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Top 10 Most Deadly Snakes of the world

by Mr Ceaser 10 months ago in Science

It’s no wonder people are scared of snakes! Each year the average deaths according to snake bites are above 30,000. Not all snakes are deadly and some are a lot more dangerous than others. The following list ropes up the top 10 most deadly snakes present in the world right now. A single hiss from them can stop us dead in our tracks! There are more than 2500 species of snakes present in the world and not even a single one of them is vegetarian (yup…they are cannibals)! Every snake can be dangerous if it bites and injects its venom in to your body which might lead to death if proper medical attention is not available. So we should avoid places where they might live and the most important thing is that keeping these deadly snakes or other venomous reptiles as pets is extremely dangerous. So, we request all reptile lovers to take extra precautions because these deadly snakes can cause a lot of harm to the owners as well as others. Enjoy the list of most deadly snakes of the world and don’t forget to share your views at the end.

10. Anaconda

Anacondas are found in the wet lands of South America. Anaconda is basically a giant which hunts using power and stealth, growing to almost 28 feet long and weighing up to 450 pounds! The anaconda is the largest snake on earth. It uses water to support its massive bulk. This giant deadly snake can easily kill a human but there is no firm proof that it ever has. Only rumors have been heard about it but the movies never fail to show them as extremely deadly snakes! It’s easy to see why people are afraid of this monster, it silently waits just beneath the surface of water for its pray to come in its striking range. Anacondas can strike up to a third of its length which is almost 9 feet for a fully grown Anaconda! The Anaconda doesn’t kill with venom, these deadly snakes are constrictors which crush the life out of their victims. These deadly snakes are so powerful that their hold causes the blood vessels the heart and brain to rupture. There is not a single living animal in South America that can survive the Anacondas attack. Even the cousin of the Alligator is not safe; a black caiman is about the largest thing that the Anaconda can swallow in a single go! Like all deadly snakes, the Anaconda has an extremely flexible jaw that can stretch to accommodate a pray several times its size.

9. Saw Scaled Viper

Saw Scaled Viper may be the smallest snake present in our list of deadly snakes but it’s a thousand times more deadly than an Anaconda. People across Africa and Asia are all too aware of the Saw Scaled Viper’s abilities. Usually it spends the day buried in the sand with just its eyes showing. But when its threatened, it gives intruders a warning to back off by rubbing its scales together. The noise caused by the rubbing of scales gives it a name of Saw Scaled Viper. Basically, these deadly snakes are not very long but what the Saw Scaled Viper lacks in size it makes up for in temper. It will strike at the slightest propagation. The Saw Scaled Viper kills more people in Africa than all other deadly snakes in combine. That’s because most deadly snakes only use venom 10 % of the time, they conserve it for when its really need it. The Saw Scaled Viper injects its venom more than eighty percent of the time! But this nasty snake holds the 9th position in our list of deadly snakes because even without medical treatment, only 10 % of the people bitten by the Saw Scaled Viper will die. Its venom is not as toxic as some of its more infamous cousins. If bitten by a Saw Scaled Viper, you have a 90 % chance of survival. More than 2000 people a year are killed by this tiny terror.

8. Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake is basically twice as deadly as the Saw Scaled Viper, capable of killing 20 % of the people it bites. The Rattlesnake is one of the heaviest of the deadly snakes, usually weighing about 15 pounds and growing 6 feet long. The heaviest Rattlesnake on record weighted 34 pounds and was almost 8 feet long. Rattlesnakes are pit vipers; they have a pit under each eye that carries a thermal imaging system which these deadly snakes use to hunt at night. They can locate their pray by its heat signature even in the dark. Rattlesnakes can be found almost anywhere in North America and preferred to live off small rodents such as rats and mice. Although Rattlesnakes are protected by law, thousands of them are caught every year. Statistics show that usually the victims get bitten by Rattlesnake are usually under the age of thirty and are mostly males (ladies rejoice).

7. The Death Adder

While Rattlesnake at least tries to warn people off to get away from it with the sound of its tail but the Death Adder is one of those deadly snakes which uses its tail not as a warning but as a death trap. The Death Adder packs enough venom to annihilate nine grownups with a single bite. unlike other deadly snakes, the Death Adder prefers to let its prey come to it! These deadly snakes fool animals into thinking that its tail is a worm which draws them in. The Death Adder has a very efficient venom transfer system through long fangs. This is why the Death Adder usually stays out of sight. Unlike most deadly snakes, The Death Adder does not warn its predators (or humans) who get close unknowingly. These deadly snake have an automatic striking reflex for any animal which gets close enough. The Death Adder injects venom in 60% of strikes which is six times more than most deadly snakes. Even with a correctly applied pressure bandage, the neurotoxins in The Death Adder’s venom will still go to work attacking your nerves. If left untreated, the paralysis can spread and cause death by a complete respiratory failure within couple of hours.

6. Python reticulatus

Although anti venom may help you avoid getting infected by the venom injected through the bite of the deadly snakes but if unluckily you got attacked by Python reticulatus than trust me no medicine in the world would be eligible for you to avoid death. Python reticulatus is sighted mostly in South East Asia. These deadly snakes are notorious for their bad temper, large size and amazing speed. It is quite impossible to actually see these deadly snakes in the thick forests because they blend very easily in the forest floor. And if you are one of the animals that Python reticulatus prey on like crested black macaque than it pays to notice. Python reticulatus holds the 6th position in our list of most extreme deadly snakes because crested black macaque are just of of the animals present on this deadly snakes menu. These deadly snakes freely feast on human beings if they feel like it. Python reticulatus is a lethal animal and is one of the most lengthy snakes ever. Python reticulatus can grow up to thirty feet and weighs 300 plus pounds. Python reticulatus are surprisingly active and brisk for their huge sizes. When agitated, these deadly snakes respond with all their might and speed. Even though Python reticulatus is one of the Deadly Snakes but the Python reticulatus only needs to eat a little more than its own weight in food every year.

5. Tiger Snake

Tiger snake can be called the most deadly snakes from the Australian continent (and surrounding islands). These deadly snakes deliver sufficient venom to finish off more than forty grown up men in a single go. The tiger snake proudly displays its might and length (they have average length of six feet) by making a lot of noise to draw attention to itself. The Chappell Island Tiger snake munches away on the birds that inhabit the island in the summer. These deadly snakes sleep away the winter and resume their hunting spree as soon as spring arrives. With hundreds of Tiger snakes looking for a meal during the spring, Chappell Island becomes for a few weeks the most dangerous place in the world for both birds and human beings. Tiger snake is the most common venomous snake of Australia and is not found anywhere else in the world! So, you don’t need to worry about Tiger snakes suddenly showing up in your backyard.

4. Sea Snakes

Sea snakes are also called as Hydrophiinae and are mostly not found on the surface or land. As the name represents their quality which is that they are mostly found in sea. Sea snakes are one of the most venomous creatures of the seas and that’s why they are listed here is list of most deadly snakes of the world. They can be found in moderate temperature areas and mostly consume fish. These deadly snakes blend into the marine life quite well. They navigate their way in the oceans through their lower body and tail. These deadly snakes can easily go to huge depths and can stay there for up to 300 minutes due to specially adapted lungs. Some Sea snakes can breathe through their skin while underwater! Almost all the Sea snakes get some amount of air from sea water. But it’s the venom which puts it in the deadly snakes list. The Sea snakes can kill almost 5 football teams at a time! If unluckily you get bitten by a Sea snake than a horse named Silverado may be your only hope! Around the world, a select group of strong hearted horses carry the key for surviving a snake bite in their blood. The sea snake may be lighting quick in the water but these deadly snakes are not that fast moving on land.

3. Black Mamba

Black Mamba is one of those deadly snakes which are also go by the name of shadow of death. The infamous Black mamba is found in Southern Africa and it’s so aggressive that most of the victims don’t even get to find out what happened to them! It can sprint up to 23 km per hour but only for a limited time. What makes it even more dangerous is that these deadly snakes actually like to attack people! People who are even 20 meters away may not get out alive when the black mamba is angry. These deadly snakes get irritated very easily. That nature makes a very dangerous combination with its length which reaches up to twelve feet! The Black Mamba holds 3rd position on our Deadly Snakes list because it fiercely guards its area from any intruders. The Black Mamba fangs will be the last thing you’ll see because it seldom lets its victims live. These deadly snakes will keep attacking till their prey (or victim ) is dead. Their venom from a single attack is sufficient to asphyxiate ten grown men! Black Mamba gains nothing by killing humans, it’s just that their presence is a threat. All that the Black Mambas want to do is to protect their territory.

2. Taipan Deadly Snakes

Taipan is one of those deadly snakes which are natural exterminators of rats and vermin. It has the most potent poison as compared to any other land animal. It can wipe out more than 70,000 mice in a bite! Taipan holds the 2nd position in the list of most deadly snakes and can waste 125 men at once. It measures up to six feet when fully grown and usually stays away from humans. When forced, however, it unleashes the most fatal offense on its foes. Baby Taipans are even more deadly snakes than the adults. This is so because the adults have learned to regulate their venom when biting but baby Taipans use all of their venom in a single bite! But why should a snake need enough venom to kill 250,000 mice in a single bite, when it only needs one for a meal? The answer is that snake venom is also an important thing in predigesting their prey as it breaks down muscle tissue. Another compound in the venom of these deadly snakes causes extreme agony.

1. King Cobra

The King Cobra is considered to be the most dangerous and venomous snake of the world. Almost ten thousand people fall prey to the venom King Cobra annually. King Cobra is the definite king of all the cobras of the world. King Cobra is the largest Venomous snake of the world and can grow up to eighteen feet in length when fully grown. King Cobras usually hunt and eat rodents but have no trouble gulping down other deadly snakes when wanting a lunch. While the Cobra venom isn’t as toxic as Taipan, it makes up for it in quantity. King Cobras can inject more than 6 tea spoons of venom in a single bite; that’s ten times more than most deadly snakes! King Cobras are also the only snakes that watch over their young ones, both parents will delicately guard their young as they grow. But despite their fearsome power, not everybody perceive these deadly snakes as bad and dangerous. But no matter how deadly Cobra snakes are, they do help in keeping the population of rodents down by eating them. If we look at it that way, then the Cobra snakes saves more lives by restricting the spread of diseases through the vermin. Currently, King Cobra holds the first position as the most venomous as well as the most deadly in the list of Deadly Snakes of the world.


Mr Ceaser


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