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Vibrational Conversations with My Plant

Me My Plant and I

By Devin McKenneyPublished 2 years ago 11 min read

Vibrational Conversations With My Plant

In the ancient world it was well known that everything on our planet was alive and a manifestation of Divine Consciousness which also meant that it possessed some form of intelligence and consciousness. This applied to the mineral, plant, animal world, the world of man and woman and a multitude of other forms. The focus of this paper will be in the world of plants. There has been a great amount of research conducted in this present day and time that show and prove that this knowledge of the ancient world was right and exact. The research shows that plants have the ability to react, respond, and sense the world around them. As a child my grandmothers use to always give me plants and seeds to grow. She use to always say how she talked to her plants and to this day if you go to her house it is one of the only ones on the block with an abundance of green and thriving plant life and flowers on the porch and in front of it. I have always been fascinated by this and decided to see it for myself with my own plant which I will discuss in this paper along with some examples of the research that has been conducted that shows the many abilities of plants. I will show how when you in tune to the vibration of a plant remarkable results and things happen.

Meet my Plant

Now let me first introduce you to my plant. I have had the plant for about a year and 2 months . I did not name it and to be honest I have yet to find out what kind of plant it is exactly even though I have tried but I can show you what I have seen and experienced interacting with it. When I got it, it had 2 healthy wide green leaves. It would stay this way for a couple of weeks being watered twice to three times a week. At the time the vibration in the house was becoming very negative as the relationship between my ex and I was falling apart. Not to get too personal but just to share some background story of the plant.We lived in the same apartment at this time and we were constantly arguing, not talking and just not getting along, basically the vibration and atmosphere was constantly filled with negative energy. That being said one of the leaves on the plant basically started dying I noticed. The relationship and plant were not the only things affected by this type of atmosphere but the cat also started acting up. It would constantly start using the dining room as the litter box even though the litter box upstairs was clean. The cat had not done this in the whole 7 years I had her but that is another story and study. The leaf eventually turned brown and died and the other soon began to deteriorate as well. At first I attributed it to us maybe not taking care of the particular type of plant correctly or various other things. I did not correlate the behavior exactly to the energy and vibration at the time I did however intuitively feel as though it could be related in some way. At this time I decided to see if I could resurrect it back into good health again. It was a perfect time to test some of the tools I have been studying and experimenting with at the time such as sound frequencies , crystals and programmed water. I decided to use all of these tools and see what would happen.A few years earlier I tried a similar experiment when I read a book about the power of words, prayer and blessing things. We had a small window plant that had completely died. The only thing that was left was a brown dried leaf. In the book a group of students were told to speak positive words such as I love you or you are beautiful to one plant which was placed by the entrance into the school and on the other hand speak negatively to another plant which was situated right across from it. They would say things like I hate you or your so ugly to the other one. The plant that received the positive attention stayed healthy and strived while the other one that received the negative attention quickly died. So I spoke positive words to the dead window plant daily when I thought of it and within 2 weeks a small green leaf sprouted out of it. I was amazed by this at the time but I did not continue the test and it eventually died. Fast forward a couple years to this plant which presented another opportunity to test and observe a plants consciousness and their reaction to certain stimulus. For this experiment I decided to use sound frequencies playing through my studio headphones which I placed around the pot, a small tumbled quartz crystal which I programmed to assists the plant in growing strong and healthy and also to use water that was programmed with an intention to also assists the plant in growing healthy and strong. Finally I would speak positive and encouraging words to the plant when I thought to and observe the results. Basically all of these tools would be used to communicate vibrationally with my plant. Before I get to my results I will share with you a little research that has been already conducted by scientist with plants , consciousness and their responses to stimulus and what some of their findings were.

The Secret Life of Plants

One of the most well known experiments and research conducted in this area is attributed to Cleve Baxter. Cleve Baxter was originally apart of the Navy and fought in World War 2. In 1948 he joined The CIA and claimed to have founded the agency's polygraph program. He opened up the Baxter school of Lie detecting years later where he taught law enforcement lie detecting techniques and methodologies for conducting polygraph tests. In that circle he is a legend but his experiment with plants are even more legendary and what is considered his real life's work. In the morning hours of February 2,1966 he decided to hook up a polygraph machine to a house plant his secretary brought him to brighten up his office. When he hooked up the plant to the lie detecting machine he discovered that it had emotional responses. He placed electrodes on the plant to simulate a polygraph test. A polygraph test measures 3 things pulse, respiration rate, and the galvanic skin response which measured respiration. According to this test if you are worried about being caught in a lie your levels will either spike or dip. He wanted to induce a similar response from the plant. When he first connected it the leaf resistance dipped and then remained balanced. He decided to take it a step further and dip the leaf next to the electroded leaf into his hot cup of coffee. There was no noticeable reaction on the chart but a continuing downward tracing trend indicated fatigue or boredom in his human subjects. After this he came up with what he described as the "Ultimate Plant Threat" which was to get a match and burn the electroded leaf. Before he could even light the match the polygraph registered an intense reaction. At the time he had the thought to do this there was no one in the office but him and the plant and he was 15 feet away from it. The only difference in the test was his idea to burn the leaf. The very moment the imagery of burning that leaf entered his mind the polygraph pen moved rapidly to the top of the chart which indicated dramatic "excitation". According to him the plant not only exhibited fear but also read his mind being as though he never actually burned the leaf. Interesting. Backster concluded that plants had a sense which he called "primary perception" that could detect and respond to human thoughts and emotions. A lot of plant scientist insist that plants can sense, learn, remember and even react in ways similar to humans. According to Plant Scientist Michael Pollan who has done much research in this field. Plants don't have neurons or brains but have analogous structures that take in sensory data they gather in their lives, integrate It and adjust their response accordingly. For example in one experiment researchers played a recording of a caterpillar munching on a leaf to plants and the plants reacted. They began to secrete defensive chemicals even though the plant wasn’t really threatened. Without ears the plant is somehow hearing what it perceives as the terrifying sound of caterpillars munching on its leaves. In another experiment it was proven that a plant responded to touch and also could be put out by human anesthesia. Many scientist are reluctant to fully say that plants feel pain but these experiments are very interesting. According to all this research it appears that plants respond physically, telekinetically, emotionally and can also hear to a degree it appears. There have been countless other research and test done that could fill up a book , needless to say the research is very interesting.

My Plants Results

Now back to the results of my personal experiment. To review, my plant appears to be dying and I want to bring it back to great health utilizing many vibrational tools. Sound tones, a quartz crystal, programmed water and positive words and intentions. First I began playing the tone of 528hz to the plant through large headphones. Through my research at the time I thought that particular frequency was beneficial to the plant because it was perceived as the "love tone" and also was claimed to be a regenerative tone and also the frequency of the grass and greenery. Upon further contemplation it may have been the intention I set for this tone and also the resonant frequency this tone has developed to say I played this for the plant a frequently over the next couple weeks. I also placed the programmed quartz crystal into the plant pot along with the regular rocks that were placed in there. I also watered the plant with water that I held and spoke my intention into it to nourish and assists the plant. All this while daily telling the plant things like.. I love you plant, you are strong, you are healthy, you are a beautiful green etc. Over the next couple of weeks with minimum sunlight while being watered once a week the plant went from dying and browning to flourishing and becoming greener and greener. Every week I noticed a difference. The plant started getting really tall. A new leaf grew out of the dead one. A new leaf soon developed out of that one and then one grew out of that one. The plant appeared to be flourishing. All the while I kept feeding it water charged with an intention.I picked the crystal up from time to time to thank it for all of its assistance also sometimes reestablishing the programming.I also kept speaking positive words to it. The only thing that became inconsistent was playing the tone because I didn’t always have access to it.

I have pictures of the plant along some of these stages and it is currently still growing very tall and has 5 big leaves. Another one of the original leaves died before it got to 5 but within 2 weeks an even bigger leaf grew out of one of the leaves that remained. It is amazing. Originally the plant was in my apartment but for the last 4 months it has been in my girlfriends apartment in NYC . When I took it up there the plant had 3 leaves now it has 5 and is very tall. She talks to the plant daily saying things like..."good morning my lovelies.."would you like a cold drink" (while she feeds it ice so that the water gradually waters the plant) and many more positive things. I also continue to thank and recharge the crystal from time to time. The growth since I took it to her in New York is amazing. The plant stands very tall and is the deepest healthiest green. It appears that the shift in energy to this plant has had a profound impact.


In conclusion does all of this prove that plants can respond to the emotions, intentions, perceived threats, sound etc. The results seem to suggest that they do. The only thing in my particular experiment is that it is inconclusive which tool actually caused the response and was the most beneficial to the plant, the sound frequency, the crystal, the programmed water, or our intentions and positive words.My own personal thought is that all of the tools played their part and worked and in harmony and cohesion since all are very powerful tools and mediums in their own right. I see it as nature working in harmony. When the right conditions exist mostly everything in nature finds its place or harmonizes to its own particular frequency and plays its part for the good of the whole. That is how I think the tools all worked together along with the plants innate consciousness and ability to respond to other forms of consciousness. Much more research needs to be done, even maybe testing each tool alone but the results seem to support the plant scientists ideas and the ideas of the ancients that everything on this planet is alive and possesses consciousness including plant life.


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