10 Things We All Want to See in the New 'Animal Crossing Switch'

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(Or at Least What I Want to See... Lol)

10 Things We All Want to See in the New 'Animal Crossing Switch'

Everyone is buzzing about the announcement Nintendo Direct just made about a new Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo Switch Console. Many fans are wondering just what things about the game are being kicked to the curb in this new version. They are also wondering what improvements are going to be made to make the game-play even better than its predecessors. Here are just a few idea's I have compiled that I would love to see added to Animal Crossing Switch in 2019.

#10: Leif Having a Stand-Alone Nursery Shop

New Leaf fans love the cute sloth that owns the Main Street Nursery. But when he expands, he expands with the emporium and doesn’t have his own space. So I would be happy to see Leif with a full blown nursery with a huge stock of new and beautiful plants.

Stock includes:

  • Orchids, Daisies, Daffodils, Sunflowers, etc.
  • Watermelon (seasonal: summer)
  • Strawberries (seasonal: spring)
  • Pumpkins (seasonal: fall)
  • Tomatoes, Grapes, etc. (and if he sells these soil-based plants, he will also sell a tool called the Hoe that will prepare the ground for planting like in Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley).

#9: New Restaurant/Diner

Anyone who is an avid Animal Crossing fan will know Wendall, the lovable walrus will a passion for all things culinary. They will also know Brewster, the no nonsense pigeon who jives to java. The Roost is also a popular spot for New Leaf players who enjoy their coffee, even if they’re on the go. If Brewster can have his own Café’, why can’t Wendall own his own Diner? Maybe even team up with Brewster to create a fancy restaurant. Brewster being the Brains, Wendall being the Cook.

Menu for Wendall’s:

  • Wendall’s Burger Platter 500 Bells
  • Wendall’s Weinie Platter 500 Bells
  • Wendall’s Taco Platter 1,000 Bells
  • Wendalls Pasta Platter 1,000 Bells
  • Wendall’s Desert 200 Bells
  • Wendall’s Drink 200 Bells

Special Menu Items (Unlockable only through Working at the Diner for a certain amount of time):

  • Wendall’s House Special 1,500 Bells
  • Wendall’s Meal of The Day 2,000 Bells
  • Wendall’s Choice Platter 10,000 Bells

#8: Shampoodle Addition

Tired of the same eight hairstyles? (Eight male, eight female) How about eight more? (Eight male, eight female). How about more choices for eye color and Hair color, too. BUT WAIT!!!... There’s more! Harriet’s husband, Maximus, has joined her crew, and offers a variety of cool tattoos (For the “Rowf” and Tough lol).

#7: Revised Accessory Shop

Labelle doesn’t just sell hats and head accessories anymore, she provides much more, from jewelry like bracelets, earrings and necklaces, to belts and purses which can be equipped to your character for decoration. It would be a great way to further customize your Character.

#6: Bring Back the Mayor Mechanic

New Leaf was unique because it was the first in the Animal Crossing series to introduce the Mayor mechanic. I would love to see it again on the Switch. It allowed you to really personalize your town better through PWPs (Public Works Projects), and Town Ordinance’s. Just overall, it made you feel like a big shot, the head honcho, the boss… you get the idea.

#5: Making Paths Accessible Via PWPs

One of the things that makes a town YOUR town is paths. Unfortunately there is not always the right QR code for the design you want, and creating your own path through the Able Sisters shop takes up a lot of time and Fabric slots. Instead how about making pathways available through Isabelle at the Town Hall? It would be a great thing to unlock this PWP. Not only you can choose the exact style you want for your path, but you can also choose the best route through your town map (the map will also be updated with the new route as well).

#4: Creating a Bully Proof Environment

There are so many things that are great about New Leaf, but there is one thing about the game that is terrible and needs better regulation in online mode (AKA The Island or Visiting another person’s town). Bullying is terrible. The cussing, the thievery and the Troller’s that reside in the depths of online mode. Someone on the island constantly whining to come to your town and when you finally let them… they steal rare flowers, they cut down you trees, the ruin landscaping, and steal whatever else in on the ground in your town. I have had so many crazy people on the other end of the chat. This really needs better regulation. Like maybe people are unable to take what’s already on the ground unless it’s put down within the visit, and not being able to take flowers and cut down trees. Just make it like a Dream Address accept you can take things back with you when it’s dropped during the visit. That would prevent any robberies people are hoping to commit when coming to another person’s town. Also censoring swear words would help in creating a more family friendly environment. There are so many kids that play this game and they don’t need to be bombarded with people cussing like a sailor. It will also help when bullies try to use harsher language.

#3: New Animal Villagers

There is one specific animal that I would love to see is bats. I love this fanart by deenen these pics show just how adorable these designs can be. I also would love more mythical creatures, like Gryphons and Dragons. There are so many animal possibilities, it’s insane. Please work on this Nintendo!

#2: Expanding Inventory

A new item known as the toolbox (sold at Nook’s shop) will make room for all the tools you need (because jamming them in your letter slots just isn’t cool anymore). It will hold all the tools necessary to get through your Animal Crossing day. (Like your fishing rod, shovel, axe, watering can, bug net, slingshot, etc.). Instead of taking up 6 or more slots it will now only take up 1 slot. Talk about a space saver!

And/or… an item that expands inventory overall. Hence, a new item called the Backpack (sold at Nook’s shop). Just equip it to your character and you have ten more slots of space. This could be amazing for players that like to hoard a lot.

#1: You Choosing Where Your Villagers Plot

This is the most important one on this list because, sadly, it is the main failing of New Leaf. Let's say you have a gorgeous town with landscaping and paths that you've work hard on. Suddenly, because one villager decides to move in... IT'S RUINED!!! They plot right next to your house, so you can't plant anymore flowers there, or god forbid, they destroy rare flowers like gold/blue roses, or your perfect fruit trees. You're landscaping is now completely ruined because some villager spawned in that ONE spot that was gonna be reserved for a new fountain. Well, to fix this problem, I suggest two things…either create set plots so villagers can’t move their houses around, or on the day that a new villager moves in, Isabelle will say, “OH! And I wanted to mention that (random villager) is moving into town today. Let’s find them a wonderful spot in this town and give them a grand welcome.” That would be way better. Not only would it protect the landscaping you’ d worked so hard on, but it would also give you the chance to make your town look nicer by aligning the villagers houses in a neat and orderly fashion. It’s a win/win in my book.

Wendall Costume Design

Yes...I drew this. Sorry if its bad. It's a bit rough.

I also drew this one as well. This one turned out a little better.

Bat Designs by Deenen #1

Bat Designs by Deenen #2

Bat Designs by Deenen #3

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