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There may be an evil civilization in the universe, and if aliens are found, mankind will be enslaved or even extinct!

The universe or the existence of an evil civilization

By nally norrisPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Are we humans alone in the universe? Probably not, but that's not the only answer astronomers are seeking to answer to questions related to aliens. While many scientists do their best to try to contact or at least find an alien civilization, others are asking some key questions: Are we sure we are ready for aliens to find us? If we find alien life, do we try to contact it or let it disappear? Some think aliens may not pose a threat to us humans, while others have come up with scary ideas.

Andrew Siemion, director of the Search for Extraterrestrial Civilizations Initiative (SETI) research center and head of the Breakthrough Listen project, said, "We can't fully believe that there is some connection between technological progress and morality, and that there may be evil civilizations elsewhere in the universe, so We should certainly take this into account as we continue to explore the universe. If we succeed in finding it, it will indeed change the world, but there is no guarantee that human civilization will continue to survive." Simply put, if an alien civilization does exist, the possibility of an evil one cannot be ruled out.

How do we contact with aliens?

In 1960, astronomer Frank Drake set out to find alien signals sent to us from beyond our solar system. At the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Greenbank, Virginia, Drake used a radio telescope to look at two nearby sun-like stars, Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani, and found that they appeared to be habitable planets in the habitable zone. But after 150 hours of observing the stars over a four-month period, Drake's initial attempt to find extraterrestrial life failed. However, the initial observations began mankind's quest for extraterrestrial civilizations, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Civilizations Initiative (SETI) was born.

SETI is based on the idea that life not only developed on another planet, but that it evolved in the same way as life on Earth and has developed to a level sufficient to create modern technology. But Siemion says SETI has always been about listening to the universe to detect the presence of signatures of extraterrestrial technology (traces of unnatural generation), not necessarily about contacting aliens. In other words, SETI is taking a passive approach to the search for extraterrestrial civilizations.

But many SETI astronomers are not satisfied with just scanning the airwaves, they think they have to be proactive, and this group is called "extraterrestrial intelligent communication (METI). One of the leaders of METI is astrobiologist Douglas Vakoch, who wants to reverse the process and let the aliens know that we are here. He said, "If every civilization out there was doing this, then we would just be listening instead of spreading, and what would happen, it would be a very quiet universe." So METI sent its first radio transmissions in 2017, and they're building laser transmitters to transmit signals over longer distances by sending narrow-bandwidth and fast signals.

But not everyone is willing to transmit our own signals out into the universe.

Extraterrestrials may enslave humans!

There is still a great debate about whether humans should reveal our existence to cosmic civilizations, and whether it is wise to try to communicate with intelligent life beyond Earth or not. While some advocate a positive approach to contacting intelligent life off Earth, others oppose communicating with extraterrestrial civilizations, arguing that extraterrestrial beings are more technologically advanced than Earthlings, and that this would likely enslave Earthlings or destroy them altogether.

As a civilization, we have been constantly leaking radio signals into the universe for the past 100 years, and at increasingly higher frequencies. So if another civilization is watching Earth, they would certainly see these signals, indicating that our planet is exposed, and we must consider one thing: a technologically advanced civilization could be evil. says Michio Kaku, an astrophysicist at SETI: "Now personally, I think the aliens would be friendly, but We still can't take any chances. I think we should be very careful until after we make official contact with aliens."

In fact, this is not the first time that humans have been warned not to initiate contact with aliens and that the universe may indeed have a "dark forest law. In fact, humans need only look at themselves to see how intelligent life could develop into something that even we ourselves would not want to contact. I can imagine aliens who have depleted the resources of their home planet and make their home on giant airships. Such technologically advanced aliens could become nomads, conquering and colonizing as many planets as they could encounter. And judging from the history of human encounters between civilizations, the more advanced civilizations would destroy or enslave the more backward ones. So Stephen Hawking has said that if aliens did come to our door, I think the outcome would be similar to Columbus' discovery of the New World, and that the Native Americans did not end well.

There is also a short film called "Laika", which is about the invasion of the Earth by alien creatures "Lizardmen", who have taken over human culture and history with a more advanced alien civilization, and have enslaved or exterminated human beings, and countless female bodies have become incubators for alien hatchlings. At the same time they hang tens of thousands of corpses on iconic buildings such as the Eiffel Tower as a warning to humanity.

Optimistic scientists, on the other hand, believe that any civilization capable of developing interstellar space travel has long progressed to a stage where it does not have to exploit colonies and can use perpetual energy. For a civilization on Earth, enslaving colonists and capturing local resources may be a temporary benefit, but for an alien civilization, which would take tens of thousands of years to travel in space, it would certainly be a chicken-and-egg approach.

But in any case, humans have already sent more than 50 signals into outer space, the Earth has been exposed, and any civilization that could harm the Earth already knows we are here, and it is too late to hide. Now all that needs to be done is to prepare the wine and shotgun.


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