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Why is Tsavorite so Expensive?

by Gemos Gems 6 months ago in Science · updated 6 months ago
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Tsavorite is relatively a modern gemstone discovered in 1967 for the first time. However, it has become one of the sought-after gemstones in a short period of time. Tsavorite’s popularity has contributed to its value as it is one of the most expensive varieties of Garnet, with prices comparable to excellent demantoid garnets. However, low-quality pieces can be purchased for a few dollars per carat, its prices may vary considerably depending on size and quality.

Rough Tsavorite stones are available in a range of colors and shading saturations that is enough to please any purchaser, who is an admirer of any of the other green gemstones. Tsavorite is well known for its mesmerizing and vibrant green shades. With its countless features, Tsavorite is known to be a ‘King of Garnets’. Despite the fact that Tsavorites are expensive, they are also quite affordable in comparison to other precious stones such as Emerald. There are several factors that affect the value of this beautiful and eye-catchy green gemstone.

Factors affecting the value of Tsavorite:

● Color:

Color will remain the primary factor in determining the price of any gemstone. In Tsavorite’s case, its rich chrome green in a medium to dark tone is highly demanded and most valuable. Inclusions are common in Tsavorite; therefore clean stones are always in high demand. Tsavorite has a variety of colors in a range of spring-like bright green to strongly blue green or deep forest green. Its appealing green hue is a result of the presence of chromium and vanadium. This beautiful gemstone is popular for its dazzling brightness. Tsavorite is a perfect complement for traditional stones like Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire due to its great brightness.

● Rarity:

This beautiful Semi-precious stone is multiple times rarer than other precious gemstones and has more transparency and brightness. Tsavorite is so rare in nature that stones bigger than 5 carats are extremely rare to find, and geologists believe that Tsavorite’s mines may soon go extinct. Tsavorite was originally discovered at Kenya’s Tsavo National Park for the first time, but today small deposits have also been found at different locations in Africa.

On the other hand, Tsavorites are much harder than emeralds due to their high refractive index, but they are also far less expensive than them. Furthermore, approximately 99.9% of today's emeralds have been treated in some way, whereas Tsavorite Garnets are not! What you see is what you get when it comes to the Tsavorite. These beautiful green stones are commonly cut into ovals and round shapes.

● Purity:

Today, most natural-colored gemstones undergo treatment or various enhancements to increase their 'Beauty'. The majority of natural gemstones are enhanced to improve their visual appearance. But that’s completely opposite in Tsavorite’s case as these beautiful green gemstones never undergo any treatment or enhancement. They are pure beauty, which is the main factor behind its demand and expensiveness in the market. However, as compared to natural untreated gemstones, the price of enhanced gemstones is significantly lower.

On the other hand, Tsavorite has never been synthesized in a lab, although there are several imitations of this green stone available in the market. Of which, Green glass and Synthetic Spinel are quite popular. If you’re thinking of buying a Tsavorite gemstone, a good knowledge about the stone is important. Without knowledge you can easily be duped, to mitigate this risk always buy from a reputable dealer such as Gemos Gems.

● Demand:

Due to its low supply and scarcity, Tsavorites are always in high demand. The scarcity of this gemstone makes it valuable and expensive. After Tanzania mining ministry’s new regulations, it has become fairly difficult for foreign companies to operate mines in the country, which also adds to the value of this beautiful green gem. Tsavorites have been in high demand because of Chinese consumers. Apart from this, Tsavorites are in great demand in both the US and Europe, with Europeans preferring larger, higher-quality stones and the US market preferring smaller stones. Recently, Tsavorite has also drawn the interest of the Asian market, particularly the Chinese and Taiwanese.

● Durability:

Durability and Hardness are other important factors that add to the value of Tsavorite. This mesmerizing green gem has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on Mohs scale, making it fairly durable for everyday wear. It is ideal for all types of jewelry as long as they are handled with care.

Tsavorite's hardness and captivating color together makes it an amazing gemstone that may be a fantastic present for yourself or someone special. Believe us, Tsavorite is an elegant and unique creation that would make a fantastic addition to your fine jewelry collection.

● Investment Option:

Investing in a gemstone can benefit you in many ways. Whether you buy it rough or in any jewelry setting, Tsavorite is sure to double your happiness and investment. But before making a purchase, get in touch with gem specialists as they can assist you in getting a great deal. If you don’t know any specialist out there, you can trust Gemos Gems as they are the leading and most trusted suppliers of loose gemstones and jewelry. As they directly import rough crystals from the mines of Tanzania, you will always get a high-quality and natural piece at Gemos Gems.

On the other hand, investing in Tsavorite stone can be a perfect option for you. These beautiful stones above 2 carats are extremely rare. Prices for good hues with some flaws vary from $500 per carat to $2,000 to $7,000 per carat for clean large stones with top color.

● Cut & Quality:

Cutting is the only enhancement a Tsavorite undergoes. However, cutting has least impact on its prices as Tsavorites often have little or no inclusions. These beautiful gemstones are available in a range of shapes and cutting styles on the market. The most popular cuts are ovals and cushions, although other shapes such as emerald cuts, trillions, and others are also available in the market. We recommend you to take your time in choosing a perfect cut.


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