating game of the year, Kingdom Hearts 3, will arrive in early June!

I am yours truly, Michael, and today, I will discuss the five coolest things I learned about Kingdom Hearts 3.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

The combat in the game is surprisingly complexed. I did not expect it to be many variations in both keyblade and magic attacks. Also, you can mix those attacks while in combat mode.

It is very fluid.

It seems that Square Enix has taken some of the best Kingdom Hearts games, including the spin-offs. They also integrated this game into a complete whole that works super well right now. So, you have all of these keyblade transformations based on each world. As Sora, you can go through different levels like the one in Toy Story, for example.

The keyblade goes from a giant hammer to a giant claw, and you have different abilities as you go on. So as you are attacking, it allows you to attack different enemies and change up your combat style. For example, if you want to use a “Tangled Keyblade” that gives you some range attacks, which is much better when you have some bigger enemies, you do not want to go close up with because they have strong attacks.

So there is a lot more variety and skill required for the combats, and it is so much fun.

Sora and his friends used a magical ride to defeat a boss enemy!

Now for the attractions. So there are all of these different attacks that are based on Disney rides and they let you attack different enemies in different ways. There is the "Big Thunder Railroad" and Splash or Splat Mountain River. It allows you to go around and you attack all of these enemies. Then you ride the entire ride of which you created through the level again, defeating enemies again. It is such a cool integration of a famous Disney aspect of this game.

Now, without being quite dramatic, this game is very magical and it does feel like a Disney ride.

That is the best way to describe it.

It is also really cool that they implemented Disney Magic in this game.

2. Link Attacks

So on the subject of combat, one of the big things in this game is “Link Attacks.” These are like summons in the game, which started with Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. These summons are beautiful and specific to the characters that are the link attacks. This allows them to explore bits of Disney they may have already explored in past Kingdom Hearts games or have not touched yet, like Wreck It Ralph.

You can summon Ralph, and there is so much attention to detail in the entrances of the characters and seeing the arcade screen that loads him in and dumps him in the game. Then he goes from 2D to 3D graphics and it is such a nice touch. Ralph has this ability where he builds blocks for traps and wrecks them to harm enemies.

We have seen the Ariel summon before in some of the trailers, but we did not know how they were going to be integrated and this was one of the links.

It still looks gorgeous!!!

You can summon her in this whirlwind of waters and unleash Ariel’s attacks. It is really cool to see it because you can start diving in and out of any platform you are on. You can dive in and out of concrete inside of Andy’s house and sweep enemies. Ariel’s moves take a familiar aspect of the franchise and put a new spin on it. We only saw two link attacks so far in Ralph and Ariel, and we will see which of them will make it.

Now, I am not sure how you earn them in the game, but I am excited to use them.

3. Exploration

Now, of course, combat is not all there is. In the demo, there is a huge emphasis on “exploration,” which have been, to a certain degree, a big part of the Kingdom Hearts games. The first Kingdom Hearts game had a lot of exploration and platform. It was not the best platform, but it was a great game that encouraged you to explore in creative worlds. Whereas in Kingdom Hearts 2, level designs were flatter and you just went from room to room attacking enemies, but there were bigger rooms and areas.

In this Kingdom Hearts 3 game, it takes the best of both of those worlds and has a lot of areas to explore and jump on. The Toy Story was the one that really stood out to me because that is a designer’s dream to design all of these fictional toys, and half of the game is whacking people with a giant keyblade. The game is still fun to explore because it smooths over the motion with the running on walls and Sora can scale pretty much any walls.

If you missed a treasure, it is still very much open for you to collect everything, which I like.

4. Design

Now one of the big things about the worlds we are going to be exploring as I mentioned earlier, is the attention to detail. Not just the worlds, but the amount of effort that is going into bringing in these new characters into the Kingdom Hearts franchise. It is important that they nail the feel of Disney and Pixar properties, and they nailed the Toy Story spirit from the characters, but also the design of them. Also, the music sounds incredible.

There is no shame in hearing the theme over and over again. There is so much detail in the characters themselves and all the different toys. Now the creators who helped design characters like Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc Disney are such an important part of this game. The creators are making sure that each world stays true to who they are.

5. Narrative

Finally, obviously, one of the most important and strangest things about the Kingdom Hearts franchise is the story. There is a lot of it. So we got kind of little glimpses of cutscenes of some characters who have been established on the screen in previous games. This is alluding to what is happening in a bigger picture and nothing too solid so far. Now, what I always loved about Kingdom Hearts was its two full stories, which is the Disney story and the larger Kingdom Hearts story.

Usually, in the early entries, it was about retelling the Disney stories you already knew, whereas this Toy Storyfeels like fresh takes on that story material.

So that is one cool element.


Now, as we have seen in some of the trailers, when you get to the Toy Story world, one of Xehanort's forms of his new Organization, is there also. We will know about his plan in this world. He is trying to learn more about how Heart work in this world.

So he splits the worlds into two. So some of Woody and Buzz’s friends are gone in this world and they are essentially in this alternate version of that world. It seems that would be making the story a bit complicated and explaining everything.

Who knows?

Maybe that is just actually an efficient way of making things easier.

So those are the '5 New Things I Learned About 'Kingdom Hearts 3'.

I cannot wait for the release of this game!

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

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