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The most accurate analysis of the twelve signs of the zodiac is here

The most accurate analysis of the twelve signs of the zodiac is here

By 肖湾Published 9 months ago 9 min read
The most accurate analysis of the twelve signs of the zodiac is here
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❤ Aries♈.

Time span: Spring Equinox to Valley Rain, March 21 - April 19


Aries is the start of spring, an extremely basic start, so it positively has an overwhelming essentialness, with plentiful mental fortitude and strength, notwithstanding everything need to go first, activity is the second to occur, pretty much nothing remains to be pondered.

Energy burst, don't have to think about what persistence, also what the traffic circle, is to straightforwardly begin activity, in some cases in spite of the fact that it is wild hasty some, yet how, there are consistently individuals to get out of the initial step, this is the genuine heroes. Forward, rivalry, fight, show off their abilities, this is the topic of Aries.

Character: mental fortitude, activity, battling, straightforwardness

Imperfections: hard to pause and feel

❤ Taurus♉.

Time span: Valley Rain to Little Full, April 20 - May 20


Taurus is the phase of the Valley Rain to Little Full, addressing the developing of spring, a period of thriving development.

The fundamental undertaking of Taurus is to keep up with and collect material things, it is content just to exist and to have, it is an extremely possessive sign. Food ah, delightful landscape ah, a wide range of tangible joys ah, will encourage them.

Taurus character is entirely steady, is a practical sign, yet the inordinate quest for security it, will definitely bring stagnation, the universe isn't permitted no change, this is likewise the absence of Taurus.

Character: steady, useful, possessive, secure

Blemishes: abhorrence of progress

❤ Gemini♊.

Time span: little full to summer solstice, May 21 - June 21


Gemini is the scope of the Lesser Full to the Summer Solstice, the time span while spring is going to pass. Gemini's subject is correspondence, admittance to data, and afterward spread, their demeanor is open, adaptable, great at change and variation, to give some examples, interest drives them to investigate the world cheerfully, truly adept at making clever thoughts, keen on anything, frequently ah is a complex, concerning profound examination or even become a specialist, it would be an exercise in futility. So Gemini's weakness is a lot of cerebrum. We as a whole realize that simply utilize the cerebrum isn't sufficient, commonly we really want to pause and feel with the heart.

Character: change, adaptability, correspondence

Defects: extreme utilization of the cerebrum

❤ Disease ♋.

Time span: summer solstice to summer heat, June 22 - July 22


Malignant growth is the reach from the late spring solstice to the incredible summer heat, the start of summer. Feelings are prevailing, sustaining everything like water. Disease has a delicate heart, the quest for the profound degree of sustenance and insurance, particularly for family relations, a feeling of having a place has an exceptional fixation. Delicate and fragile character, compassion is major areas of strength for extremely, a mother to the youngster to shield their own need to safeguard individuals, things, very know how to heart, with sentiments, with affection to coexist with individuals. Obviously, along these lines, Cancer's inadequacies is somewhat over-guarded, opposing risk, all things considered, too delicate inside needs an exceptionally hard shell to safeguard it.

Character: touchy, fragile, feeding, defensive

Blemishes: over-guard

❤ Leo ♌.

Time span: the mid year to the late spring, July 23 - August 22

Understanding: Leo is in the scope of the Great Summer to the Summer of the End, a developing of summer, fundamentally the most sweltering time. Leo's attention is on communicating for oneself, creating oneself, and keeping up with pride. Leo is extremely witty and exceptionally anxious to be seen and appreciated. To accomplish this, there might be sensational and overstated motions or imaginative exhibitions. They will quite often be extremely liberal since they simply need to show in full the way that strong and amazing they are. In the wake of investing energy with a Leo, you'll see the value in that behind this garish and eye-getting activity is a craving for adoration. Yet, the more pride you have, the more it ruins the progression of affection. Pride and vanity might become empty out of the blue, and that is the very thing Leo needs.

Character: Expression, embellishment, liberality, pride

Defects: vanity

❤ Virgo ♍.

Time span: summer to fall equinox, August 23 - September 22


Virgo is the late spring to harvest time equinox, the separation of summer. It needn't bother with the excitement and charm of Leo, it needs virtue, flawlessness and fulfillment. Virgo's insight is areas of strength for extremely, look will recognize what is great, what is terrible, what is correct, what's up, they are best at assessment and investigation, their emphasis is much of the time on the subtleties of things, have a place with the high profile work, low profile run of the mill. Obviously, the emphasis on the subtleties, assuming utilized in relational connections, it will bring individuals not generally excellent sentiments, all things considered, who could do without to be singled out the sensation of well. Along these lines, Virgo's deficiencies are additionally plain to see, too powerful urge to reprimand, should be settled through self-acknowledgment.

Character: flawlessness, subtleties, separating, fastidious

Imperfections: fastidious and basic

❤ Libra ♎.

Time span: fall equinox to ice, September 23 - October 23


Libra is between the pre-winter equinox and the ice, the start of harvest time. Association, stream, balance, Libra addresses congruity and equilibrium, the compromise of the two posts. Libra has areas of strength for a capacity, a solid requirement for excellence in style and in themselves, and is the sign with the most gorgeous and attractive individuals. Their personality is energetic for harmony, could do without anything disastrous or dissonant, particularly in connections. However, the way that this isn't exactly imaginable well, where there are individuals, where there are contentions, so Libra frequently tend to keep away from head-on struggle, so decide to do an esteemed gentleman who plays Tai Chi. In any case, it is difficult, so it brings delay or indirect attributes. This is likewise the lack of Libra, which wants a concordance that won't be accomplished by a shallow quiet.

Character: social, fair, amicable, indirect

Defects: shallow

❤ Scorpio ♏.

Time span: ice to light snow, October 24 - November 22


Scorpio is between the ice and the light snow, an extending of fall. The fixation is in sentiments, Scorpio manages the world with the sensations of the heart, needn't bother with any shallow responses, just reality, truly what brings internal fulfillment. Consequently, Scorpio's heart energy is major areas of strength for exceptionally, solid resolve, extremely controlling towards others, towards connections, even frequently with the inclination to take to drastic courses of action, love and disdain are serious areas of strength for extremely, is serious areas of strength for additionally. It isn't as simple to think twice about the Scales, the Scorpion won't think twice about, will likewise be intense, particularly on the profound level, so obviously will be all the more effortlessly drawn to brain science, discovery and other puzzling things. However, this sort of earnestness causes them to understand that the more they control, the more they let completely go, and that neither protection nor internal investigation will fundamentally prompt genuine information.

Character: control, fixation, secret, longing for truth

Shortcomings: the dead center

❤ Sagittarius♐.

Time span: light snow to winter solstice, November 23 - December 21


Sagittarius is the light snow to the colder time of year solstice, the separation of pre-winter. Sagittarius is something contrary to Scorpio, its center will in general be outward, investigation is the subject of this sign. They are loaded with interest, ceaseless pursuit, anxious to encounter different societies and methods of reasoning, how wonderful is the variety of life, so obviously they are the gathering who love opportunity the most, disdain being secured, love newness and can't stand weariness. They are likewise so hopeful and liberal towards everything, notwithstanding, it is additionally this attribute that drives them to be inclined to thoughtlessness and absence of feeling of obligation, looking for just to have a good time, no matter what the entire framework.

Character: interest, investigation, opportunity, hopefulness

Blemishes: for no reason in particular

❤ Capricorn♑.

Time span: Winter Solstice to the Great Cold, December 22 - January 19


Capricorn is the time span from the colder time of year solstice to the large chill, the start of winter. Exceptionally materialistic, anxious for power, energetic for progress, brimming with aspiration, it sees very well what it needs, objective arranged, they are generally practical and diligent, just substantial achievement merits cheering. Simultaneously, Capricorn is additionally entirely versatile to the standard design of the world, the public authority ah, authority ah, class ah, they comprehend the practices well indeed, they will utilize them well, everything for the objective. It is additionally a result of this demeanor, they frequently appear to be cold and quiet, exorbitant poise likewise brings dejection, zeroing in just on the objective however losing more insight.

Character: logical, legitimate, common, objective arranged

Imperfections: desolate compulsive worker

❤ Aquarius♒.

Time span: enormous cold to rain, January 20 - February 18


Aquarius is the time span of the Great Cold to Rain, the fixation is at the degree of reasoning. Aquarius frequently feels that their thoughts are the most right, and the class structure that is pushed in Capricorn is precisely exact thing Aquarius needs to go against. Aquarius accepts that everybody is one of a kind, could do without any honors and doesn't pay attention to power.

They frequently to the world will be a separated demeanor, just a little distance, it is more straightforward to find reality well. All that it could do without extreme responsibility, particularly at the degree of closeness, it will appear to be somewhat cold and separated, yet at the degree of companions, Aquarius and is awesome, however seldom profound kinship on the right. Aquarius could do without custom, as non-standard, dissident. It is a result of this, their deficiencies is in conflict with the world, distance as far as possible, disobedience is as of now not significant.

Character: objective, apathetic, free thinker, insubordinate

Blemishes: estrangement


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