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Top companies using Node.JS

by Isabella Davis about a month ago in Science
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Top companies that are using Node.JS in their development process

1. LinkedIn

One of the core reasons why almost all JavaScript developers end up choosing Node.js is that it is one of the best options available to build a dynamic looking website. I am sure you must have come across one of the leading professional network sites named LinkedIn. Well, it is supposed to be best suited for those who are looking for relevant jobs and employers who are recruiting appropriate staff members.

If you want to get noticed professionally, LinkedIn is the only way out. Initially, LinkedIn was based on Ruby on Rails but after a while, Node.js turn out to be their lucky mascot. Have you wondered why? Because on server resources, they could cut down easily and the app seems to be running 20 times faster and more.

2. Netflix

Another renowned company that seems to be pretty much impressed with the Node.js tech stack is Netflix. It may quite interest you to know that Node.js was used to build the user interface (UI) of Netflix. And now it has become two times faster, unlike other video streaming platforms.

There is no denying the fact that Netflix is one of the leading video streaming platforms especially due to the lockdown. Though Netflix doesn’t have any such back story. Yes, it collaborated well with Node.js to run seamlessly across a wide range of devices. Netflix’s high-end performance and speed make it a cut above its competitors. Till now it seems to have won the hearts of its 182 million subscribers and the numbers aren’t going to slow down.

3. Uber

Who hasn’t travelled using Uber services? I am we all have at some point in time. Now have you ever wondered what’s happening behind the scenes of the application? Yes, you guessed it right Node.js does do its tricks.

What makes Node.js a cut above? Well, easy error-checking, fast processing speeds, and seamless development are perks offered by the Node.js development process.

“Node.js is particularly well-suited to writing systems that have all their state in memory,” said Kris Kowal, Software Engineer at Uber. “They do not have to externalize the concerns of a distributed system. As a consequence, the systems can be more available, and they can respond more quickly to requests by eliminating the reading/writing and the serialization of the state into a database.”

4. Trello

Another interesting collaborative online tool developed using Node.js is Trello. Have you ever wondered why? One of the obvious benefits offered by Node.js is that it holds the capacity to hold many open connections at once.

Why Trello was considered in the first place?

  • They required an app with minimum latency
  • It required several real-time open connections on the server-side scripting
  • Maintaining speed was another core objective
  • By using Node.js, JavaScript engineers were able to keep Single Page Applications extremely lightweight. It offered zero latency. The development and prototyping time was cut short

5. PayPal

Did you know that even PayPal uses server-side scripting tech to streamline online payments? Yes, Node.js is highly recommended by Paypal. Earlier the app faced a wide array of challenges such as being unable to sync well with client-side development, which eventually led to poor performance and wastage of the development time.

As a result, lots and lots of time was saved and the speed had been increased by almost 35%.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA is also a leading name that joins the Node.js army. The famous government department from the United States is responsible for researching and exploring space-related matters. One of the most astounding features of Node.js is microservices that have worked wonders for NASA.

Here the software is a collection of small services rather than an autonomous unit. Did you know that it’s all because of Node.js that NASA moved its enterprise to the cloud?

7. Medium

Last but certainly not least, Medium publishes tons and tons of articles, and posts and is loved by its end readers unconditionally. Medium developers build their app servers with Node.js accompanied by the webserver NGINX.

The deployment times have increased by 15 minutes. Also, the code can be shared both ways client-side and server-side.


Gone are the days when one could say that there are just several companies that use node.js. Today, the table seems to have turned entirely. Today, if you want to come up with a solution that features Netflix-like performance needs or eBay-like scalability expectations., Node.js is an excellent fit for you.

So yes, this is it for now! In case you still have any queries or doubts, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

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