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Vintage & Antique Tanzanite Jewelry Ideas

by Gemos Gems 8 months ago in Pop Culture · updated 6 months ago
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Tanzanite Jewelry

Jewelry has been a vital part of human culture since ancient times. We all have that one piece of vintage adornment we never wear but it twinkles at us when we open our collection. These vintage pieces might be those that you picked at a flea market, the one your mother gave to you or the one a friend gifted you on your birthday. Vintage jewelry is in trend again. So, it’s your time to show your beauty with these classy and timeless jewelry pieces. Often people correlate Vintage with Antique but both these terms are different. Before starting, here’s the difference between the two.

The term 'vintage' often refers to the surmise that the date around which an item was made is important to its style or quality; however its specialized definition changes from one product to another. For instance, a wine depicted as 'vintage' is produced using the grapes of one single year, though vintage jewelry refers to pieces that date back 20 odd years or more. Similarly, the term 'Antique' often refers to a collectable item that is significant in view of its age and quality, yet guidelines are set up to characterize what qualifies a certain item as Antique. In jewelry trade terms, ‘Vintage' refers to a piece of jewelry that was made between 50 to 100 years ago. So, any jewelry pieces made during this period are actually 'Vintage'. On the other hand, Antique refers to the adornments that were made 100 years ago. That simply means that any jewelry pieces made during the 1920s are Antiques.

Here’s some Vintage & Antique Tanzanite Jewelry Ideas:

● 14kt Gold Vintage-inspired Tanzanite Ring:

An exceptional earth mined tanzanite stone with fine diamonds placed in the center of the 14K white gold band. This stunning ring highlights a huge 10 carat loupe clean natural untreated tanzanite in the center. Tanzanite is excessively spotless so that even with a magnifying lens there are not single flaws to be found. It is an astonishing stone of high-quality quality.

The mesmerizing tanzanite is securely set in a wonderful hand-made 14 Karat white gold setting which rises high off the finger. On the underside of the cluster is a design with fine spots of gold wire and fine set of diamonds.

● 18Kt Yellow & White Gold Tanzanite Vintage handmade ring:

A beautiful ring embellished by baguette tanzanite and fine diamonds. This mesmerizing piece can be worn alone or perfectly stacked with different rings. It can be a perfect gift for your partner, anniversary present for spouse, gift for sister, Mother's day present, or a gift to your best friend.

Tanzanite gemstone assists in controlling emotions, has recuperating energies, balances all energies inside the body, helps to meditate, and further develops instinct level. Tanzanite adornments are calming and soothing. It is a decent stone for career change, and well known as the stone of transformation.

● Vintage Cushion-cut Tanzanite Ring:

Mesmerizing Tanzanite stone set in a 4 prong 14 kt white gold setting with a delicate tapered band, adds a vintage pinch to your beautiful ring. Gift your partner a classy and timeless cushion-cut Tanzanite ring. A new cut with a vintage feel, the cushion-cut represents delicacy, femininity, and agelessness. Make your own history by buying this ideal wedding band to represent your happily ever after.

● Tanzanite Choker:

Vintage choker necklaces are in trend again. With many great options available in the market, Tanzanite choker necklaces are the first choice of women. Beautifully crafted in setting, Tanzanite gives a new definition to choker. A choker is fundamentally a fitted necklace worn around the neck and new brides love this pattern since it's intense and stylish. These insignificant chokers are classic style statements that can add fabulousness and vintage appeal to your traditional look. Choker necklaces are back in trend now and it is an unquestionable choice of modern brides. Furthermore, there is an assorted range of choker accessories available to spice up your look. A choker is widely preferred as it tends to be styled with an indo-western outfit just as a saree and one can wear it separately or layer it up.

● Vintage Tanzanite and Rose Gold Necklace:

This beautiful Vintage necklace has a triangle pendant with one triangle Tanzanite bezel set in the middle, encircled by 18 single cut, channel set Diamonds. The importance of a necklace is attached to the style and customizations added to it. As these can be worn every day, necklaces are an ideal symbol of adoration and any feeling somebody would need to keep close to their heart. Making customized importance to necklace is simple with an assortment of engraving options available to suit your style.

Tips for buying vintage jewelry:

Purchasing new and stylish jewelry from the store can be easy, but if you're looking to invest in vintage jewelry, there are a couple of things you ought to teach yourself ahead of time. In case you don't understand anything about the intricate details of the vintage jewelry business, the entire idea of figuring out what kind of pieces are worth investing in, can all be very overwhelming. But here are a few tips for you.

● Find a trusted dealer:

If you’re looking for vintage jewelry pieces, the first thing you need to stress over is the place where to buy it. Nobody wants to be scammed by a supplier and end up overpaying for a piece that isn't actually older than a few years. There are individuals who try to pass slightly shabby pieces as vintage and you don’t want to fall for that trap.

● Look for a Mark:

You should always remember that each and every vintage thing will presumably have a mark of some kind on it. On the off chance that the website you are looking through doesn't offer this information, it would be a smart thought to contact the seller and ask about the mark.

● Consider the Price:

At the point when you found a perfect jewelry piece, you should be ready to pay the higher price. But be cautious concerning what you are paying for and make the exchange only after you are certain that the item you are buying is actually vintage.

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