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Why Many Consider Bruce Lee Super Human

Martial Arts Phenomenon

By Joseph MwanikiPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Face Behind The Fist of Fury

10. The One-Inch Punch: The one-inch punch stands as one of Bruce Lee's most renowned accomplishments, and its awe-inspiring nature is undeniable. With astonishing power, Lee could knock over a fully grown adult male from a distance of less than an inch. This feat left scientist intrigued, leading them to delve into the minds of martial artists to comprehend the mechanics behind it. Additionally, Lee used this incredible skill to educate and inspire the next generation.

9. Dislocating a Shoulder with a Slap: When illustrating superhuman abilities, showcasing Lee outclassing a regular person pales in comparison to him effortlessly overpowering a highly trained martial artist. Bruce Lee's exceptional strength was evident when he sparred with individuals within his striking range, which essentially included any country he was in. In one instance, he dislocated a training partner's arm with a seemingly light slap, leaving everyone astounded.

8. Powerful Kicks That Sent People Airborne: Bruce Lee seldom displayed his true power due to the risk of causing injury. Nonetheless, he had a favorite "prank" involving his cherished training shield. He would have people hold the shield, only to unleash kicks of varying intensity. These kicks were so potent that they could lift people into the air, underscoring his unparalleled martial arts prowess and strength.

7. One-Fingered Pushups and One-Armed Pull-Ups: Bruce Lee's physical prowess transcended conventional exercises. He could effortlessly perform one-fingered pushups and execute one-armed pull-ups with ease. His remarkable strength extended beyond his fingers, with some sources claiming he could do up to 50 one-armed pull-ups. Lee's ability to perform these feats simply because he could was a testament to his incredible physicality.

6. Faster Than Camera Film: Lee's movements were so rapid that early cameras struggled to capture them accurately, necessitating slowed-down footage. During his time on the set of "The Green Hornet," this issue arose, with Lee observing that fight scenes depicted him as stationary while others fell around him. To accommodate the show's producers, Lee deliberately slowed down his movements, resulting in a blur that was still too fast to follow.

5. Invincibility in Street Fights: Despite being a martial arts icon, Bruce Lee faced numerous street fight challenges from individuals during the 1970s. These challenges typically ended with Lee effortlessly evading attacks, as he was too quick and skilled for his challengers to land a single blow. Even on the set of "Enter the Dragon," he adeptly neutralized opponents, turning confrontations into valuable lessons.

4. Lightning-Fast Coin Trick: Lee's exceptional speed was legendary, and he often amazed people with his coin trick. He would place a coin in someone's hand, step a few feet away, and instruct them to close their palm upon seeing him move. In the blink of an eye, he would replace the original coin with another, leaving spectators in disbelief.

3. The Dragon Flag: Bruce Lee was unwavering in his dedication to fitness, with his core strength being of paramount importance to him in martial arts. He invented the Dragon Flag, now considered one of the most challenging core exercises. Lee took this exercise to the extreme, supporting his entire body on the edge of a bench with only his shoulders touching, while maintaining a rigid, horizontal position.

2. Catching Rice With Chopsticks: In his quest to enhance his reflexes, Bruce Lee employed an unconventional method—catching rice with chopsticks. This unique practice showcased his unwavering commitment to sharpening his agility and reflexes, even though catching falling rice might seem unrelated to martial arts.

1. Heavy Bag Too Strong for Ordinary People: Bruce Lee's training regimen featured custom-built exercise equipment, including a heavy bag, which was different from typical bags. While regular heavy bags weighed around 70 pounds, Lee's bag was a staggering 300 pounds, filled with metal. This choice wasn't for show but a necessity, as lighter, non-metallic bags would shatter under his powerful strikes. Rumors even suggest that Lee could kick a heavy bag through the ceiling.


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