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The Men Who Sacrificed Their Manhood Organ For Better Life

You would feel so lucky that you are born in this era after reading this

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
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'You'll no longer be able to produce your next generation, no longer be able to function as a man.'

'After this operation, IT 'll be parted from your body forever, but no worries IT'll be given to you, you can keep IT with you in a small pouch your whole life.'

'IT'll be buried together with you when you die, so you'll die as a complete man still.'

'This is the sacrifice needed to ensure your lifelong comfort. You no longer worry about when your next meal will come. Your mother would have the money to cure her sickness.'

'After you've retired, you could go back to your hometown with fortunes and live comfortably for the rest of your life. Or you could become very powerful in this palace here, if you are capable and if you want to.'

'It'll be painful but it's a very fast one, after that you'll be ok.'

'Be strong, it'll soon pass.'

The teenage boy was telling himself in his mind over and over again while waiting for the emasculation to begin.

'Will you be regretting doing this?' The elderly man looked at him seriously.

The teenage boy shook his head firmly, expressing his resolute consent.

He held his breath, ready to experience the most severe pain in his life physically, emotionally, and mentally of losing his manhood organ.

He will no longer be a complete man from this moment on.

Not of his choice but he had no better choice.

Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels

He was just one of the many thousands of eunuchs in this palace that was going through the cruel emasculation in ancient China. Parting with their manhood organ to be the servant to the emperor, empress, concubines, and other royal family members.

Eunuchs basically ran the operation of the palace from high-ranking advisory jobs to very low manual jobs. One of their jobs was to recruit the beautiful girls from all over the kingdom to be the emperor's concubine.

Out of these thousands of young girls, only a few hundred will make it to be housed in the palace after a rigorous selection.

This was to ensure that the emperor will surely have a male successor on his throne, due to the high mortality rate of the infants during that time.

The emperor was having too large a number of concubines, among hundreds or thousands at times under different emperors.

Many of the concubines led a lonely life as the emperor hardly see his concubines at all, except those who were his favorites. Many of the concubines only met the emperor once or twice in their lifetime.

As you could see why all these male servants need to be emaculated physically. It was to protect the chastity of the concubines, as they spent day and night serving these beautiful ladies under the palace's strict rules.

The eunuchs also won't attempt to seize power as they couldn't produce their next generation to overthrow the reigning emperor.

Many of the men did it out of no choice, otherwise, they or their families could die of hunger during that ancient time. Some did it voluntarily as they were tired of the life of begging or stealing. Life was really tough by then.

There were also poor families who coerced their young children to be eunuchs hoping that their children could live a better life in the palace. While some were deemed as punishments for their political crimes conducted by their fathers.

Some eunuchs attained high power and exerted immersed influence in the palace. They held high-ranking civil servant positions e.g. the advisor to the emperor, their access to valuable information enabled them to wield great power in the then political realm. Hence some become too powerful which caused the fall of the dynasty.

However, there were also eunuchs who lived miserable life and often were beaten or tortured by some cruel royal family members.

Eunuchs were also found in other parts of the world in ancient times namely Ottoman Empire, Middle East, Roman Empire, Byzantium, etc. The eunuch system in China was banished in 1924 after two thousand years of existence.


To all the guys that are reading this article, you are the lucky ones that do not need to live through this extreme agony! We should be grateful for being able to live a much more decent life with more options available to make a living in this modern era.

Would you do it if you were to be born during that era? Or would you rather die of hunger?

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