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This sign can't resist a person who thinks he's cute from the bottom of his heart

by Alessandro Algardi 2 months ago in Pop Culture
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The lion must be coaxed, but not spoiled

The lion can get on the head of people of two kinds, one is after attracting his attention to hang him, play set up, play mysterious, and disrupt the lion's normal life so that the lion mistakenly thinks they have feelings. But this can not be called a person who will make the lion irresistible.

Because the lion on the head of the time will indeed lose their minds, but as long as he can wait until he can wake up, think back to think clearly about everything this person did to himself, basically will be directly into the blacklist, then love will not be fooled again.

I always say "the lion has to be coaxed, but not spoiled", the core idea is that you must be good to the lion, because although the lion will not look for you to ask for anything, he is clear in his heart, in the conflict want to retreat when your good is to retain the important evidence of the lion. However, if you are bottomless good to him, when he deserted or good to him, let the lion feel your good worthless, he will feel no meaning.

To put it bluntly, as long as you can grasp this degree, is the most irresistible type of lion.

The above-mentioned "desert" is a word, to be honest, Leo's friends also do not like to hear, the lion is indeed very easy to desert in the love life of people. This desertion refers not to doing wrong to the other side of things. But he suddenly fell into a kind of doubt one day, is not leaving the other side of their own can live happier?

This idea is quite hurtful, but the lion really can not avoid it. Will produce this feeling is a prerequisite, basically are in the conflict after, wait until the lion calms down when the mood changes dramatically produced by pessimism.

I will rarely say Leo's insecurity such words, but the lion himself understands that he will indeed be insecure, but at the same time because of his external face and internal pride, he will not easily admit this.

Therefore, in the lack of security, he will fall into paranoia, producing a lot of negative ideas and negative decisions. For example, after a conflict, the lion feels that the other party to give their attitude is not what they want, that the problem is not solved, and they lack security because they can not see the future.

But he will not find each other to ask for, or even do not know how to ask. Just let this emotion into some more paranoid ideas, from "the other side attitude problem", into "the other side must be in the pavement for leaving".

From "think the other party will leave them" to, "Why not leave before the other party leaves?"

Then it becomes, "Is it possible to live happier after leaving each other?" Although the lion knows that his state is not right and that producing a lot of ideas should not, the lion will also think, as their object if they have produced these ideas, the other party must be responsible.

Whether they are right or wrong, the expression, the venting he will certainly say it.

Speaking of which, some lions will certainly feel that this is not their own "deserted", the other party must be doing something wrong, otherwise, it will not lead to their own into this. However, the lion ignores the point that they are on top of the time, on the edge of control, when confronting the conflict, his whole expression, the way of speaking, and his words are very difficult to accept.

Because the lion's heart wants to resolve the conflict, but what he expressed is the desire to resolve the feelings.


Although the lion has his reasons for doing so, he will think that if the other party loves him will certainly understand himself, and if the other party understands himself will know what to do...

Similarly, if the other party does not give a satisfactory answer to their own, it must not love them ... This is why I say that the lion sometimes deserted the reason, to put it bluntly, in this state, the lion is mostly emboldened attitude, is not afraid of the other party will leave, so dare to say so ... Instead of saying that you want to solve the problem, it should be said that it is a cathartic emotion.

He dared to vent, often already in the heart to prepare for the worst. The lion is not aware of this, but the other side can feel it. Because along with the lion a relationship is over, most of this problem.

A moment of aggravation, a moment of impulse, a moment of the outbreak, suddenly found that the feelings have changed, and can not go back. Then you can coax the lion but must not spoil the lion's degree, is here. The lion in sober time are aware of their own sometimes when the upper head of the behavior say things are indeed a little too much, but he has no concept, he does not know how the other side will understand, can not accept. If this time you suffer in silence, silently endure, you feel great, sacrifice a lot for love, but the lion does not buy your account.

In the quarrel, you said less than two sentences, and then the next day to express how much aggravation they suffered, how good for the lion, as if he was blaming him, and as if he was taking credit, the lion really can not understand this good.

He feels that you are self-moved. Because the lion does not need a person who knows where his bad habits are and tolerate them. It is a person who does not feel it is bad and enjoys it.

For example, the lion is very temperamental, always angry, you are always coaxing him, and then say how much they love him, the lion does not think you coax him on behalf of you love him, maybe you just like to coax people? Today is not his lion tantrum, other tantrums you will also coax it.

This is not exclusive to him. But if you're also grumpy, at first, when you have a conflict, you flip out, then embrace and make up, then you slowly start to bow down to him for the sake of your relationship, while also expressing your dissatisfaction and telling him how to back off.

Two people who are not so suitable at the beginning, because of love, constantly rubbing together, constantly going deeper and deeper, moving towards a better future.

That's what good love is all about.

Whether at the beginning of the silent tolerance of the lion or in the process of getting along slowly grinding, which is no right or wrong.

But you need to know that the lion needs to feel involved in the relationship, the need for two people to grow together, the need for good sweet memories, but also the need for aggravation, the process of torture.

Because only the aggravation, to make people cherish the fit now, only the torture, will feel the happiness of the moment more precious. And these are you can not rush, and not through one or two communication will be able to solve the. But if you're complaining, "Why are you always fighting", "Why do you say never change", "Are two people unsuitable", or " Will there be a future"...

This will only make the lion also begin to slack, began to negative, and began to disappoint the relationship until despair. When a relationship makes the lion feel like they are consumed, he will be insecure as a result. It is never the quarrel, conflict, or disagreement that affects the relationship, but the coldness, perfunctory, and withdrawal. When the lion's enthusiasm is depleted, the feelings will cease to exist. Some friends will ask, then what to do? What should I do when the lion is angry up to argue? Does this need to do?

Not all said it, the lion does not need a person who knows where his bad habits and tolerance are, but a person who does not feel that this is bad, and enjoys it. Happy to be in it. Don't you think he's cute?

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Alessandro Algardi

"She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad” and that's important you know.

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